Friday, December 29, 2006

Life doesn't run smooth..........

that's for certain....Guy's just taken the dog out for a walk, and Dextra had a huge big wimpering fit, and didn't really seem to know where he was.

Guy got him right back inside as they'ed only just left the confies of the garden, but it took about 5 minutes for him to seem to come to. It happened last night indoors too, so I think Guy's going to try to get a vet's appointment p.d.q.

We went swimming en familie yesterday, and had a good time despite the fact that Guy and I didn't really want to go, but once we'd forced ourselves all was fine - I struggled to get out of the rapids (although they are fun when you are in them), and Guy had to catch me after 3 unsuccessful attempts to get out.

A little bit of good news on the Diane front she managed a few small mouthfuls of food, and has so far kept them down. They hospital are doing a further scan, but still say this is the worst liver damage they have seen (worrying as it's a Liver Unit).

Currently we are waiting for the Aga man to turn up so are shackled to the house - although in truth we aren't sure if it will be today or tomorrow.

Life sucks at the moment, truly it does, and no remote sign of having time or inclination to craft.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quick Update..............

Di's managed three mouthfuls of food, and kept it down, but for some reason had to have an ECG in the middle of the night.

They've also given her a drip for pain, which she can control herself - she's had a huge pain threshold so if she's admitting to pain, that it really must be extreme.

Hang in there girl!

Galaxy Girl

Still waiting for more news.........

Neil's at the hospital at the moment, fingers crossed that it will be good, and that we will be able to go up tomorrow. I dread the phone ringing at the moment.

I managed to get hold of the Aga Engineer this morning, and he's coming out tomorrow or Saturday to fit a second hand part (that's in better condition than our flame unit) as a temporary fix - so hopefully we can be able to cook properly - never get an Aga they are unreliable piles of poo!

As much as I would love to wallow in self-pity, with kids that is really hard to do, so we have promised Lydia we will take her swimming this morning (something she loves and we hate with vengance, but what the hey!).

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No improvement for Diane.........

I rang Neil today, as we were hoping to be allowed to visit, but she's so seriously ill at the moment that it's best if we don't.

Fingers crossed for a bit of an improvement overnight, and we can see her tomorrow.

I had promised myself I would be strong and not cry, but completely broke down on the phone with Neil this morning - he just sounded so lost and helpless.

I felt sick when the phone rang yesterday afternoon, but it was my mother-in-law just enquiring about how she was doing.

At the moment, it's fingers crossed, and in fact everything else too, and constant prayers being offered on high for her safe recovery.

Galaxy Girl

No improvement for Diane.........

I rang Neil today, as we were hoping to be allowed to visit, but she's so seriously ill at the moment that it's best if we don't.

Fingers crossed for a bit of an improvement overnight, and we can see her tomorrow.

I had promised myself I would be strong and not cry, but completely broke down on the phone with Neil this morning - he just sounded so lost and helpless.

I felt sick when the phone rang yesterday afternoon, but it was my mother-in-law just enquiring about how she was doing.

At the moment, it's fingers crossed, and in fact everything else too, and constant prayers being offered on high for her safe recovery.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone........

hope Santa brings you everything you wished for.

Personally speaking, he's put out really well this year, and I'm off to wallow in Dr Who Series 2 Box set, stamps, and all kinds of loveliness.

However, our Christmas is tinged with great sadness and worry at the moment. My oldest and dearest friend, Diane, had a terrible riding accident on Saturday, and having been taken to Darrenth Valley hospital, they transferred her yesterday by air ambulance to Kings with severe liver damage and internal bleeding - and she is seriously ill.

We are so worried about here, and she's constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

Also Di's daughter is my God Daughter, and whilst I know that she's with her grandparents, 3 is so tiny and wee to be without your Mum (and Dad because Neil is by her bedside).

We are going up to Kings later if we can.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wow, what a Strictly Come Dancing Final that was....

well done, and well deserved congratulations to Karen Hardy and Mark Ramprakesh.
All of their performances were amazing last night.
Today's agenda:
We're off to lunch today to the Langley Hotel in Tonbridge (which is where Guy and I had our Wedding Reception), and I need to help Lydia tidy her room. Apparently, the Elves came round yesterday to do a elf and safety risk assessment, and her room has been judged too risky in it's current state! It's amazing just how messy it has got in the 3 days she's been home. Apparently, the teddies have been holding a concert, and they are stacked around the room in various tiers. to get that tidying done.
Galaxy Girl

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fabulous lunch at La Strada with Mum today...

and the last bits and bobs of Xmas shopping now done.

I just have another two pressie to wrap and I'm done.

Just sitting here wondering what to do that won't be too involved, whilst I wait for Strictly Coming Dancing to begin though.

Whilst I remember, congrats to my friend Sid for his first bit of published work in Simply Stamping Issue 7 (page 24). Well done love, it's lovely.

I hadn't noticed it was there as my copy had pages joined together, and once Sid told me I found it within one of the joined bits!

I need to bring some more things down from my old studio, so I think that will be my project before the final beings...... good luck to both Mark and Matt, but fingers crossed that Mark and Karen win!!!

Galaxy Girl

Friday, December 22, 2006

another page in the Friendship Lippy Chick Book ..

just thought I would add a quick scan of it.
Galaxy Girl

Bad blogger, but been busy with Christmas....

and moving into my new space. I have had a tiny bit of time to do a bit of crafting.

This is part of a Lippy Chick Flip Book, which is for a friend.

It's not til I started on it I realised just how many pages the books have - I'm about half way through them.
The base of all of them is geeso, then fluid chalk in in two colours of green for some pages and two colours of pink for others.
Stamps were just Aud's , and some Non-Seq on the front cover.
Oh, and the colouring for the flowers is Perfect Pearls (have you tried these yet, marvellous!!), with Ranger Glossy Accents over the top of them.
I have to be off to the Kingdom of Blahhness today, but fingers crossed it will be a short day.
Galaxy Girl

Monday, December 18, 2006

Just a quick post of ......

one of the lovely birthday cards I received - tisn't it fabulous. I just love the blending.
I'd lost the envelope that it came with, but (have just realised) that it's a card and not a postcard), so - tar's from Rachel.
Galaxy Girl

You learn something new everyday..........

and I've just learnt to get an image code for a picture from photobucket - very useful - and have been having great fun with a caption competition.

I'm am definitely in the bottom half of the retarded stream when it comes to technology, so that's why something so simple takes me a long time to figure out (usually with the aid of simple words and pictures from friends)!

I am now wondering if it can be used with the blog, and shall investigate further later one, but for now the Kingdom of Blah awaits - not too bad a schedule this week as I'm only in today and half of tomorrow.

I've moved a few more things down from the old studio as I headed for my coffee cup this morning, so it's feeling a bit more like home down here.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Slowly getting there with the office.....

a few more things moved downstairs, and the networking and laptop wireless sorted out now.

The new cupboard is secured to the wall, and I can start putting things in it, and I bought a cd tower to house my stamps - only problem is, that it's half full already.

Guy's also run the power extension for my heat gun, ottlite and melt pot, and I am about to go upstairs and herd together the ink pads.

I will have a go at taking a few photos tomorrow, but we are still in a bit of disarray with things all over, so don't expect picture perfect!

Watched the re-run of Dr Who this afternoon, but just about to re-watch it as Lydia was at the cinema celebrating a friend's birthday and missed it.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I've moved....................

into my new studio/office space - well, to be precise, the computer has (Guy's sorted otu the networking) and my heat gun is sitting on the new creating desk just waiting for an extension cable to get me up and running tomorrow.

It's fabulous, much more space, and I'm downstairs, so not separated from my loving family any more.

There is still loads more to do in here, Guy has yet to finish the big cupboard off, but he can't do that till we've run all the plugs along behind it, and I still have to move my tote's etc downstairs.

Also the essentials like EP, beads, cardstock etc, will be wending their way down here over the next few weeks.

It's already beginning to feel like home.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Simply Stamping - Issue 7.........

wooooohooooooooooooo, finally, it's come in. Can't wait to have a browse through my own copy.

Just from the quick flick I've had, it looks great.

The Lippy Chick Flip Books have also arrived today, and I've loaded them onto the site, just without an image at the moment. I need to do a sample, and get Clare and Kristy off one or two to do something with as well.

Talking of good things to come out of Scotland.....I've also got my Xmas copy of Radio Times to riffle through, with it's giveaway audio CD of Dr Who read by the Prince of Ruffledom himself (David Tennant).

What could be more perfect, stamping and that devillishly attractive Scottish morsel to listen to - see you later, much, much, much later!

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Self-Portrait........

this week's challenge was to do a self-portrait - so the timing was superb as it was my birthday yesterday.

So here's me at age one - a wacking great 44 year ago!

Background is Bazzil 8x8 from the Spring Pastel pack, and some left over AMM paper down the left hand side, and matting the photo. The letter stickers are from K&Co.

Added a piece of ribbon from the MM Monochromatic purple ribbon pack over the raw edge of the left hand paper.

Then I prepared a spare piece of white cardstock with gesso, and then sprayed with Adirondack Colour Washes in Wild Plum and Lettuce.

Then I stamped the flowers from Aud's Flowers & Swirls stamp sheet, and embossed with black embossing powder.

The photo corner on the right is from Aud's Babies & Background sheet, and a little bit of the AMM paper, then embossed with the same black ep.

On the basis that you can't have enough bling, I just added some of my favourite gem's, from the huge pot I got 2 years ago for Xmas - see I'm on a stash using crusade at the moment.

I use Aud's stamps a great deal, but I really do love them, they are so versatile, and really suit the my style. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with in 2007.

Galaxy Girl

So, back to reality, back to the Kingdom of Blahh...

and have to admit to dreading it today, as the big boss (insert depressed similie here: he is the most boring person on earth) is coming down to buy my boss and I lunch - just what are we going to talk to him about - the man has no hobbies, no friends, no discernable family life, but work, work, and more work!

I freely admit that I am a friendly girl (some would say over friendly: that would be David Tennant btw, who's probably applying for a restraining order), but I really, really struggle to find a thing to talk to this man about. The Big G (my boss) also is mostly friendly, very whitty, and fun to be with in luncheon situations, but even he just sits there like a stuffed dog!

Last year's Xmas lunch with him was one of the most uncomfortable things I've had to experience, so unless he's got a life in the last 12 months - think of me...pray for me.....and pray that the service is slick and very fast, and we are out of there in 20 minutes or hopefully less.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So, it was my birthday yesterday.....

and I have a lovely, lovely haul of pressies all round.

There was a bit of a mix up (my fault completely), I'd told Guy I wanted a Mimi tote, but what I meant was the Making Memories one - but never mind - I LOVE my Mimi, and it was my fault for telling him the wrong one.

I also got the GPP-024 Graven sheet, a fabulous pair of Mocha leather gloves and purple/pink purse from Mum, an Ottlite from the outlaws. Then Lydia got me a lovely green leather shamrock keyring to match my favourite handbag, and the Drummer Boy gave me a Virgin gift card.

I had so many lovely cards and birthday wishes from friends too - even better I managed (EVENTUALLY) to hear the David Tennant segment on Virgin yesterday. Took me 5 attempts though - as I was interrrupted first time by Mum, then by the in-laws the second time from the missed bits, 3rd time I set it playing and poppped to the post office where I encountered a huge croud, and arrived back right at the end. Fourth attempt I set it running and Rob turned it off just before.

Finally, 5th attempt, I listened to the whole thing again (bloomin thing does not let you fast forward), only to have the phone ring right at the start - "OH NO", I shouted, "tell them definitely not, I'm busy").

Off today waiting for the office/studio furniture to be delivered, and Lydia is poorlysick.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, December 10, 2006

and another Xmas Tag..............

quick and easy by using a Tag-it all tag, stamping with the diamond stamp from Aud's Hearts, Babies and Background sheet .

Then used some more the E-Z snowflake rub-ons, and more Sweetwater letter stickers.

Edged with Marvey Metallic Silver Marker, which I've just realised we have in stock, but I've completely forgotten to load on to the system (so there's a job for tomorrow).

Finished by adding a wee bit of silver/blue metallic ribbon.

Hopefully, it's not too pretty for Rob.

Galaxy Girl

Quickie Xmas Tag................

had to be something super quick, because we are late of a lunch date, and I'd forgotten to get the girls tags done for their pressies.

One each for our friends girls, Kate and Amy, but super simple to do.

Took a tag from SG-me ! tag set, and brushed over with Opalite re-inker in Glacier Blue.

The took a vellum tag I've had for simply ages, and added E-Z rubon glitter snowflakes, and Sweetwater lettering for the name.

Tied up with ice lilace organza ribbon, and a wider blue orzanga ribbon roudn the pressie.

Voila la!

Off to lunch with friends now to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I love my husband so much.................

I got home last night to find out that he had bought us a memory foam mattress, lugged it upstairs with my Mother, and made it just the way I like it.

I knew he was up to something, but just thought he was thinking about getting one!

It is the most scrumptious, comfy thing I've ever slept in.

Generally, I need about three/four pillows, and spend most of the night adjusting them and tossing and turning, but last night, I just needed the memory foam pillow, and I was away.

Thank you darling, you are really the best husband in the world.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, December 08, 2006

Inside the pocket..............

as promised, just a quick piccie of the inside of the notecard pocket, and the notecard.
Stamped with my favourite Xmas image - Polar Bears from Inkadinkado, and then added his name down the side of it with the Sweetwater stickers.
Another, thing ticked off the list!
Galaxy Girl

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Notecard Xmas Pocket (Wednesday Stamper)...

I'm going to use this as a Wednesday Stamper contribution, because I've used my most frequent embellishment - ribbon/twill and beads on it.

It's a notecard pocket for Guy's Godson, Max, to hold some Xmas dosh.

Used an old pocket from a Scrap Goods kit, stippled with Jet Black StazOn and Gold Brilliance Ink. Stamped Sir T's Harlequin stamp at the bottom, then added a Gin-X sticker to bottom left.

Then tied round twill, and added a freebie acrylic tag with a star on - tied on with dark green DMC thread.

The using a piece of a previous disaster card, made the wee notecard for the inside - stippled the same way and added stickers to be seen through the window.

The wire was another cast off from a disaster (7-g's), with a bead diamond glazed on the end to cover the sharp bit.

The "merry" is spelt out with Sweetwater letter stickers.

I've actually stamped an image that is visible when the notecard is removed, but as this is the second time I've had to type this page as I accidentally lost the first post, I will photograph tomorrow and upload the piccie of the inside.

I've gone for a very slightly more mature look this year, as he's turned turned into a teenager, so I didn't want anything too babyish.

Galaxy Girl

It's taken me an age to do a bit of paperwork....

this evening, and there is still loads, and loads to do. I just can't seem to reach the bottom of the paper mountain that's here. Considering that I'm really quite good at admin, it's leaving me a bit non-plussed. If I can accumulate that amount, then how would a person fair that is really not at all used to doing it.

This week's on the downward slope, and I'm hoping for early doors tomorrow, as I need to break the back of it - the office furniture is coming next week, and I would like to be ready to start moving stuff in there.

We've also got to do a stock take, and organise storage upstairs, so I'm guessing that Xmas is going to be busier than normal.

There is still no cooking here, other than rudimentary microwave and phaffing around on the log burner top - can I just say, and I mean this from the heart - bloody, BLOODY, BLOODY Aga, and there stupid equipment. This is the 2nd one we've had to have, and even this one went wrong about a week after it was put in, and has never worked properly - oh and can I please add, bloody, BLOODY Aga Engineers into that as well. Our one was first away, then he'd ring when he got back home, and still nothing - hello, we can't cook anything, how would he like to be in that position - arrhrhrhrhrhghghghghhhh!!

Sorry - rant over.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A comment on your lovely comments......

thank you all so very much for the lovely things that you say.

Don't dispair though if you leave a comment, and it doesn't show for a few hours, as comment moderation has been turned on because of spammers.

I really, really appreciate you taking the time to say something about my work.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Like Mother like Daughter clearly..........

after having seen my mailart of the Prince of Ruffledom, Lydia decided to do her own thing - and this is what she's come up with - not bad for 8!

I think that she might take after me, what do you think?

Obviously, it helps if it's a subject dear to your heart like the fabulous David Tennant - we both adore him.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday Stamper - Balck & White - Part 3...

I have to say that doing a lot of challenges recently has meant that I am getting quicker at producing a piece. Once upon a time it would have taken me ages to do something like this 8 x 8 piece, but last night I just started mucking around, and it kind of happened in about 10 minutes.

It was another left over piece of scrap from the Scrapping Angels Retreat (ABC or 123 by Zsiage), so I mounted it on a piece of 8 x 8 lilac from Bazzil Spring Pastel pack (which I'd dirtied up with Black Soot around the edges).

Added a piece of MM Ledger paper, which I covered randomly in versamark and then embossed with a mixture of Seafoam White and Clear ep - I say a mix, because previously I seem to have accidentally labeled a lock in store tin which had clear with "Seafoam White", then last night I found a tub of Seafoam, and chucked it in the tub voila a mix!

Then added text and circle images to that with Jet Black StazOn (both my Stampington Cube).

Then stamped the lady image three times, I embossed the first one with black ep, and the other two were just done with Jet Black StazOn. Cut her out and used Golden Gel to fix her (and the piece of black ricrac in place).

Made a bookboard tile and stamped the four ladies (both these stamps are from one of my new Non-Seq sheets). Covered it with embossing ink and used Amazing Glaze - went for a not too smooth finish on it to give some texture).

Words were MM rub-ons on copier paper with Jet Black StazOn around the edges.

I'm really pleased how it turned out, and I now have another piece for my Wednesday 8 x 8 album, and in time to get it uploaded to the comments over there.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, December 04, 2006

Look Who's behind you...........

my piece of mailart for my friend Rachel (don't look Rach!!).
Image transfer that I haven't tried before with Golden Fluid Matte Medium on watercolour paper.
First on an A5 piece of watercolour paper did a wash of Jo Sonja's (Potting Shed Collection) Raindrop then Stillwater just around the edges, and dried off with heat gun to get a bit of running and blending.
The did a black and white laser print of the photo, coated with the Golden Medium and placed face down on the watercolour paper and rubbed for dear life - it's messy and the floor's covered in bits of paper now.
The lovely Prince of Ruffledom came out fine, but for the cyberman was stubborn and just didn't transfer propertly, so I did another print and reversed it. Cut him out and decoupaged him over the top of the other image with Golden Gel.
Next dusted around with edges with Dusky Concord Distress Ink, which refused to dry because of the smoothness of the Gel. So I stamped the other words (yep Hero Arts Sunny again) with black and red StazOn, and added Versamark on top and sparkly ep.
Added the nuts eyelets to hold down the lift I was experiencing after heating - note to self get stronger tape, you know you love the tacky tape and are just being lazy - and all done.
Inspired Lydia to try something along these lines, but she's just sticking to cutting out from her DrW mag to get the same look.
Exactly what did I do before Flo introduced me to image transfer?
Galaxy Girl

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Playing with a background.............

using watered down acrylic. I applied first colour (Wild Grape) randomly on watercolour paper. When dried added the second colour (Geranium) around the edges, then the last colour (Claret Rose) all over the top, and spritz with water.
Then used my Tim Holtz Carved Swirl stamp with painted with gesso - care if you do this make sure you clean your stamp immediately - dried off with heat gun, and applied Distress Inks in Dusky Concord and Peeled Paint, and stamped with my French Manuscript and Butterfly from my Stampington cube.
Haven't got a specific use in mind for it, I just thought I would start getting together some backgrounds to make doing artwork quicker in the future.
I've also updated my blog to new colours, and the beta version, and now I need to jump in the shower as Lydia is doing her night dive tonight, and I'm going along - spooky!
Galaxy Girl

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Black & White #2....

another one, blimey I'm doing well this week.

Just been sitting her listening to some fabulous rythym & blues, and crafting - perfect.

White card, stamped Tim Holtz Scrathes stamp (proving to be very versatile), and embossed with black EP. Then as I really can't just do black and white on its own, I added a purple Angel Kisses, and altered a plain brad into a black one with versamark and black ep.

Stamped the Savvy Solid Paisley stamp in versamark with black EP, and mounted it on Prism Majestic Purple Dark and Soot. Added some MM purple ribbon, and then edged with Black StazOn.

Right off to have a nice sit down and watch some TV.

Galaxy Girl

PS: This will be my 301st post!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Black & White....

this actually is a white card, with Chatterbox Blossoms paper, pink ribbon (free from Scrapbook Inspirations last month) then stamped the Solid Paisley Background by Savvy Stamps onto white fun foam with Black StazOn. Then mounted the panel on random pink Bazzil from my stash box, and edged with the StazOn.

I thought that this week's would be difficult, but enjoyed this, and have another piece of black & white paper left on my desk from the Scrapping Angel Retreat great un-pack.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just used up a wasted tag left over from my...

darling Daughter's play session after I'd gone off to work today.

She'd been playing around with some of the Tag-it tags that were on the desk and PeachPastel fluid chalk in, so I just added the French Letter and then applied the Peeled Paint Distress Ink to my heat mat, spritzed on water, and smooshed the tag through it.

Stamped the holly leave stamp (Rubberdubberdo) in Memories Art Print Brown, tore a strip of the Sweetwater orange spotted paper left on the desk from yesterday, and dulled it down a wee bit with Antique Linen Distress Ink. Added a circle (I think it might be Technique Tuesday) that fell out of the Scrapping Angel Retreat unpacking yesterday. Stamped the angel (also Rubberdubberdo) in SG-me! Galactic Gold embossing powder, and coloured her in with various H20's.

Added gold wired ribbon at the top.

I just love the way that the peachy colour and the green have gone together to give a worn antique look to it. Not bad for about 2 minutes work really, if I say so myself.

Galaxy Girl

I might have a busy day ahead of me for one...

at the Kingdom of Blah. There was shed loads yesterday, and boy did the day go fast, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be the same today.

I have to also remember to take a couple of shop purchase orders with me to send off, as we are running low on Dew Drops and a few other bits and pieces. Also I need to pay for my Lippy Chick Book order (keep forgetting my cheque book).

I'm aiming for a wee bit more crafting this evening too.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello chums, had a busy weekend......

crafting with the girls on Saturday, and then housework and general wifeliness on Sunday.

When I say crafting, what I really mean is that they crafted, I ate cake and chatted, cut out some stamps, and did I 8x8 background for no specific reason.

Managed to whip up a really quick 8x8 layout for this photo I found of me lurking on my desk - I have no idea how it got there, but thought I would seize the day and do something with it.

Floral pattern paper is Chatterbox and orange is Sweetwater, absolutely no idea what the green check one is, another thing found lurking - I have a vague feeling that the photo and papers may have found their way there when I unpacked from Scrapping Angels (tells you a lot about how often I clear up my desk hey)!

Stamps are usual HA Sunny and MM foam ones. Corner stamp is some random thing I've had from ages, and can't remember where I got it. Ink is the usual Memories Art Print Brown and Colourbox Peach Patel and Versacolour Smoke Blue. Angel kisses in blue and white and random blue brad.

I think I was about three in the photo so that around 1964, and I was clearly going for the Red Riding Hood but with style look.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Numbers Game

quite impressed with myself again this week, I've got my entry done in good time.

Also, I got my tag made with the paper Kristy did on the artwork update too - which made me sooo totally happy, as it had been a wee ambition of mine to be featured - thank you girls for deciding to use it.

This is another 8 x 8 entry for my WS Journal, and is entitled "Risky Business" - oh yes, I know all about that being a banker.

Stamp credits: Paper Artsy Letters Plate 5 for image of man and numbers in the background. Tim Holtz Scratches and Sunny Uppercase Alphabets (again, I know). Also used Tim Holtz Harlequin background.

Inks: StazOn Jet Black, Antique Linen Distress, Blush Rose and Olive Pastel Fluid Chalk Ink.

Other: SG-me! clear and galactic gold embossing powders, 8 x 8 Bazill cardstock from Spring Pastel pack and sheet 6 x 6 MM Ledger Paper pad. Random black ribbon from Scrap Goods List last year.

Galaxy Girl

PS: I think I might have completely lost it, joined the Team Tennant forum today - what can I say, I was bored!

Happy Birthday Sid................

hope you have a fantastic day.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One Xmas project down.............

I've just finished this tag card for Guy's Goddaughter for Xmas to carry some cash in - a more acceptable present when you're 16 than something some old fogies pick out for you!

It's a kind of tri-foldish card, with the front flap overlapping the pocket behind.

It would take way too long to describe how I made it - more luck than judgement any way - stamp credits are:

Polar Bears (Inkadinkado)
Scratches (Tim Holtz)
Swirl background (Tim Holtz)

Inks and Embossing Powders: Versamark and Adirondak "Winter Sky" applied to resist panel with brayer, SG-me! Galactic Gold and clear embossing powders.

Other: Brown Bazzil and Wizard Medium Prism cardstock, Gold star brads, MM Purple Ribbon collection.

Galaxy Girl

(Wednesday Stamper) and it's official......

I really am a silly moo!!

For ages now I thought nobody loved me, as I had not had a single comment on anything - usually my pals are so kind and leave me lovely comments.

Well, turns out the moderate comments had been turned on, and blogger wasn't telling me that I had any.

So to anyone who has posted a comment over the last month or so, thank you soooooo very much, I will be reading all the lovely things you said today, and of course, I will now check it to publish the comments in future - duuuuuhhh stupid moo!

This is another tag for Wednesday Stamper (insert usual comments about light levels and terrible phtography), just using some of the leftover Wild Asparagus paper, some dusky purple card (which is actually embossed with Tim Holtz Scratches and Pearlite EP, then my current favourite stamp (Non-Sequit) coloured in with Lyra watercolour crayons and bit of Glossy Accents on beads, tear and lips, and EP's with Moonglow Midnight Crimson Obsidian round the edges. Added red'ish organza ribbon and ribbon charm with silicon glue (not very successfully, I've split the tube and it's started to dry up inside).

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, November 19, 2006

UK STamper Circle Journal - Colours......

entry was done today, despite having my Godparent here for Sunday lunch, and all that goes with such a Family occasion.

My friend Sid had put me off the scent a bit on this one when we had a chat in the week, as he'd thought it was another week to go before posting - seems we were both in a panic today when we found out posting was tomorrow - LOL!

The theme was colour, and as I'm sure most of you will probably know by now, for me that means PURPLE, and tone, shade hue, or mixed with another colour (especially green) or on its own.

So despite the tight time scale, I had a lovely time doing this entry.

Kept it simple/stupid and used an AMM Studio Collection paper with co-ordinating Bazzil from an old Scrap Goods kit, and then stamped with some of my new stamps over the top of it.

Stamps: Non-Sequit plate (can't remember the number of this one), which is the woman, key with flames, feather, and text. The alpha stamps are an old Scrap Goods kit, which I can never remember the name, but really like and use quite a bit.

Mmmmmmm, caution is now to be exercised hereinafter, as I think I might have caught the Flo feather fixation after using it today.

Inks: Distress inks every man jack of 'em - Dusty Concord (loving this one at the moment), Black Soot, Milled Lavender and Antique paper. Marvy Metallic Silver marker and Lyra water colours.

Other: Ranger Glossy Accents, diamond gem and MM purple ribbon for the tag. Provo silent setter/hole maker, Sticky Fingers Craft Adhesive.

My UK ST 2nd Circle Journal also arrived on Friday, and I think that I should possibly get on with that asap, and not wait until the day before posting to do that.

It should be an intereting one, because it's about techniques - only problem I will have is which one do I decide I want to do.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Tag..........

this week's challenge was easy, a tag - but what made it all the easier was the fabulous background paper my friend Kristy designed, and made into a pdf - thanks Kristy, it enabled a really quick tag for Xmas.

Well, that's 1 down and about 10 more to go, but it is a start.

I did do another one with the darker version of the paper that Kristy had, but stamped the image and dusted with pearly powder, so whilst it looks great in real life, the image does not scan at all.

I will try a different one, but with Silver or White EP instead, and see how that comes out.

Still anyway, it's nice to have got an entry into Wednesday Stamper way before Tuesday night.

Stamp: Aud Design Flower & Swirls sheet, my new Non-Sequit stamp from one of the sheets I got in the sale recently, and Hero Arts Sunny upper (Mum) and lowercases (hb, because there are two mothers, and I need to remember which is the right one).

Ink: Blook Soot Distress Ink by Ranger

Other: Tag from SG-me! range, Stickles, green flower brad and blue ribbon which was a giveaway from Scrapbook Inspirations this week.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fabulous, we now stock two of my favourite items...

Glossy Accents and Cut N Dry foam from Ranger. I personally wouln't be able to cope without both of them, which is why I'm tickled pink that I now stock them.

I would say that I use both on a daily basis, and on just about everything.

Also there are all kinds of UTEE waiting to be uploaded, but I just ran out of time last night.

I had to try and fit a tiny bit of craft in too - which is a 1 1/2 inch square bookboard square for the Scrapbook Sister mosaic wall.

So last night I spent quite a bit of time layering Pearl-ex and sealer to create a background for the image - I'm thinking I may well go for the Inkadinkado Polar Bears, and it's started to look a little bit like the glow of northern lights that could be behind them - artistic licence - go with me people!

I'm horribly late in getting ready for the Kingdome of Blahh, and right now having to dig very deep to find any kind of motivation to go and sit for 8 hours with not a crumb to do!

Think of me in this torture - laters all.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Hand.............

what a difference a scan makes. The piece has now dried, and so I got a better image of it - even if it's a bit of a skew one.

I love that square stamp in the background (Aud's Stamp Sheet), I think I might be using that a lot, as well as the fabbie corner swirl.

Can't wait to see what Wednesday Stamper has in store for us tomorrow - I've made a vow to myself to get it done early - LOL!.

Galaxy Girl

Yes, it possibly is the worst photo I've ever taken...

but needs must, as usual I'm late for Wednesday Stamper, and this piece is still drying, so I can't scan it, and the lighting in this bloomin place is dimmer than Wilf's Mother's.

Cheeky interpretation of Wed Stamper this week, which was hands - I realised too late that I don't actually own any hand stamps, so this piece for my 8 x 8 journal says (just in case you can't read it from the pic) "The hands on the clock slowly move wait6ing for her LOVE".

Stamp credits: Clock is Non-Seq; all back ground stamps are Aud's Designs (mixture of both sheets), Woman is Paper Artsy.

Inks: StazOn Jet Black, Versmark, Memories Art Print Brown and Black and Peeled Paint Distress Ink.

Other bits: H20's from sets 652 & 610, clear EP, Stickles, more of the Wild Asparagus paper ang Bazzill Spring Patel 8 x 8 pack, also Ranger Glossy Accents on clock and winds of lady.

Galaxy Girl

Having uploaded products all last night....

and this morning, I'm still no nearer the bottom of the list. I think we have all but 3 of the VersaMagic Dew Drops, and about the same in the Brilliance.

I've also just finished uploading the Opalite re-inkers - I'm so excited about getting these in stock, cos I use them all the time for backgrounds, and they are fabulous little bottles of loveliness.

On an unhappy note, whilst we got the CutnDry foam, the TacknPeel was out of stock.

Right, I have to go to work now, but will push on when I get home.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Home Card...........

is the only thing that I've done remotely craft like all weekend, but I've been doing admin and have been organising moving my craft workstation and my computer terminal downstairs into the redundant music room, so that I can use the office now as more for storage.

I made the card for friends that moved to their new home on Friday, and just need to send it off to them now.

I stamped one of the swirls with versamark and embossed with Sea Foam white. Then brayered the green ink over the top. Mounted on the Wild Asparagus paper, and then cut out the houses from the paper as well, using either side of the paper. Stamped the flower and heart stamp from the Hearts & Baby background sheet and embossed with Pearlite Spearmint EP. the mounted the brayered panel on the front of the card, and added the ribbon down the spine. Ran the Red Staz-on round the card for definition. Inside stamped "New Home" with the Hero Arts Sunny Uppercase stamps.

Stamp credits: Aud Design Flower and Swirls, Hearts & Babies Background sheets and Hero Arts Sunny Uppercase.

Ink & EP: Kaleidacolor Fresh Greens pad, Versamark, Staz-on Blazing Red, Sea Foam White & SpearmintPearlite EP.

Other: Glossy cardstock; QK house die, and Wild Asparagus "Sisters" floral red and polka dot paper. Red ribbon and gold cord were from an old Scrap Good kits in 2005.

I'm off to MFI to look at new desks now.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I had a bit of time to hone my brayer skills last night....

which let's face it have been pants up until now. I soooo want to blend it like Flo, and all attempts previous have been sludgy (not in an Alison G sludgy green way, oh no!).

So I dragged out my brayer again, and we eyed each other up over the desk, I reached for my ink pad, and that brayer tried to make a break for it, but I caught him and with shaking hands ran him across, and applied.

Well, it didn't turn out slugdy, and it's not bad for a first attempt - it doesn't have the certain light and dark blending that Flo gets, but I'm really quite pleased with it none the less.

If nothing else, I have more confidence to try and try 'til I get it just right.

Stamped the Hero Arts (LL973) Fanciful Filaments in Memories Artprint Brown, then coloured a piece of glossy cardstock with Brilliance Pearlescent Orange and a bit of Peach Patel Fluid Chalk Ink for good measure. Stamped Aud's flowers and two leaves from the Flowers & Swirls and cut them out. Added Glossy Accents to the centres of them and flung in a few green microbeads.

Then mounted the whole on a piece of the Rustic Gem Collection by Diane's Daughters left over from yesterday, which I tore at an angle and them a tied piece of orange twistel.

Stuck some of the flowers, and both of the leaves straight to the piece, and then silicone glued the largest flower in place (apologies, bloomin scanner has put a dark band behind it because of the 3-dness).

It's not really for anything, it was just a practice, but I might use it on a card.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eleventh Hour Wednesday Stamper again....

Polished stone technique with alcohol inks for the image, then the words cut out and stuck on in green. "Unspoken Words" and "Ladies First" stamped on top half.

Using 12 x 12 Chloe's Closet paper, made card - I'm rushed to get this loaded up, so will edit later on with full details of how and where I got this idea.

Added gold brad hearts on all foldbacks, and tied ribbon round.

Stamp Credit: Paper Artsy.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Daughter has had a weekend that.....

childhood memories are made of - we spent time with friends on Saturday at Tunbridge Wells on their alotment (which is right behind Dunloran Park). We had a bonfire, eat soup and jacket potatoes, and watched the spectaular firework display for free - can't be bad.

Yesterday I managed to get my UK STamper's second CJ all done.

I used stampboard and coloured it with Brilliance inks, and my trusty Rubberdubberdo flower, also added mosiac glue to MM letter stickers, and pearlidoodles and a micro bead to the centre of the Angel Kisses. Tied loads of ribbon down the spine, and added the same Rubberdubberdo flower on black shrink and stamped in Moonlight White Brilliance as my sign in tag.

I'll upload the rest later on, because as usual I am short of time.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Go on, induldge yourself Kymmy girl........

OK then, if you insist!

Now I'm sporting a lovely new bob haircut, and treated myself yesterday to Paul Mitchell's Awaphuhi Shampoo, I've gone the whole nine yards today and splashed out on some yummy smelling Red Ken Extreme Anti-snap conditioner (the very same that the hairstylist was using yesterday). It's one of those leave in treatments, and decided that as my hair felt so silky and healthy yesterday, it wasn't going to be a waste of stash funds. The price hurt a wee bit at £11.50, but assuming I can keep it away for the kids, it should last me like foreevvvver. Insert happy smiley face with lovely bob!

What with the haircut, dental polishing, new clothes that I've been buying lately, and my eyebrow prune booked for tomorrow, Guy is convinced I have a toy boy - nahhh, not got the time or energy for one really - so he's way off the mark there.

The truth of the matter is I've spent so long keeping the kids amply supplied with all their wants and needs, that I've been neglecting me. I supose it could be a sort of mid-life crisis, but who cares, and I don't intend to stop.

Galaxy Girl

Excellent, Dr Who got 3 awards last night....

the georgeous David Tennant was voted Best Actor, as if we need to be told that, Billie Pipe was Best Actress, and Dr Who won Best Drama.

I Sky+ the whole thing for Lydia so she didn't miss a moment of DT - bless it's her first crush (and mine too, but not the first one) - and she was so excited to see him win.

I should have been crafting, but got sucked into watching it - at least though, Lydia will be quiet this evening, so I can get on with WS and my CJ.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - Halloween.......

just done this in the nick of time - actually, I wasn't going to do anything right until about 7 pm tonight, then I saw a piece of DCWV paper from the floral stack, and remembered a comment about gessoing pattern paper, and away I went.

Grabbed my brayer, and applied gesso over the top of the bright orange paper, then inked with Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink (one of my real favos at the moment), then added Maroon Fluid Chalk Ink round the edges, and stamped the free leave stamp from Simply Stamping (Issue 6) in Hot Cocoa Vintage Ink.

Took a white/grey frame, and cut the apature a bit larger, and washed over with Bouganvillia H20 (from kit 654).

Took a laser copy of a vintage halloween image, and coloured very slightly with Lyra watercolours, then triple embossed with Judikins amazing Glaze to make a tile, and placed the frame over the top with 3-d foam.

Then I added Papermania metal letters down one side (prize from Scrapping Angels Retreat), a piece of gingham ribbon, a brown hydrangea and a pumpkin brad.

Oh, and added a heart to the top right hand side of the frame with diamond glaze.

That pretty much took care of the evening.

I'm just attempting to finish off my entry in the flora and fauna CJ, and then I'm off to bed.

Galaxy Girl

I'm a UK STamper header challenge closes today....

and you have til tonight to get an entry emailed to me. The details are here.

Galaxy Girl

Worked on the Flora & Fauna CJ last night....

but have to confess that yesterday was in fact the posting date for it - bad girl!

I've finished the flora bit, and nearly finished the fauna half, so it will go off tomorrow to my posting buddy.

I have yet to even start the UK STampers 2nd CJ, and will have to make a start on this tonight, so girls/guys if you are reading this, the posting date will be Friday for it - it always happens, you have to move the first posting date to accommodate everyone (just a pitty it's me this time).

Actually, I've just had a major panic, one of the other girls is getting a CJ ready, and I don't think she's on the list - oh heavens above, off to check......

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, October 29, 2006

We had a fabulous time at Madame Taussauds...

and Lydia and I had a picture taken with Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) - and bearing in mind I hate having my photo take, isn't too bad. I'm trying to get up the courage to put it on here.

Lydia had loads of photos taken with other waxworks, but we were both bitterly disappointed that there was no Dr Who (David Tennat) or Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) - fingers crossed that they will arrive there one day soon in wax.

I had my piccie taken with the cybourg from Treasure Planet too, but Lydia was too scared of him to go anywhere near, LOL!

Yesterday was belated birthday party for her, and all her pals came dressed up in fancy dress. We apple bobbed, passed the parcel, then I let them free in the orchards to hunt down the glow in the dark skeletons, ghosts, and spiders that I hid. They were convinced that they had got them all, but Lydia found about another 15 today in daylight.

I feel really pooped out, and am looking forward to snuggling up in bed to watch Torchwood. I feel guilty about that - and you would understand why if you could see the state of my office/workshop at this very moment, but tough I say, I need a bit of R&R.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Found the image...............and here it is........

I've just loaded it in the shop. I've wanted to get this alpha set in for some long.

I just love Hero Arts alphabet sets, they are fabulous value for money, and such superb quality. This one is called Assorted Letter and the code is LL895.

Notice the cute l'il swirly stamp, which will have so many uses.

Galaxy Girl

A bad blogger, I know that I've been quiet for days...

but have been really busy with the store. Loads of lovely Hero Arts stuff was uploaded to the Galaxy last night, and I've done some paperwork today.

Good news, Aud has some more stamp sheets being manufactured as we speak, there is a sheet of greetings, and a sheet of quotes, so I can't wait to get them in stock when they are ready.

We are also really honoured to have Kristy Cockayne (Brayergirl) join Clare Brown on the Galaxy Design Team. I am sure you will be seeing some stunning work on there over the coming months.

I only have one set of Hero Art alphas to upload, but can't find the image for them right at this minute, so I need to shuffle off and have a look at that.

I've really had no time for crafting this week, and feel a bit worn out today, so I think I will try to have an early night.

Tomorrow, Parental Control, Lydia and I are off to Madame Taussauds - looking forward to it we are!

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've been having a few days off..........

just chilling really, but I did make a birthday card for Guy's God-daughter, Samantha, who will be 16 on Wednesday.

Well, the land sale completed last week, and I have now loads more pennies to spend on the Galaxy. There is a huge Hero Arts order on the way, and today I'm finishing off the order I've been working on for a few weeks, and will be submitting that.

So it will be very exciting over the next couple of weeks, with loads and loads of products arriving.

As usual, I'm late for the Kingdome of Blah....

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Got a mention on Aud's Blog, and a big tip off....

from her that she is working on some text/greetings type stamps at the moment. I've seen a draft, and they are fabulous - can't wait to get them in store.

I had a good night craftwise, and finished Lydia's invites.

Just in time they break up on Friday - why do I always leave it so late, and then rush to get it done?

Oh well, Kingdom of Blah is calling..........

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yeah, we exchanged contracts yesterday...

and compeltion is on Friday, thank goodness for that - more pennies now for the Galaxy!!

Other than that I really haven't too much news - I indulged again (bad me I have loads of work to do) and ended up going to bed early with Dr Who - well, obviously not literally - I'd Sky+d him. Although.......mmmm, now that's a thought!

I have some alphabet stamp designs to get ready for pressing, 3 orders to get typed up on to purchase orders, and paper work galore to do - so that is not a good thing. I will try harder tonight.

I did make a start on Lydia's belated birthday invites, which started off elaborate fold out things, but ended up just plain stamped tags - but I just wasn't in the mood.

I still have about 6 to go, and to add the ribbon, as she needs to have them at school by tomorrow really.

Despite the fact that I went to bed so early, I'm running late for the Kingdom of Blah...

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Aud's stamps turned up yesterday, WOW, WOW, WOW....

the images looked great on line, but oh my giddy aunty they are superb in real life.

Aud also enclosed a really love card made with them, which I'm sure she won't mind me putting the the Gallery tonight. Talking of which, I really must update it, and add the new section for her stamps - sorry I haven't done it yet.

I felt completely worn out yesterday and opted for an early night.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank you UK STampers for the encouraginging words......

that I've received. I will definitely try Metallic Mixative on it, and also blending solution to de-tensify (is that a word) the colour in places.

It's horrible and depressing weather here, pouring with rain, cold and dull - looks like Winter has set in early.

Hopefully, the funding exercise for the Galaxy invasion will be completed on Friday, and then I can start to look at getting in a whole list of fabulous things. I need to start on putting the orders together - I've done some of them already.

The Kingdom of Blahdom has a big announcement for staff today, when they are announcing half-yearly figures - it must be good we're being taken out to lunch.

Right off to get ready - have a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, October 15, 2006

That you might as well have a good laugh....

I had a go at Trish Bayley's textured alcohol ink background (Simply Stamping Issue 6) - and this is the result - oh yes, I know, it tryly is disguting.

Looks like the dog's been sick on it.

Believe me, the scan has improved it 500%, it really is B.A.D. in real life.

I suspect that is the first and last time I will try it.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wednesday Stamper - School days..........

I've manged to get Wednesday Stamper finished early this week - in fact, I've just started on an ATC with a piece I had left over from the background paper.

I know I am always saying it, but sorry for the scan, it's got out of focus over the button - ohmyohmy, oh for a scanner that can take lumpy without having a nervous breakdown.

Started with a piece of MM ledger paper, which looks like school paper I used to use as a kid.

Stippled around the edges with Dark Poppy Fluid Chalk and Memories Art Print Brown ink, and used my trusty Clever Cut Flourish on the corners in Timber Staz-on.

Cut a slit using BG Notch'n'Die tool, and threaded brown check ribbon through. Added a MM cream flower, a Doodlebug Button and pink DMC thread.

I made the alphabet background bit using glossy cardstock, stamping the Paper Artsy (Words Plate 2) in versmark and embossing with my good old Midnight Ruby Obsidian EP. Then applied fluid chalk inks in Wisteria, Warm Red and Dark Poppy and buffed with tissue to take ink of EP, and stamped with Memories Dark Black a clock image (Non-Seq I think) just around the edges.

Then cut up a small piece of calico fabric I had hanging around, frayed the edges, and stamped on with Timber Staz-on and used a couple my Cactus Pink Wildflower stamps (I use them tons, definitely a good buy as far as I'm concerned).

Then image transferred an old vintage school photocopy - using the laser printer and clear packing tape technique (article on this coming soon), and backed it with a small piece of Diane's Daughers Rustic Gem collection paper, and secured it to the page with antinque brads.

Then stamped in Memories Art Print the words "Old School Day" using Hero Arts Sunny upper and lower case letters.

I've got a wee small bit of the background paper left, so am just to start an ATC for Sid, as I have something to send him, and owe him an ATC.

Galaxy Girl

Well, that's just plain annoying.........

as I think I mentioned ages ago, I'd ordered the header cards for the UK STampers embossing powder giveaways. Well, they eventually rolled up yesterday, and I was all set to pack them and get them off to one of our Members for the Port Sunlight do to hand out.

He kindly phoned me last night (thanks Sid for the heads up by the way, it means I won't be doing fruitless stuffing), to remind me that Port Sunlight is today.

I would have had them stuffed and sent off to him long ago, if the bloody supplier had pulled their finger out, and kept to the number of days to despatch. That coupled with the fact that I'd ordered tissue paper, and that had come rammed and crumpled in the bottom of the box, thus making it useless for re-sale, means I will never use them again - arghhhhhhhh!

Fortunately, Sid is going to try and mention to anyone and everyone about UK STampers, so if you are going to Port Sunlight, seek him out.

On a happier note, I heard yesterday that we will be getting very, very soon the most fabulous stamps in stock - Aud Designs. We currently have them on pre-order, and I would advise you get in quick, as I think they are going to fly.

Check them out here.

Well, we've got quite a mundane day today, just shopping, and hanging as Guy is away Clay Shooting.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A big apology to Wisher, I deleted you by accident.....

please send me an email, so we can re-register you on UK STampers. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!

One of my fellow UK STampers (and friend of course) Linda, rose to the challenge and created a piece of artwork based on her Fairy name "Bramble Ice Dancer". Check it out on her blog here and Kristy has posted the first stage of her Fairy name "Hex Reedglitter" here.

Can't wait to see what other pieces are posted.

Girls (and Guys), I will try tomorrow to get around to putting a gallery on the Galaxy so we can put them in one place.

I'm so tired, it's been a heck of a day, and I really need a decent nights sleep.

I haven't mentioned the Galaxy Invasion for a long while, and I bet you thought it had died a death, but the good news is no it hasn't, it's very, very much alive and about to happen middle of next week.

Right, I'm off to bed, and sorry again for accidentally deleting you Wisher.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Indexing my stamps is going to be a slow old business.....

but, I am making a little bit of headway.

I bought myself a red index card box, a set of dividers and some index cards, and have been stamping the images out on the cards, and filing them in appropriate sections, i.e. (Aa) = alphabets; (Bb) = backgrounds and textures, (Dd) = domiciles, etc.

I've also tried to write relevant information on the card, i.e. when were bought, cost if none, wood mounted, unmounted or acrylic, and in which storage case it will be.

Heaven alone knows exactly how long it will take me. The individual stamp images don't take too long, but last night I was stamping the Sassassfras Lass Sew Simple alphabet - I got all the way to the end, and then discovered I'd used a y thinking it was an h - poo, going to have to start all over again with that one.

There should be some nice ribbon coming in tomorrow, and also BG Magnetic Snaps, and one or two other things that I can't remember right at this moment in time.

The header cards for the UK STampers embossing powder promotional giveaway still haven't managed to struggle from the supplier yet, despite the fact that they promised they would be delivered today - arggghhhhh.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Fairy name is Hex Yewfilter.............

* I am a weird enhantress.

* I live in places hexed and tainted by black magic.

* I am only seen on midsummer's eve.

* I wear black feathers and rose petals.

* I have russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly, and no.........

I haven't lost it completely that my Fairy description.

Thanks to my friend Kristy who posted a link on UK STampers..

This sweet Foxglove Fairy is way too sweet to meet that description, don't you think?
She's part of the Fairie Poppet stamps that we currently have in stock at the Galaxy.

They look really lovely stamped onto acetate, and then Art Institute glitter put on the back. Taking that one step further, use Fantasy Film for the wings. Actually {mental note to self} getting bloomin' low on Fantasy Film, I really should order more.

Anyway, I then decided I would challenge members of UK STampers, and anyone else who fancies joining in, to find out what their Fairy name is from Emma Davies site and create a piece of artwork inspired by your Fairy destription.

Have fun, and if you add a link to my comments, I will post a link on here. I also pick my favourite, and send you some of our new embossing powders.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, October 09, 2006

2 Birds, one stone...............

I'm goooooooood, needed to get my Vintage UK STampers CJ entry done, and enter Wednesday stamper, so combined the two - vintage entry with hearts.

A thousand pardons for the scan - lumpy you see - never good as it throws bits out of focus - can't be fussed to get the camera out and phaff around - I've got a shed load of orders to pack for the Calendar Cases.

Stamps used were: Penmanship (Penny Black), Antique Texture (Hampton Art), Heart Trio Montage (Stampendous).

Other products used: Anita's pre-sticky ribbon, twinkling H20's in Pink Azela & Forest Green, various jewels, Pearl Pearlidoodles, Memories Art Print Brown, Ribbon from the new Cat's PJ's release soon as the Galaxy, oh and my new best friend, silicon glue.

I'm quite pleased how it turned out in the end.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I know that I'm probably wayyyyyy behind the times....

but meet my new best friend - yep, sillicone glue!

I got it yesterday, as I've been having a true nightmare with 3-d pads of late - they just haven't been cutting the mustard, now my crafting is getting more twiddly/advanced.

I had some years ago, which was used once, and then gummed up through lack of use, so as I was planning on a bit of raised work for my UK STampers CJ entry, I grabbed some off the shelf on my retail trip on Saturday.

I'm loving the stuff (apart from the smell, which is akin to vinegar), and am going to be getting some in store - I can't believe what I've been missing out on.

Yesterday went well, Lydia had her friend Louisa over to play, and they were so happy that they pretty much let me get on with some serious crafting.

I've managed to finish my CJ entry, and combine it with the Wednesday Stamper challenge.

I am blatantly not going to get it dry before posting today, so it will go off tomorrow - which will give me time to photograph/scan tonight, and load up with a link to WS.

This CJ entry wanted to see what we did with out vintage stamps, and Wednesday Stamper was Hearts - so I purchased a vintage scroll stamp, and some hearts, and have done a wee bit of my other favourite technicque, image transfer..

Galaxy Girl

You could have blown me down with a feather yesterday....

I ventured off to the craft shop, and had a browse around, but at least 3 or 4 of the stamps I picked up (in particular large background ones) had strong evidence of use, and yet did not appear to have been marked as ex demo, or the retail price reduced - my flabber had never been so ghasted!

The first one I picked up, I was holding in my hand (rubber up) and looking at another stamp, my Mum pointed it out. As there wasn't another one, I put it back and picked up an alternative large background, looked, and yep that was the same, and so on.

My Mother is definitely not a stamper, so if it was obvious to her - then you can image how bad the marks on some of the stamps were.

Running a shop, I understand the need for demo stamps, but what I don't do is then try and flog them to the unsuspecting public as unused - they are marked as ex-demo and the price reflected accordingly. Shame on you shop owner.

Apart from that visit, I freely admit that I didn't cross much off my list yesterday - fingers crossed I do today.

Watched Robin Hood though, looks promising, and then went on to watch Strictly Come Dancing - yeah it's back!!!

Lydia has another friend coming over today, but I seriously need to help her with her room - tip, tip, tip - when did the bomb hit?

Galaxy Girl