Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Long-awaited order has finally arrived....

and apart from being a set down on something and a few bits ordered that were not processed, all is OK. All the pre-order codes entered and emails sent.

I have overstocked on one of the Wizard dies though, and so there is a first come first served item in the die cutting section for the Vintage set of uppercase, numbers and punctuation at £89.99 with free p&p - which is truly amazing value!

Stamp Slave arrived safe and sound in Spain on his business trip, had a brief chat this evening. The Dogs are missing him 'cos they get a cheepo version of a walk when Drummer Boy is in charge of that Department.

I've been organised a new DT member this week, and hope to be in a position to tell you more about here very soon.

Also, had a pre-order form for the new Basic Grey collections, so am eagerly looking forward to selecting some - I'm really in love with the Urban Coture one - LUSH.


Monday, January 30, 2006

There is an additive in these little chaps.....

that makes them so addicitve in my opinion, and that is why I am overjoyed (after kicking my supplier somewhat this after) that they are on their way back into stock.

As soon as the pre-orders have been processed, I will update the stock levels - got a feeling though that I am going to have to pre-order PDQ - as stocks will be very low again. I always think I have ordered enough, only to be proved wrong by my fabbie customers.

On the note of customers, I really want to say a big thank you to you all - it never fails to amaze me just how friendly and great to chat to you all are.

The same can't be said for the horrible guy in the petrol station this evening. He was being furtive with my card, and I asked him (still can't get the banker out of me yet) nicely if he would mind keeping the card in view, and I was shocked just how rude another human being can be. I was also quite upset as he then went on to make fun of me in front of the other customers (all male I hasten to add) as I left the shop. It really isn't often that I complain, but tomorrow I fully intend to seek out the manager and give him my views on the awful customer service I have received. I'm not quick to take offence having done arrears work for years, so I feel justified in complaining.

I need a nice lay down in a darkened room now.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, January 29, 2006

mmmmmm, Chilli Beef

at the Chequers Public House in Ightham. Drummer Boy, Mother and I had our favourite thing ever, Chilli Beef. Smallest Minkey indulged in Mushroom Tortellini and the Stamp Slave the usual steak.

Chilli Beef is the most scrummy thing I've ever tasted, and the quality is always outstanding.

News for today:

Stamp Galaxy is now proud to announce that it is a sponsor for Scrapbookstashers.com.

Working on some new stamp designs this afternoon.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sorry, it's been a while since I blogged....

I just seem to have been so busy with life's little things that I've had not time to blog recently. Main cause is probably that Drummer Boy is going through a phase of PC games, and so I can't get on til much later than normal.

I've been a bit lapse about doing much crafting, and only just played around with some backgrounds using gesso, acrylic and then watercolour and blending with a baby wipe. I will probably do a couple of ATC's with the results. It's a cool technique, and just need to perfect a bit.

Quiet on the SG front this week, as still waiting for a new supplier to send me the goods. Unbelievable and poor customer service, I will be ringing on Monday to chase, as it's been over a week and a half since I submitted - NOT GOOD!

I have done my layout (above) for the Green Buttons competition, and am quiet pleased with it. We were given the choice of 3 photos to use, and choose the lovely ladies. I may yet have a go with the chick too, just depends on time.

Smallest Minkey's Birthday Tea went well yesterday, and it turned out at collection time that one of her friends (with the same name as her) also has an older Bro at Music College, doing the same course as Drummer Boy - small world.

Family meal this evening, and I need to drop Kerrin a quick email to hi, and DO SOME WORK KYM not surf.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mail Art from Sarah

Sarah said it would be ok to post a piccie of her mailart, it's a shame but the scan doesn't do it justice. The butterfly is embossed in bright gold, and really yummy.

I will try to make a better job of the inside. LOL!

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lazy day

It's been great today, not had to endure the Society so apart from the School run, I have tidied up my studio, then scrapped 2 LO's and made a huge mess again.

Watched "Whatever Love Means" for the third time about HRH Prince Charles and Camilla - I know people have strong opinions about this subject - but honestly what a love story it really is.

I have done my Green Buttons challenge for UKS, but don't know where to upload it to yet. I have no chance of winning, but I enjoyed the doing it, and that is really all that counts.

Stamp Galaxy have sponsored a price for the challenge too.

I am really ticked off with the Royal Mail today, as it doesn't look like either my postcard for the mailart or a large box of goodies for one of the Design Team have made it - what do these people do with the stuff, grhhhhh.

I am feeling a very bad student, as I haven't done more than lesson 1 of the mailart, but honestly all my hardwork going down the drain has upset me greatly, and I don't know if I can get the get-up-and-go to do anymore of it! I am a quitter it would seem.

I need to spend quality time with the Slave, and am back at work tomorrow, so goodnight.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, January 16, 2006

Plenty of stock ordering today, not much else..

Very quiet at the Society of complete Blahness, so had plenty of opportunity to work on ordering stock, so many very lovely things due to come in. Had a bit of a reorganise on the site too, moving categories around etc.

No crafting today, 'cos feeling very tired, but I had the lovely surpirse of getting a lovely letter from Vicki in Germany and another from Susan also in Germany. Thanks girls, they are truly lovely, and I will be sending back to you too.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, January 15, 2006

just thought I'd add...

the envelope that goes with the invite, as I've now scanned it.

Sounds like there is trouble in our usually happy household, Smallest Minkey and the Stamp Slave are fighting about a cuddle before bedtime.

Sounds cruel I know that he is refusing, but in actual fact it is a delaying technique on her part - as they have been sitting cuddled up watching a dinosaur movie for ages, and it is now bed time!

Galaxy Girl

I had mail .... from one of the In the Post possie

How fantastic, I had a lovely letter from Sarah in Swindon, who is also on the mailart course.

Thank you so much Sarah for your lovely mail, I especially love the butterfly - note to self to thank her on the group messaging, and get permission to show it off.

Went to Lindfield in West Sussex yesterday with Mum and Lydia - had lunch with my Aunt Eileen first and then went shoe shopping. Have to admit to a complete splurge on 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and a stunning pink handbag. Actually, Mum had the splurge as she picked up the bill - I love my Mummy!

I have completed a task today though Smallest Minkey's invitations for a tea party on her birthday. Nothing fancy really, just taking off a bit down the side, DTP in yellow and stamped the Savvy Handbag. The Sweetwater paper and prima flowers with pearlidoodle in the middles. Inked the edges. In actual fact, the envelopes are more fancy. They started off white, and have dark pink shading and the same handbag image, then the friends name stamped on the front.

Usually, she has enormous parties, but this year she is being restricted to just five friends over for a tea party. Slightly more sophisticated as she will be 8, and I think outgrowing clowns and Wear-em-Out parties.

We will have a larger do in the garden when the weather improves though.

That's all for the time being.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's in the post - lesson 1

Just finished lesson one, which was to make a postcard. Only problem was that I scanned in the front, and realised that I had already put the address on (not fair for the recipient) so had to re-scan covering it up.

It was such a fun process, sticking, stamping and stiching. I can't wait to start on lesson 2 now.

Just goes to prove I'm still a big kid at heart.

Stamp Slave didn't even bat an eyelid during the whole process, when asked why not he just said that he was used to my excentricity - cheek.

Boring, boring blahness at work, but good afternoon as picked up Smallest Minkey from school and had a chat with friends in the playground.

General uploading of luverly products earlier, going in search of coffee and a lay down now.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dreaming of Blueberry Bisque - it's not fattening honestly,

buy yummy all the same!

This is due to arrive (ETA tomorrow) at Stamp Galaxy, and am praying that I can get my sticky paws on some before it sells out.

As a purple freak, it's right up my alley.

Usual, blah, blah, blah about the Society today - mind numbingly boring as usual.

On a much more interesting note though, yeah..In the post started today. Got my first lesson, just need to get on with it. To my left is currently a utilatarian piece of corrugated cardboard and I may well just use that, as our first assignment is to do a postcard.

Nice chat with Jane Dean today, and have got Kerrin and I pencilled into her Rusty Fairy Workshop on 13th February, it's the canvas one I believe. Just need to check with MIL if she can have smallest minkey as it's half-term.

Better day tomorrow if I can get through the boredom, as it's Wednesday, which means I take Smallest Minkey to School and have to leave by 2.45 to pick her up - so we get time together. I need to do organise mother-essential things in school yard re birthday tea, friends over, etc.

Stamp Slave commuted to Scotland today, will be back late (possibly not at all today even), so gonna attempt my mailart then a bit of Dawn Bibby watching and bed.

Goodnight all.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, January 09, 2006

Snooze Button......

is always switched on for this fellow..Felix the Cat!

He is not too happy, as he cannot get to his usual place on the sofa, as we spilt water and there is a wet patch, so he is making do with the fire in the inglenook - which whilst warm tends to be on the darkish side.

Have logged into the Mail Art site in readiness for tomorrow, and have been receiving other emails from others who are also logging in. There is a definite air of excitement.

Rushed home to send out some urgent orders, and had to leave the office in a complete mess to get the PO in time. Back home, dinner eaten, kids doing their thing, and now caught up on paperwork.

Hi to Marion by the way, who may pop in to have a quick look at kitty.

The Society of Blahness was quiet today, so had plenty of time to place a lovely large order with a supplier, loads of KI bits coming this way. Also need to look at the HOTP details that arrived, but not sure if I should order Sarabinders. I noticed they do a cool blank book for altering - I would quite like one of those.

I need to get Lydia (Smallest Minkey) ready for bed in a mo, and then think about some crafting possibly.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Nerves just returning

My nerves are only just beginning to calm down. Smallest Minkey has had two freinds to play today - originally she only wanted Will but his sister made such a fuss that I felt obliged to have her here as well - big mistake!

Sometimes Will is great, and sometimes he is a pain - we had the latter today. When he is in this mood he seems to take great delight in keep knocking on Drummer Boy's door - brave of him really - as I would not be that happy about provoking a big, hairy 6 ft+ yeti myself. They also only seem to play in 2's, and when there are 3 it causes agro.

I had meant to work this afternoon, but no go because of the fights, noise and general running around I have had to do.

Meanwhile, Stamp Slave is sublimely oblivious to all the noise, and calmly snoozes about on the bed - nice life if you can get it.

My Mail Art course starts tomorrow with Shimelle, and so a state of eager anticipation is beginning to build.

Been trying to work through the order that I'll be putting in, with my new supplier, but not having much luck - due to the problems in the main with the kids. Also, processing andpacking more orders. I have such nice customers, I am really lucky.

Also made a start on a stamped CV envelope this morning, but not got too far with that either.

My desk looks a complete mess.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Busy doing nothing day today

It's been one of those non-event days today, just random shopping to replace the post box and name plate at home.

Processed a few orders, and got some luverly layouts from Cathy, which have been loaded into Design Team gallery at Stamp Galaxy.

2 days until the mailart course starts with Shimelle, and I am really excited.

I've had a few problems with Paypal, but think that all is OK now - fingers crossed on that one.

Smallest minkey is bothering me to go on line, so I will have to let her go on I suppose.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thanks Kerrin

Thanks Kerrin,

I will move to here too, and hopefully I can get to this one from Blahness Society.

Galaxy Girl