Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Galaxy Girl your mission if you choose to accept it...

{actually under the terms of the Galactic Customer Service Treaty you have not choice but to}

is to drive to Kingsnorth on the less than attractive Isle of Grain to rescue a couple or four Wizards'.

In case that doesn't make much sense - and I'm not surprised 'cos I'm stressed max - I telephoned the supplier today to enquire why my goods hadn't turned up. I was told they would get back to me in a minute.

15 minutes later a phone call to say that the courier had not found us in, and had put a return card through our door. Strange, quoth I, we don't have a letterbox in our front door, we have a post box at the end of the drive, and there twas nowt in that. I was furnished with the telephone number of said courier company, and rang them.

I was not given the same story by the chap who was unfortunate enough to answer the phone. His story was different, but still along the same lines. I challenged him about it, and confirmed that we defo. do not have a letterbox and no, nothing was left. I arranged to drive all the way over there to fetch said items.

So, with sketchy directions (male ones, you know the kind), we set off after picking up Minkey from school. Minkey was happy she had bacon bites and a fanta, and rock music. I was happy I had my Mummy to keep me company, and rock music.

We followed the male directions, which by and large to actually get us to the general area were not that bad. The itsy bitsy actually find the building details, were less than great - but we are persistant, and being women will actually ask for directions.

We found it eventually, and upon chatting with chappie in depot, find out that actually the courier just couldn't be asked (cbas my DH calls it). Obviously a male complaint.

So, we loaded up the goods and headed home. The Wizards' were generally well-behaved on the journey, but then they have got quite good at travelling around Kent.

So darling customers who have been waiting for a Wizard to make your day - they will tomorrow be shipped out to you, and I am sorry that you have had to wait - I am full of shame that you have, and I am grateful that you have been so lovely about it.

I can't help wondering if the chap had actually asked for directions, or used his mobile to ring the number provided for these circumstances, I would not have to have done this. MEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS, IT IS NO REFLECTION ON YOUR MANHOOD, JUST GOOD SENSE.

After my trip to the Rhemy today, and my drugs, I have to say that now my back has completely seized up, and I feel sicker than the average sick dog. I need a serious lie down and tlc.

Galaxy Girl

UK Stampers is coming alive......

I've just got news from Stu that the UK Stampers forum has been set up, and I think they are going to do me a button so that it links from the Shop to the Forum.

I will obviously give word when things are more ready for registration, as I have to admit that I'm not quite sure how it works yet, but keep watching this space for more news.

If out of interest you'd like to have a look the address is www.ukstampers.co.uk/forums.

Good that all is moving along though.

Been to the hospital today to see my Rheumy, and been given yet another super-speedy injections - which hurt like billyo to start and make me feel really poorly for a day or two, but then goodness kicks in, and I can even manage a few steps of running (granted not a pretty site, but a good, good feeling for me).

Galaxy Girl

Monday, February 27, 2006

At last the image.....

of our Kool4Kats large acrylic block has been loaded onto SG here, which I have been saying I would put up for the last week. Slave returned briefly from his business trip, and thus the camera too, so I took the opportunity of getting a couple of items photographed by him - used the I'm too busy, but would you do it love routine - works a charm.

I also need to thank Mystydog for kindly letting me use one of her double layouts for the SG article that I'm working for chalking. The article should be ready next week, if I pull my finger out.

If you get a chance check out her web-site for the most fabbie fairies sculptures I've seen (www.mystyfae.com).

Galaxy Girl

Timmo's Mini-album card for work...

made from a Sweetwater mini-album cd case that I got ages ago, and also the unexpected delivery of the Sweetwater January kit (which I had cancelled).

Inside I've cut squares of cardstock, with fronts covered in the Sweetwater papers, and then inked the edges, so that we can add the good wishes labels to the blank side, and then Kel and Tim can pop photos on the pattern side.

On the front of the case I put a larger square of the dotted, then the pink flower, then the choose me paper is wrapped around the whole thing. Added the Sweetwater wrap-around lables, with some Atumn Leaves rub-ons for the T & K and some love hearts and a row of dots, and this lushymclush orange and brown organza ribbon that came in a Scrapgoods kit ages ago.

Because it's Tim that will be getting this card/album I didn't want it too girly girly, so I then gave the whole thing a coat of Golden Gel Medium with a hint of metallic paint in to dull down the pinkness a tad - also this should serve as a bit of protection re handling.

Hope they like it.

Galaxy Girl

Quote Sunday - a day late....

"you always pass failure on the way to success" - Mickey Rooney

Galaxy Girl

Moaning {forgive me}, but it just gets on my pip...

when a supplier gets you to pay on the Thursday (early enough to organise a courier), and then by the following Monday the goods still haven't managed to struggle to our door.

It makes me furious, and worse still means that I have orders that cannot go out because the goods have failed to turn up. It's not all suppliers, just this particular one that I have a problem with. I seriously need to find an alternative to them.

It's bad customer service, and means that I have to disappoint my customers - generally, I really pride myself out quick turnaround apart from when these blighters are involved. I wouldn't mind, but I had already set a longer than average expected date on the product because I know what they are like. I think In future I will only add the products once they have been received, as I am extremely unhappy with the situation.

Should add here that the rest of my suppliers are absolutely fabulous darling, and have the same ethic re customer service as I do.

Moan over - but I'm still simmering over it.

I will be back later, with a piccie of my Kool4Kat block and also the wee mini-album that I made for Timmo at work's wedding card.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, February 26, 2006

More spending this morning.....

and I've ordered 7G's plate gold, silver frames; watch faces; clear buttons small, medium and large, re-stock of BG birds and butterflies rub-ons, Pebbles blank market tags; spool of Karen Foster jumbo ric ric in white, more Prism cardstock in organges and pinks; Scrapworks colour Rubz in Breeze-Coaoca/Buttercup and some L'il Davis wooden petal flowers in anto green.

That should keep me going for a bit to load that lot up.

UKStampers is now linked to Stamp Galaxy, and I expect any day you will see the formum button going on.

There will be other sponsorship places, so if interested give me a ring.

I've managed to make a start on Tim and Kel's wedding card for work, but it's gone a bit pear shaped when I put on the Golden Gel (it did that on my canvas and looked awful), but fingers crossed it will be fine when dry.

Slave has organised some photos of the dogs today for me, as they were on his account, and I can now make a start on the Deco book that's been on my desk for an age.

I'm off to talk to Rachel now, and hopefully will be back on in a bit with some good news.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Always dangerous when I've got time on my hands...

and to prove it, just had a huge splurge with 3 suppliers, and there are tons of products on their way in:

the entire line of Park Lane Paper
re-stock of Paper Artsy stamps, plus Kids Plates 1 & 2, the new Wings releases Plates 5 & 6, German scrap wings, scallop borders, crowns and butterflies, Architecture Plate 4; 2006 catalogues with some awesome artwork in (defo worth the purchase); picture packs 8 and 14.
more SEI - too much to mention
Melissa Frances vintage labels

and need to hit other suppliers tomorrow to order stuff from them.

Righto, off to make a coffee and polish off the 2 remaining M&S Blackcurrant Sundeas (they are lonely in their l'il box and need scoffing).

Galaxy Girl

** NEW ** UK Stampers Forum is coming ...

and I can now announce that Stamp Galaxy are proud to be the sponsors for it. The forum address is http://www.ukstampers.co.uk, and fingers crossed it will be up and running in the next week or so - Stu is on the case as we speak.

It will be a purely stamping/mail art forum as we are more than adequately catered for in the scrapbooking forum world with UKS and Scrapbookstashers.

Also, SG/UKstamp are looking for an additional design team member as Penny has had to stand down early due to health problems.

I am giving this some thought at the moment, and will probably have a wee competition to find a worthy member to work alongside Cathy, Debbie S and I. Another watch this space for an announcement on this.

Get well soon Penny, and hurry back.

Galaxy Girl

Congratulations to Cathy C {my Design Team member}..

for being Scrapper of the month on UK Scrappers, check it out here.

I am so proud of her, she does the most fantastic work, and happy indeed am I that she honours me with being on the Design Team at Stamp Galaxy.

Well done love, you are so worth it. I love your work.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, February 24, 2006

Been snowing a bit overnight.....

and for some strange reason the heating didn't come on - one of the kids had turned it to off rather than timing setting by accident - still all sorted now, and starting to warm up.

Smallest Minkey has just woken and trotted by to the bathroom. She had a special treat and slept in my bed last night as Daddy was away. Have to add, special treat for her misery for me - she is such a restless sleeper and takes the whole of the bed. I received several slaps in the face too.

I was asked at work yesterday to actually do something useful/productive - make a wedding card for one of the chaps that is getting married next month, and by coincidence when I got home the Sweetwater kit was waiting for me, which is all red, white and love themed, so I can use that.

I had cancelled the kit, but now quite glad it came. I will have to remember to remind Scrapbook World that I cancelled it, and make sure that I don't get any more. I am truly coming down with Sweetwater stuff.

I also found on my desk from a Sweetwater kit sometime ago, a cute black and white stripe cd/album box. So that will be used for the body of it, and then I will cut tags for the inside, to which labels can be added. I know it seems a strange idea for a card, but we have to operate on a label system, and we are spread in different locations across the country so people sign labels and we stick them in. They don't look too shabby when they are arted up a bit.

Oh hum, need to get ready for the pit of doom now.

Shop front news: yesterday's orders processed and going out today.

Some Wizard machines are coming in today, but sorry, they've all ready got homes to go to. Get in touch if you're interested (at a really great price). Also the re-supply of the metallic mixatives and the aurora fantasy film will be arriving today.

There will also be some more interesting/exciting news next week - watch this space.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh my word there are so many lushsymclush...

things due to land at one of my suppliers so very soon, I can feel my credit card twitching now.

The papers in the picture, are from Crate Paper, and made a noise at both CHA and NEC last week - OMG they are sooo nice. From memory they've got Hampton; Kate; Garden ranges, and about two others, the names of which escape me right at the moment. The worldwide release is due in March, and you can bet your sweet Bibby that we will definitely be having them in store as soon as I can get my mits of them. I intend to drive down to the place of my youth to stroke them and safely buckle them in the car.

There are some Jewel Shimmer chakls from Pebbles Inc. out now, and gotta have those too, so watch this space.

Also coming soon are new AMM totes; Blue Cardigan papers; and Sassafras Lass papers and clear stamps.

There is a huge rumour that there a tons of new size/colour Primas for me to fill my boots with too.

Ohhh, and the most darling looking Scrapgenie Pink tote bag, which obviously I will need to have and try out for you first!

Shop front news: Metallic Mixatives (Pearl/Copper and Gold/Silver) have been ordered and are on their way - fingers crossed for tomorrow delivery.

Some Wizard machines on their way in as well as Aurora Fantasy Film.

Off to do nothing for 8 hours now, will work on this post when I get home.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am lucky indeed 'cos

I have the most lovely bunch of caring friends. Following on my not a diamond day post, my mate Liz dropped me a line to see if I was OK. Thanks doll, it was truly appreciated.

The memory of that day is still raw to say the least, but I feel possibly now a quick mention I should make of it.

Well Drummer Boy - yes, the newly qualified/newly insured one - had a prang in his newly given/mot'd motor! Thanks goodness nobody was hurt, and his car has only minor scratches and bruises, but the other one a VW has sustained nearly £800'ish of damage.

Well, when I say nobody was hurt, obviously I'm discounting the clip round the ear and moaning the boy has had to put up with from me - SAY NO MORE!!!!

OK, on to happier things.

TAAAADAHHHHHHHHHH - Kool4Kats large acrylic blocks - which are 4.5" x 4.5" and perfect for Cactus Pink Stamps (working on getting them in stock too). These little beauties were the brainchild of the v. talented and one of my favourite bloggers Kool Kitty {Mystik Nat}. £2.15 with free P & P - get 'em while they're hot.

I had a bit of a scary mo yesterday as I sat around at the Society of Blah earning my crust, when Mum rang to let me know that the nice blue blocks had arrived. "Blue" says I, yes "blue, a nice sea blue" says mother. I was just getting ready to ring the supplier (who had seemed a nice helpful kinda chap, who seemed to understand what I wanted and when), when a light blub switched on - ahha says I, scratch at the corner of that lovely blue block mum and see if the blueness can be removed. "Ohhh yes, it can dear, they are clear".

I would love to show you a piccie of said blocks, but the Slave has done a runner with the digi camera, so I will do it when he gets back on Friday. Til then we are displaying our Houston we have an image problem logo for it.

Society of Blahness, not quite so Blahhhhh today, as twas Area Lunch date. Spent a very nice hour or so quaffing J2O and Cracker Jack Prawns (with yum ginger/chilli sauce) and the Scampi avec chips with copious further amounts of ginger/chilli sauce). No pud though, had to dash back to the office to do a very unusual thing for me at the moment there - work.

Just processed a huge amount of orders, so none outstanding.

On the craft front, for my Art in the mail grounp I was given a task of using found objects to make an ATC or small art piece. Well, not quite the use 10 objects achieved, but I did find a half finished ATC on my desk, and a white flower and some micro beads - yep, achieved that one if cheated somewhat in the letter of the instruction - still a find is a find, I did have to ferret around for the ATC amongs a pile of paperwork.

Just need to fab up an envie, and Bob's me father/son.

Minkey soundly sleeping in my bed, as the Slave is away partaking at this point in time no doubt huge bottles of Scottish water with his American buddies somewhere North of the Border - if your reading this "love ya hun, and sorry I'm busy {and boneidle} to answer the ringing phone.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, February 20, 2006

Not a diamond day by any stretch of the....

imagination, but I'm too traumatised to go over the day's events, so we will leave it at that for the mo.

On a happier note, ages ago I said my Smallest Minkey had made me a pressie, and this little fellow is it.For an 8 year old (Minkey not Chicken) it's a fab effort, especially cos she did all of it - sewing and add - by herself. Well done baby, I love it.

Lots of pre-orders today for a Wizard, and supplies are on their way from supplier as we speak - due in by Friday hopefully.

Also there is a re-supply of Metallic Mixatives both Gold/Silver and Pearl/Copper. We are doing these again for a short while at the pre-order price of £8.50 with the usual free P & P.

The Fantasy Films have done so well, that I have added to the stock with the Aurora - OMG so yummmmmmy. I would get 'em while there hot, as the last lot went so quickly.

Despatched my piece of mailart today to Vicky, and hopefully this evening I will be able to do one more. Just need to get some paperwork out of the way first, and Minkey to bed (currently she is being a right old pain).

Right off to bed with a huge box of Black Magic chocies, to lie down in the dark to recover from the trauma of today.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is an vast improvement.
Galaxy Girl

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quote Sunday

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

-Charles William Dement

Galaxy Girl

Got a teeny bit of mail art done....

today thank goodness - not much just a quick ATC and decorated envie for one of the members of the Art in the Mail group (which was a follow on group from Shimelle's Mail Art course).

Background was done by splodging on lime green and purple Josonja's acrylics and smudging (both technical terms btw) with my finger. The stamped on with script from my large block stamp. Cut it to 2.5 x 3.5" and then torn some of the left over strips and stuck them on. The stamped (from the block again) in white Staz-on the gothic symbol. I torn off a bit of Foof-a-la packaging and used versamark with green pearl-ex for the word bloom.

The flower (from the large block) was stamped on brown, embossed with copper and the highlighted with purple shimmering watercolours and adhered with 3-d foam.

I would've put a piccie of the envie too, but just thought about it as I stuck the address on - so will give that one a miss. I'll try to re-create it and post tomorrow.

SHOP FRONT NEWS - I'm ordering some Wizard machines tomorrow, anyone else interested - truly unbelievable price too - please email me at sales@stampgalaxy.co.uk.

There is some more Basic Grey been added today - hold your horses though - it's just some from the SweetPea range, but thought I would add it in. It does serve as a good ol' staple quite a bit of the time - no doubt if you check the site later it will be in sale too.

I was also overjoyed to have a mention on the fabbie Kool Kitty's blog today - thanks for that Nat.

HOME NEWS - none to speak of, very quiet today. Had to change Minkey's PS2 game we got on Friday, 'cos it kept freezing at the same point each time - fingers crossed the new one is fine.

Mmmmmm, I can smell dinner wafting up the stairs, my favourite of favourites cheese and bacon pie. Delicious hot, but sooooooooo much better cold with pickles. Fingers crossed the kids don't each much of it (not their fave) and there will be some for the Slave and I later.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's been crop day today....

and usually it's just Kerrin and I on our own, but today we were lucky to be joined by a fellow Blues Babe and her lovely daughter.

It was really great to meet them, and we all had a right old natter.

As usual {on a crop} I didn't achieve much, but did help my Minkey to do two layouts, and got 2/3rds through one myself. I also did a bit more to the canvass I'm doing for her room.

I must, must, must do some mailart tomorrow, and have a clear up in the studio. There is so mcuh mess, because I've been busy with all the Basic Grey orders that have literally flooded in.

The rub-ons are now flying off the shelves at a rate of knots too.

I managed to obtain a very few more of the fantasy films to tide me over before I re-order, but again, only just a very few remaining - most popular seems to be the Sunkissed {only 1 of the little blighters left as I type this}.

Everyone here is watching Dancing on Ice, but I am still beavering away, and just packing the last few orders for the day. Fortunately, they have recorded most of it for me.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, February 17, 2006

***COMING SOON** Kool4Kats large ...

clear arcylic block by SG-me! - it's 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm {8 mm deep}, and has been made to take very large unmounted stamps - e.g. Cactus Pink range. It will shortly be on pre-order on Stamp Galaxy. I'll update this post with the link as soon as I can.

On the home side of things, Pedro Picanto is a real little mover, and I love him so, and Drummer Boy's car passed its MOT with only a reasonable outlay for the breaks. Nissan Dealer even threw in a car care kit for him to celebrate it becoming his.

It's busy, busy, busy and I'm loving it - just a shame I have to return to the Society of Blahhh next week to sit and do nothing for 8 hours a day.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm on a pick up mission this avo...

and I'm gonna get myself a sporty little chap called Pedro - yep, today is the day - I am picking up the man of my dreams (well in mechanical form anyway) - and before you think it -STOP IT'S not a vibrator, but my new car.

Drummer Boy's Micra (my old car) is going in for an MOT at the same time. Dreading the result of that - 'cos it will cost me.

On the shop front {pardon the pun} it's busy, very busy. I have so many orders in allocation for the new Basic Grey - it seems, like me, you all love, love, love the Urban Couture. The rub-ons are espec. going like hot cakes - and I can't blame you, they are so love'o'ley.

I have a saw palm today from cutting out 20 QK alphabets yesterday. I need to do a further 16, but have run out of white card - how ridik is that - have a shop but the white card has all gone. I accidentally packed in my "Cropper Hopper pull up cardstock tote thingy" a few weeks ago when we went on a mobile shop sortie, and I forgot to get it out - and yep you guessed it I sent it to store with my personal stash {move a foot, we de-cluttered}. The quandry now is do I:

(a) tootle off to the storage unit, which is in the opposite direction to the car showroom;
(b) order in more white cardstock to go with the mountain already in storage;
(c) buy sufficient from an a.n.other persons store;
(d) turn everything upside down here looking for it, even though I know that it's in store
(e) forget it, bribe one of my pals to lend me some in the meanwhile.

still haven't decided yet, so I think I will try (d) for a bit, til I get bored and make a decision.

On a personal note, my Minkey is home now, and boy did I miss her. Back now to the familiar sounds of 'puter games from her bedroom next to the studio.

Now, is that cardstock in this box I wonder?...

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well done Spellbinder {Wizard}...

for the amazing and fast customer service. We recently had a set of their Vintage dies returned by one of our Customers who found that some of the set were not cutting properly. I emailed them 2 days ago, and they have already come back and said they will replace. They are also going to replace my spacer plate that broke when I was testing out the customer's problem with the dies.

WELL DONE and let's here it for them! I pride myself on giving my customers a good service, but I have found that some companies I deal with, don't seem to have the same attitude as me.

If anyone is wondering about the Wizard, I would still recommend it (that little hiccup aside), it's a lovely machine, fab colour {yeah purple}, and the dies usually cut perfectly. The fact that they were so quick in resolving this little problem is all credit to them.

Galaxy Girl

Well, that went well....

Land Agent chappie has been and gone, they will just need to come back for the photos etc.

Good news of the Basic Grey front, as I talked to the supplier, and this will be with me tomorrow at latest Friday. Store has been updated, and madness has followed with loads of lovely orders coming in.

I am not the only one that thinks the Urban Couture is lush, lush, LUSH.

It's just struck me that one of the floral images on these BG rub-on is/co-ordinates perfectly with the Xanth image on SG-me! Kimico stamp plate. How bizarro is that.

Drummer has just returned from being sent into the cruel wide world so that land agent could look round unhindered by a teenage presence, and is bearing news of a potential ice-cream fest - Sainsbury's own toffee caramel one. We need an urgent trip to said supermarket to purchase a large tub or two - purely for research purposes you understand.

I've had a really non-blog type this week, and haven't had a chance to read all of my favourites - this activity is usual kep for lunchtime at work (that's the period for nosebag attachment between doing nothing in the morning and then nothing in the afternoon at the Society of Blandness). Being a lady of leisure this week has meant that I have no clue what is going on with fellow bloggers, and I must make an effort to put this right.

Smallest Minkey is coming home tonight - YEAH - I've missing her.

Off to watch a bit of Queen of Craft now as it's POTD.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LUSH doesn't begin to describe the new Basic Grey..

rub-ons. This one is the Flourishes. Check out the others which I have just loaded in www.stampgalaxy.co.uk/catalog. These are going to come in so useful.

Also beavering away loading up the rest of the new BG goodies. It looks like this is en route, and may arrive tomorrow, so just wanted to get a bit ahead of the game, as the estate agent will be here - albeit a bit later than first organised.

I can't wait to get my hands on the new stash - uhumm stock for you my luvurley customers. The temptation to dip my fingers in the sweetie jar, might just get toooooo much for me.

House clean and quiet - spooky - just not used to it. I am missing my Minkey, and can't wait for her to get home tomorrow. Apparently, she has had a trip to the old fashioned sweetie shop, and got me some goodies.

Have a good evening, and I will give you all the heads up as soon as stash has landed.

Galaxy Girl

Rusty Fairy - round 2...

and here as promised is Kerrin's really lovely canvas. I think that she made a super job of it, and am trying to get her to do one for my kitchen this weeked when she comes over!

Thanks Jane for your comment re my one, don't forget that you were actually shaking the chair at the time - hence the wobble.

I will post the other two in my next post, which again were fab.

Lovely, lovely new stamps just in at www.stampgalaxy.co.uk - Artistic Stamper Garden plate as seen in Simply Stamping Issue 2, a vintage Time and Keys and a really great Victorian ladies sheet. Kling-on is also on buy 2 get 3rd free, so snap 'em up.

Further frantic cleaning today - estate agent commeth tomorrow.

Drummer Boy's lovely girlfriend was over the moon with her canvas that I picked up for her yesterday - but seems to be under the impression that it was his idea. I should cocoa, if it was left to him she would get zero, nada, nienty, cbass - like most males his ideas of being thougtful is to get his Mother to do it.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, February 13, 2006

All Rusty Fairy'd out...

thank you Jane for such a fab marvellous day.

If anyone is wondering whether they should give one of Jane's courses a whirl, I would definitely say go for it. I had been worried that I would be completely out of my death, but under her patient guidance I managed to produce a canvas that I will not be ashamed to hang on the wall. She's a right laugh to boot!

The day flew buy, we had a tasty lunch made by the lady who runs the Whitable Stamp Shop, and to top the day off managed to pick up some bargin canvas in a shop nearby to have a go at home.

This is the canvas I did, and I've just tried to add the picutures of Kerrin's but blogger site is having some kind of fit, and doesn't want to play. I will upload her one tomorrow, and then the two done by the other girls after that.

I also picked up a Zision trimmer, which can actually cut straight and true, and makes the new Fiskars one seem a pile of poopydoop.

Also purchased: set of Josonja's acrylics, and three Brilliance ink pads in a sage green, lilac and purply/pinky shade.

Had to stop off on the way to pick up some products for the shop, which I don't think I can load up tonight, but pop in there tomorrow, as there are some really lovely stamp plates, one of which was used in the Simply Stamping Issue 2 recently.

We ate Toblerone all the way home too - now that's what I call a day out.

Galaxy Girl

Up early (too early).

Ok, I'm excited, can't sleep, and eventually got up at 5.30 this morning.

I'm all packed, and just need a shower and brekkie before we set off for the seaside. I hummed and hahhed about the camera, but threw it in - hopefully there will be a photo op along the way today.

I am really looking forward to Jane's workshop, she's so very talented.

Have a good one, I am certain I will.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Packing ready for the Rusty Fairy....

Altered Canvas workshop in Whitstable with Jane Dean.

Picking Kerrin up at around 8.15 and venturing on down beside the seaside.

According to Jane's site, all items necessary are provided, but bring along favourite stamps, 3 x 4x6 photos and any other can't do without tools.

The photos were proving to be a problem, as I seem to have exhausted my supply of decent ones, so I decided to use 3 vintage images I have. It the work is not fit for the bin at the end of the workshop, I've got a place waiting in our kitchen for a bit of artwork.

Having sorted the photo situation, there's not too much else that I need to worry about, as my Krafter's Tote is always on my desk, and I just need to throw in a few Distress Inks. Obviously my fabbie cube stamp is coming too.

Despatched Smallest Minkey to Grandmama's today, then processed the overnight orders, and headed off to the shops to buy some must have accessories to be tastefully dotted around in readiness for the estate agent bowling up re the house sale.

After return from shopping, with a pack of M&S Blackcurrent sundaes concealed about my person, set to for 3 or 4 hours of hard labour cleaning - not my most fave pastime - I'd rather be crafting.

Just the phone battery to charge, and I think I'm all set - now, what out of my vast wardrobe can I wear?

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Little Goose girl

layout done for the first Green Buttons Challenge, and a visit to France.

Tried to go for a peasant look, as Minkey was wearing a farmer's smock and felt hat at the Rural Craft Museum near Maidstone in Kent last year.

She had such fun with her friends there, and after a long hot and tiring day we all chilled out in the dress up room, which had the amazing Goose painting on an entire wall.

Made with Autumn Leaves MOD paper on a background of Basic Grey, which I stamped with the scrummy butterfly from my large Stampington cube I picked up at Thorpe Park.

It's the same paper further down, which this time was stamped with the script on the same block. Used Hot Cocoa ink from Ranger's Vintage Line, gosh that smells soooo great. Prism "Cayenne" cardstock was then added.

The canvas letters are by L'il Davis, and I inked with yellow ink and the Hot Cocoa. Added a few Primas with Pearlidoodles in the middle.

Stamped the butterfly from the cube on Cayenne cardstock, but off his anntenae bits and added some other ones from wire with a bit of Pearlidoodles on the end. The popped it on 3d pads.

The buttons are SEI, with DMC blue tri colour silk tied through.

Have to say I'm loving that stamp block, it has so many uses.

It would have been my Dad's birthday today, and because we've had a busy day haven't had time to go to the cemetry to leave some flowers. Mum and I will do this tomorrow.

Minkey is off to spend some time with her Grandpartent tomorrow, and Mum and I have some seriously heaving spring cleaning to tackle.

I also need to track down some more storage boxes - it shows that I've been watching Anthea Turner's programme in the week, I have turned into a domestic goddess - well almost - the towels have been folded a la Ms Turner anyway.

Kerrin popped in for coffee today en route to tennis, and we persuaded her to stay for lunch with our other matiepeeps the Watsons'. Hope the tennis went well Kerrin.

2 days to go till our Rusty Fairy course, both Kerrin and I are now highly excited, and made our pick up arrangements also today.

Oh well, need to get on with some more bits and pieces, I have a alphabet swap to get, and need to get the Wizard up and running for that.

Have a good evening.



Thursday, February 09, 2006

The sad, sad news....

is that all the shouting, coming from downstairs was because our wonderful rufty tufty, naughty, sweet Jasmine had been run over and killed.

Right in front of Drummer Rob as he got out of the car to shut the gate on route to his gig.

She had been chasing something, and ran right through the gate onto the road.

Luckily Rob and the Guy (Slave) were there, and she died in their arms. Thank God it didn't cause more of an accident.

Rest in peace our love Jasmeeeeena, we love you, and will miss you loads. Dexta (our other dog) spent the night not knowing what was going on, and even the cat ventured upstairs to sleep on our bed - he never does that.

I've posted her picture, for you all to see what a sweetie she was, it's just such a shame that she lost all sense if she saw a rabbit. We are contenting ourselves with the thought that she has lived in a happy and loving home for 3 years since we got her from a Rescue place.

Considering what a shock it was, and how very upset he was - Drummer Rob still went off/and on with his gig (don't think him hard and uncaring) because when if he hadn't it would have let his audience, his band, and the fans down. I am so proud of the way he managed to get on stage without his inner turmoil showing - he had even had a cry just before he went on. We are so proud of you son for carrying something through no matter how upset you were, it's the mark of a true professional, and sadly lacking in some of today's so called celebrities.

I also made the effort to go, and cheer Rob and his fellow students on.

Despite it being such a sad time for us all, I feel I should comment on how all of the students in the West Kent Btec music course performed last night - it was a fab evening - I tried to look on the evening as a celebration for Jas to get me through it - have to say though that the stiff glass or three of something chilled and white were raised in her name.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All change...

as can be the norm with my life.

Forget my comments re the fabbie Tino this morning, and please meet Pedro Picanto.

I happily phoned up the Nissan shop this morning to be told the Tino had been sold on Sunday - knew I should have put a deposit on it.

Spent the rest of the day - apart from Teenage interation/angst/breakdown 1 on 1 mother to teenager general ago - trying to sort out another possible mode transportme.

I rang the lovely chappie at Kia (thinking I would pretty much get the sorry love it's gone), and glad tidings still looking for a home. Fixed up a test drive, and paid me money. Just got insurance to sort out, and Bob's your Father, or Pedro's my new sporty toy boy!

I gave the a brand new one for £195 more than Pedro more than a passing interest, but decided that whilst Pedro is not brand spanking, he's is in fact just wet behind the ears, and a a better marriage prospect - bit like the boy next door v. Ricky Martin - one's a safe bet but basic, the other sporty, with hidden extras and goes like the clappers - leather (not any of your lookilikey) steering wheel, central locking, full electric windows, cd player, air-con - and as I've just said to the slave when he cast aspersions of his size - that he's a lot longer/bigger than he comes across in the photo - ohh back to Ricky Martin again.

So come next Thursday, Pedro and I will be living la vida loca in Maidstone.

As you will note, I've glossed over the angst/etc of teenagedom, but I wil say on the subject:

Drummer boy has learnt that it is wise to make a quick phone call to ascertain location/time at location/movements/possible movements of said Mother before making a money trip to work, 'cos I aint necessarily always there.

Oh heck, I need to go there is a family crisis it would seem downstairs....
lots of shouting...crying..... not sure what on earth...

Galaxy Girl

Got car trouble....

the trouble is that I've not seen it/been able to use it since Drummer Boy passed his Test last Thursday.

Yesterday, having begged for a lift to work (bearing in mind that it is actually my car), he grudgingly took me via Mark & Sparks in Sevenoaks to get some lunch. We then proceeded our way towards Riverhead, where I work, to meet a large traffic jam.

Boy then announced that he would be late for college around about the Harvester's area, and I was left to walk the remaining 1/4 mile to work.

I've made a decision about the car I want, but just need to find time/transport to get it. It's a Nissan Tino, slightly larger than my(now his) Micra, but the one I like is Dark Blue. Fingers crossed that it will still be available by the time I can get there to test drive the thing.

Yesterday was an exhausting day of chasing insurance quotes for Drummer, and all I have time to say on the subject at the moment (cos late for work, and need to beg a lift) is that they are dirty rotten cheating blighters - £2,100 quote for his insurance. Having said that the Slave had a try to better that last night and one he got was £5,000.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, February 06, 2006

I've got a little list....

and its in this cute book from Cathy - which I totally love to bits. Already filled up quite a few pages today, whilst frittering away my time at the Society of BLAHHHH. No work again, lucky me.

Apologies to Cathy, cos it's a lousy pic, but I did it this morning half-awake, no glasses and a camera battery just about to give up the ghost.

Bosskins is gonna be away for a couple of days, so I've taken an executive decision that I will take in some sublte stamping/watercolouring to do - doubt if anyone will notice anyway. Don't get me wrong I'm not workshy - in fact quite the opposite, it would be great to have some to actually do - 8 hours hangs mighty heavy with nothing. To make matter worse I have my lovely colleagues banging on about their redundancy - I WISH.

Not much on the Stamp Galaxy front, other than sent off some goodies to the new DT member.

I'll get around to writing something about them one day - might even get a picture of two.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Reduced to tears yesterday....

by the complete thougtfulness of Cathy C, who is on my Design Team.

I received a lovely Thank you card and such a sweet little book with a "K" on the front. I've scanned the card, and will get a piccie of the book later.

I am soooo lucky to have her on the DT, but even more lucky to be able to call her a friend.

Any members of UKS who haven't checked out her gallery, go have a look. For anyone who's not a UK Scrappers Member (and why are you)check out the Design Team Gallery at Stamp Galaxy http://www.stampgalaxy.co.uk/gallery .

It was certainly a good post day yesterday, cos I also got mailart from Kristina and Cricket. Girls, I will try and say thank you on the Yahoo group, but till I get time, thank you, thank you, thank you - for the amazing work.

I also got a Scrapgoods Blue Pizza Box, which was unexpected, as I thought that my subscription had finished - probably should tell them that I don't need it any more, but hey ho, there's a huge difference between wanting and needing it right!

We went a car-hunt-o yesterday (for the entire day), but I think I've narrowed it down to a choice of 2. More on that later.

Today has been re-loading some of the alcohol ink pictures, as I wasn't happy with the quality of the images, and moving bits around. I really must try and get some work done, I need to try out the floating in crystal technique.

Hope you've all had a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Toot Toot to Robbie the Drummer Boy...

he done good and passed. I am a very, very proud mum today!

I hadn't heard anything, and had just said to my friend Chris at the day job that I wasn't particularly looking forward to going home, when the buzzer went and my boy came in and touched me for the car keys and £20.

As he was waving a test pass I didn't mind in the least.

Like a good boy he picked me up at the appointed time to make a break for home. I just need to work out how the heck I'm gonna get to the Society of Blah tomorrow sans car.

Today has been a diamond day.

Another cause for celebration (or not in my case as I was looking forward to having a play with some) is that the Metalic Mexatives from Ranger have flown with indecent haste off the shelf, and there are none left - an urgent re-order is a must. While I'm at it I will be ordering some shrink plastic, more stamps and other bits and bobs.

Basic Grey pre-order, and a smartish top up of the BG Notch & Die have been processed, and are eagerly awaited. I will give news of possible arrival as soon as I can. I have also ordered the BG extra tool. I need to have a lurke around the CHA info that is coming in to see what the new tool does.

Anyone that reads Kook Kitty's Musings may have seen the piccies she posted of the Crate paper, which I immediately fell in love with. Needless to say I am investigating this further.

Hope you have all had a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Test day dawns.....

and as usual it's like getting a very angry yetti out of a cave, but success - it lives!

Processed a bit of paper work, fired of an email to Kerrin, and contemplating the drive to work. Bit of news I didn't pass on yesterday, a couple of my colleagues at the Society of Blah were made redundant yesterday (lucky dogs, I'm so jealous I could spit), like me they have been there for years, are completely fed up, and looking forward to the nice big payout.

Hopefully, my turn will come, but knowing my luck I'll have resigned before it does.

I've got an image problem this morning, my colour images for inks look fine when viewed on the photo browser thingy, but now they are loaded they've distorted, so apologies to anyone looking at them I will try to get some advice on how to fix it. Obviously, anyone reading who knows the answer please leave a comment.

Good girl that I am, I sent off my Basic Grey pre-order form this morning in readiness, so the goodies should be here around 18th Feb.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Test Day looms large again...

Well, tomorrow is the big day again for Drummer Boy with Driving Test in the morning. Instructor picking him up at 8'ish - best avoid the roads in Sevenoaks all.

Hopefully, it will be third time lucky - and fingers, toes, dog's feet, cat's feet - pretty much everything is crossed for him. Good luck Rob. Prayers from your Mother are being offered up, as I need you to be able to drive.

On a crafty note, I had a free period this afternoon, and so have managed to get off all the pre-orders for alcohol inks, and have just finished processing the Basic Grey pre-order. It would seem that the Urban Coture look was the most popular (glad it wasn't just me that thought it was lush).

Stamp Slave due back from Spain late tonight, and all of my pseudo kids have arrived for a nights TV viewing.

I desparately need to craft, but just haven't had the time of late, so I am going to set a goal to clear my work desk of all the new products, tidy up the cutting mess left by Smallest Minkey, and then tomorrow I could think about doing something useful. There is some Fantasy Film just crying out to be used.

All the mess is probably because I have an workroom/office/storage space the size of a postage stamp since letting Minkey have half to give her a bigger bedroom.

Galaxy Girl

Basic Grey - *NEW* Urban Collection

Pre-order day today for the truly fabbie new Basic Grey range, my particular fave is the Urban collection, so, so, so LUSH!

That's not to take anything away from the rest, as they too are scrummy.

I think I particularly like it cos from the picture it looks like my own Chinese Xanth stamp will match perfectly.

I've was knocked over by a tide of pre-order emails and PM's this morning, which was great, but for anyone else who needs me to order them something (should be hear middle Feb), then drop me an email to mrskbolton@aol.com by 5 pm this afternoon, and I will add it on.

Have a good day all.

Galaxy Girl