Thursday, March 30, 2006

Moved one step closer to providing our next SG-me product...

and the machinery is on order/snow shipped, in readiness for us to provide tumbled glass for your dhoric {hope I've spelt that right Sid} projects.

Apparently the very lovely Timbo Holtz covers this in his new DVD "The Journey Continues".

So watch this space in about a week for a progress report.

Order status: all today's orders have been packed and have left the Galaxy. One pending one, should leave tomorrow.

Have a good evening blogetts.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So pumped full of sunshine, you better pray....

that I don't have a need to bend over in the next few months or so - but hold your sungalsses in readiness.

Thanks so much to our Senior Managers for such an uninspiring delivery.

OK, enough, I hear you cry, we understand that you would much, much rather be packing craft and organising the Troops in the Galaxy, but just put up with it for a wee bit longer, and we will let you alcohol ink their Pride Awards and alter their risk assessments into fetching Brag books for the grandparents!

If you get a chance check out the site for some lovely tropical pictures.

Kerrin popped in today, which was nice cos I haven't seen her for a few weeks, and she is off to SA for a well earned rest and recoup. Her other half is running a marathon and a half, so we will be standing by with a wet towel and pint for him on their return. Have a great time guys.

I got a really lovely email today from a customer, and I really love to get such great feedback. Thank you, thank you - I did my happy dance.

All orders up-to-date, just the one pending which looks likely to go out if all is well tomorrow or Friday.

Rightho, taking my little sunstroked head off to beddiebies now. As an aside, has anyone heard Kirsty's podcast, I have been so busy trying to hide in the shade I've not had time to look/read my usual fave bloggs today.

Kirsty, if you are reading this, I've not forgotten I need to send you a prize for your Challenge, but just waiting for some bits to go towards it. If it gets a bit urgent give me a bell, and I really love your Cafepress T-shirts, I want one, and will order myself one asap.

Galaxy Girl

Not wishing to cause panic, but seems there might be an Alcohol Ink problem....

I finally got my order yesterday from the supplier, which regular blogettes will know has taken quite a bit of time to get here, and have to say quite a bit of effort too, but that's another courier story.

The supplier actually did quite well for a change, and all but one of the bits were there. The fact that it was a vital bit that was missing's also another story.

More importantly, it was the note enclosed that caused my heart to stop. Apparently, due to new European directives on packaging Ranger cannot ship further alcohol inks to the UK (or presumably Europe) until they resolve and get approved the new packaging. Apparently they are working on this, but there were no time scales given. There are stocks with this supplier, but obviously they are now beginning to deplete, hence my one item the non show of the Nature Walk ones.

It wasn't clear if it was just with this particular supplier, or whether it was all suppliers, but it truly is a very worrying thing to read. What am I to do without my beloved Alcohol Inks, I can feel my breathing quickening and my pulse racing at the thought.

Today I'm gonna make a phone call to a friend, who has recently been buying direct from Ranger, and see if she has any further info. I will report back.

Meanwhile though, business as usual at the Galaxy, only Nature Walk not in stock, we have re-stock of all the others.

All orders (bar one) packed and ready to go out, and one being processed.

I had a late night last night, as I had to phiff around with supplier/courier calls {and kick butt}, which put me being, pick up Hayley and hightail to Drummer's gig in Tunbridge Wells. It was good - always is - especially Holly's set (deffo one to watch that girl for the future), and Drummer's set too with singer Jim {such a funny boy}. Even though Drummer has been moaning about it, personally I loved his oh Denee Denee (not sure if it's spelt right) by Blondie, and Baggy Trousers was great with great dance routine. However, I have been going to his gigs since he was 13, and I can now understand that when your family get the breaks and make the big time that families are almost never seen at gigs - they have served their time, and it's lost the appeal. Don't get me wrong I am so proud of him, but it's just the waiting around bit that gets to me, and I know that he is an exceptional drummer, but I've seen it like sooooooo many times.

It's all new to Hayley though, and she enjoyed herself, but she's not a great crowd person like Rob, so finds it all a bit of an ordeal with the crowds, strangers and noise.

Oh well, off to the Society of complete Blah soon, so need to shower and make myself beautiful {no chance}. Have the joys of a corporate cascade today, and the big wigs trying to pump more sunshine than Barbados in a sunny period up my behind. Joy.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

On suppliers that loose order, and then find them again...

after over a week, and several phone calls - yep them same one as usual. They are amzingly awful, I must, must, must find alternative suppliers to them.

But, hooray, order was finally sent out by courier last night, and should arrive today - always assuming of course that the courier can be bothered this time, and I don't have to drive to the Isle of Grain again - I really will be hopping mad if that happens.

Apart from the above, it was a nothing day yesterday, the usual blah, blah, blah at the Society of blahness, I never knew that 8 hours could fee so long.

There are 3 orders now waiting to go out when the goods arrive - this is not something that makes me happy - I like to process, pack and ship them immediately - so it is causing me a great deal of personal apprehension. Further order is waiting for the payment to clear.

The order that I started to put together with a new supplier on Sunday, is now nearly ready to go, I just need to confirm some product codes with them today.

Also waiting for some personal orders to come through, the Fluid Matte Medium and Brown Staz-on from Paperartsy (fingers crossed with a splodger), and a book about Paisley - working on some new designs, and that's by way of reasearch.

Today at lunchtime I need to meet Drummer boy to nail a shirt for his gig tonight - why does he always leave it to the last minute to get organised - he's know about this gig since for 2 months.

Then this evening Hayley and I are off to watch the gig - fortunately, this time it is taking part in a nice hotel, with a decent bar and seating and with good food on order - so quite looking forward to it {not sure about my ears though, they are normally ringing by the time I've spent 4 hours by an amp}.

Picture uploaded is for no particular reasons, just a picture of my Smallest Minkey, and Kirsty, oh Kirsty, bad girl I check last night and still no podcat - I NEED to hear it?

Have a good day all blogettes.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quote Sunday {well almost - more a thought really}..

1 Commonwealth divided into 71 Countries divided into 4,500 athletes provides us with courage, self-belief (and sometimes doubt I should think) which equals AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS and PRIDE.

Galaxy Girl

Well, so far I'm having a lovely day....

got Blackcurrant Sundaes from Drummer and a lovely pressie from Smallest Minkey. Drummer put something lovely on the back of the card. Darn thing is out of focus a bit, no idea why.

I've just finished my Mum's card too, which is on my desk drying.

I am reasonably alone, just Drummer, the Cat and me. I've watched the end of Meet Joe Black, what a great film - it made me cry.

I now have a shower and eating a few of my l'il beauties, and then start putting together an order with a new supplier on my agenda. Then, I'm going back to bed, yes bed, this is such a treat.

The house is a mess, and I have done no housewifely things at all today - and do ya know what, I don't care.

Hope you are all having a good day too Blogettes. Ohhhhhh, just remembered, got the podcast to listen to later too. whoohoooo.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Forgive me Blogettes, I have sinned, and

not blogged for awhile, but have been bogged down with allsorts of nothing really. Just work, business, you know!

In a mood of high ol anticipation this evening awaiting the Kirsty and Anna podcast.

I've just tracked down the Cathy Z one that they had mentioned awhile ago, and spent 20 odd minutes listening and creating - finally got on the right side of the envie for the Animal Deco book - and yes, I know that I have been saying I was going to do it for about a month!!

Also made my own Mothers Day card for the shoppingly challenged Drummer Boy, but he has to put 10 things he loves about me on the back - as pay back for being such a lazysob.

I have also been made aware that I have something special for tomorrow - insert praying for Blackcurrant Sundaes as it has been a week since I induldged {thank you Marks & Spencer for not stocking them in Sevenoaks}.

Smallest Minkey is away with her best friend ZM at Grease in Tunbridge Wells. They have both gone off dolled up to the nines, mine with her tarty silver handbag, and ZM with her pressie from Lydia, a beaded flower one fro Accesorize. Yep, my baby is deffo growing up. I really should put some pics up of her, she is such a sweetie.

I won't see her til tomorrow night as the Slave is picking her up from sleepover tonight with ZM, and they are going off to MIL for the day. My treat, and it's a biggie for me is to spend the day alone (well kinda, it is unlikley that Drummer will venture from his cave much). Boy, am I looking forward to it.

My Ma is currently away with her Sister, as it's my uncle's 70th Birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Lol.

Have spent a completely lazy day today, helped Minkey with her getting ready routine, and then dropped her off in the village at ZM's. Slave and I hightailed it over to Sainsbury's to pick up some supplies, and then we have vegged out. Guy cooked a stonking meal of Satay Chicken and Noodles, followed by Woodland Fruit Strudel.

Still waiting for some stock items to get here so that I can despatch these two orders that have been hanging around - I hate it when that happens.

Oh well, gonna keep my Honey happy and watch the last bit of Ice Age with him.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Had a wee bit of an organising moment....

as we've had quite a few more colours of cardstock come in, and I also needed to go through them and claify what texture they were. I was finding the way they were organised was a bit hit and miss, but now all the cardstock is sotred by colour family - with nice neet product codes on the dividers - and I'm half way through the patterned papers now by Manufacturer.

When I first started out it wasn't as difficult, but as our range has grown, so the organisation needs to keep track.

Anyhoo, fabbie new colours have just come in, I am really loving the Mango - can't wait to send it off to the Design Team for them to have a play with. Talking of which, we have a new Design Team member, Susan (Mystydog) - maker of the cute slidemount book mentioned last week. Welcome aboard lovey, nice to have you.

In the middle of hooking up another couple of supplies today, and fingers crossed shortly will have Hero Arts in stock (plus other products such as Big Shot and Provocraft).

Order situation is just 2 orders waiting for products to come in before they are despatched.

The house is so quiet, Slave and Drummer are out, and Minkey is fast asleep. I've just finished off a card, and have an envie to stamp, and then a piece of toast and Dawn Bibby I think.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Busy old weekend this one has been....

despite the fact that my lovely cropettes all didn't manage to crop this month due to sickness and work commitments.

I took the opportunity to hightail it over to Bluewater, and Mum, Minkey and I were a blurr of carrier bags. We shopped till we were literally dropping, had coffee at M&S Cafe and got me supplies of Blackcurrant Sundaes. Although, my Mum balked at the idea of just holding the shopping basket beneath the shelf and me sweeping the contents into the basket - I have no idea why as it was a cruel and unnatural act to leave so many on the shelf - she muttered about me eating the lot - as if mawawahhhhhhahah.

Just had to make do with 3 packets, and yes I still have some of them left as I type - not for long though.

Slave and I phave phiffied around with the files for the printers to get the ATC stamp made into rubber, and that has now gone off and we are eagerly waiting their return. Also waiting for loads of alcohol ink, mixatives, applicators and stamps to arrive this coming week. Fingers crossed it is quicly cos there are some orders waiting on them.

Houseworked myself into a physical wreck this morning/afternoon. I have remembered to do post Quote Sunday too.

I should be contemplating a 70th Birthday Card for my Uncle Lol, but actually I am really contemplating those Blackcurrant Sundaes.....come here my lovelies.....

Galaxy Girl

Quote Sunday......

"The crocuses and daffodiles
Peep from the grass today
Where the bulbs have wrapped them cozily
Deep in the earth and clay.
For Easter means new life for us
And all of nature's world
Is celebrating with her flowers
In prettiest hues unfurled."

Anon. Vintage Verse.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, March 17, 2006

Phew, internet access fully restored......

wipes feavered brow, and kisses the Slave.

Thank goodness thanks to my honey we now have fought off the evil one, and I now have my precious internet back. I find it so very hard to be without. Obviously, I still had access all the time I was serving my penance at the Society of Blahness, but it was causing a big problem/withdrawal symptons when I got home.

Happy Birthday to my Mummy. Smallest Minkey and I have just been watching her open her presents. Post piccies later, and also of the three tags that I did.

All orders that can be have gone out, one of them is being split into two packages.

More products on their way in, and order being made today to re-stock other sold out items.

Back after serving today's penance.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

and this is my lickable slidemount book....

isn't it just the sweetest thing. The reverse side has different vintage images and the whole thing folds up. She's used the Paperartsy stamps to create the slidemount part. I am taking this one to work, so that I have something lovely to look at rather than the back of they Honeymonster's head all day.

For anyone wondering why I call my boss that, he is a grey/curly/frizzy human version of the character. Have to say though, his back is wayyyyyyy preferable to his front - even his wife would agree - but if anyone other than us said it we would scratch their eyes out.

Galaxy Girl

Mystydog's ATC......

for your perusal. I don't think the scan does it justice. The eye/flower has been stamped in Staz-on and then gold leaf applied underneath.

I love it. Susan is such a clever girl.

Shop front news: none really, other than all orders have been packed/despatched today, and there will be one going out tomorrow. There is one in the bin packed and ready to go just waiting for my pennies.

Smallest Minkey has friend Charlie here, and she makes me laugh so much as she is so bossy and he just seems to take it in a good fashioned way - obviously husband material!

Sometimes my girl is so funny this morning she called the dog for some reason, and when she was ignored (he is deaf as a post), she said to my my "hhhm that dog is in trouble right up to his knees" - where she has got that saying from I have no idea.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Still no joy with the blogger photobucket....

haven't a clue what is wrong with it?

Today in the post I got the most lickable slide mount book and ATC from Sue (Mystydog) - OMG how cute are they. Sue, thank you so much.

I will get around to scanning them in later on.

Shop front news: all orders that can be have been processed/despatched today, and there is one that is packed and descending to Post Office Earth tomorro.

I am pretty much being cleared out (again) with BG rub-ons, and will today get another order in, might even throw my hat in the ring for some of the Colour Me Silly and Boy and Girl BG too.

Also going to look at ordering some AMM, and improve on the Prism cardstock we carry. In my own personal opinion I feel that their cardstock hits the mark, it's good quality, comes in lovely colours and is pocket friendly - I appreciate that some people do like Bazzill though. If anyone feels strongly that they would like me to carry Bazzill, then tip me the wink and I will start to carry that too.

I really need to re-order alcohol inks {I know I have been threatening to for a week or so now, but just haven't got around to it yet}, and also I feel a KI moment coming on, oh and our pig pen is running low on stock too at the moment, I need more of them (or possibly 7G's ones, not decided).

Gonna pop back later to try to upload my 6 x 6 challenge lo, although looking at what others have done it really is not good, and also piccies of Sue's ATC and Slidemount book.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, March 13, 2006

My challenge layout is more or less finished....

I just need to add some little tags to it with my name, etc.

Well, got the image loaded, but not sure why it's so blurry not like that IRL.

I thought I was going to have a quiet day today, I checked my SG orders, and there was only one partially completed one before I left the Society of Blah, but when I got home the things had bred. So been busy packing, paperwork and all things Galaxy related since I got home.

Just contemplating catching up with Dawn Bibby's TSV programmes, so that I can free some space on Sky+ box, to record tomorrow's offering.

Society of Blah, was just that - in fact less than that today, so pleased to be able to have something to do this evening.

I thought I had worked out a cunning plan for the Pearlidoodles colours, but scanned in the result of putting onto white card and there is too much flare, so back to the drawing board - probably just take individual pictures of them.

Desparately need to order in more alcohol inks - they have just flow out, and also I've got a hankering for some Hampton Art Stamps - so need to get those ordered asap.

Also need to re-stock Iced Pink - that has been far and away the most popular cardstock recently.

I've just finished one deco book, and need to get on with the other one. Also got so many artinthemail challenges to get on with.

Well, that's me about done.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pearlidoodle Princess.....

is me at the moment, I am surrounded by them. The colours as so lushilicious, I can't decide which one I like the best (obviously excluding the purple from the selection) and it is a toss up between the Blue, Pearl or Leaf Green.

Decisions, oh decisions - I will just have to have me one of each.

Today has been a diamond day, we headed to Herne Bay beach with Drummer Boy and Minkey and Dexta Dog for a family walk. It was great for Rob to join us, as usually family walks are way below his interest, but we have had discussions recently about family time and how important it is to spend time together. He moaned on the way there, but the bracing sea air soon blew away his troubles, we chatted, we laughed and played and had a cracking time.

Have to say that I now feel cream crackered now, and feel asleep as soon as my bottom toched the sofa when we got home.

Just taking the time to do a bit of site maintenace on SG and upload all the Pearlidoodles, and the I think coffee and snuggle with my honey will be in order.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh yesss, been challenge by my complete heroine....

and Queen of Jaffa Cakes to scrap a 6 x 6 LO of me. Am I up for the challenge, oh you bet your sweet bibby I am.

I love, love, love that girl's blog so much - I stalk it on a daily basis.

Right off to riffle through stash, once I finished me box of the delicious Jaffa's -mmmmmmm.

Shop front news: Full compliments of Perlidoodles has landed in the Galaxy. Leaf Green is like sooooo lush gals, I am in love.

Just need to take piccies for the site, and update the stock levels and then I will release them to roam the Galaxy ready for capture.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

I have a short attention span........

so this is the last piece I'm scanning in at the moment - it's by Kristina and accompanied the blank deco page that she sent me.

Galaxy Girl

Sarah's "The moment I discovered art"....

Mailart piece has also struggled up the ranking in the scanning list, and I thought I would just post it on here too.

It was one of the earlier lessons, where we were challenged to take an envie already received, and turn it insideout, and then decorate it and put a bit about when we discovered art.

The butterfly towards the bottom right is such a lovely stamp. Does anyone know who makes it?

Galaxy Girl

Vicky's Make-up Envie...

has now finally struggled to the stop of my "to be scanned pile", and I thought I would upload it for you all to see.

It came with a funny note inside about here addiction to the makeup.

I really love the inking that she's done. I wish I could get my inking any where near as good as that.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kristina's Deco Book page finished at last...

after a considerably long time. Sorry about that Kristina, it will be wending its way to you tomorrow.

So that's one thing ticked off the list of many (old Mail Art course projects} now.

Boring, boring day at the Society of Blah, but it was very nice to see Kerrin today for a chat.

Hopefully, I can get an early night in tonight - notwithstanding the many art projects still left to do - cos I'm feeling lazy/tired - must be the weather.

My desk is also due for a bit of a tidy up. I only did it on Monday, and I'm back to about 6 inches of crafting space left. Clearly, I am a very messy worker.

No shop front news today, all orders that can be processed have been, and there are only 2 that are in the bin that can't go out quite yet.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

urghhhhhhh, clearly need to give up this evening..

next wrong footing, just thought my Pearlidoodles was dry on Kristina's decon page {which incidentally I had just nicely backed with green cardstock to make it a bit more rigid} turned it over and poped a brad through and squished the Pearlidoodles.

(a) make sure that the Pearlidoodles are defo dry before you work on it; and
(b) put the brad through first lovie, then back it.

Right, coffee and bed for you young lady.

Galaxy Girl

There is dumb, dumber, and then there is me....

I've just spent ages stamping and Pearl-exing an envelope for the mailart group, and thought I would seal it to protect the Post Office operatives' hands. Picked up the sealer, and sprayed with gay abandon.

Oh I thought, why is that sticky - and then the penny dropped - I had picked up the spray mount duhhhhhhh!!

Galaxy Girl

Monday, March 06, 2006

Issue with the Polymer machine hasn't ......

made life at all easy this evening. I think the Stamp Slave is about ready to throw it in the garden, as it is being very unco-operative with the ATC stamp.

We've now taken the decision to have it made in good old rubber, so I am in the process of doing the drawings to send to the rubber man.

Oh well, sometimes live doesn't go smoothly.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quote Sunday.....

is about pastry, because I have eaten wayyyyy to many Blackcurrant Sundaes this weekend {according to the Stamp Slave that is} - in my opinion no number is too many:

"The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry."

Antonin Careme

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lovely to have my honey home.......

I've missed him shed loads. It's not till he's away that I realise just how well {most of the time} we get on, and have so much to talk about. I really treasure that - having been in a less than happy relationship before.

I managed to finish work last night at a reasonable hour, and we had a cosy up to watch the recorded House from this week. I love that prog, and Hugh Laurie is fabilicious - and really quite sexy (don't tell the Slave) - and what a turn up for the books Chase and Cameron getting it on - ohhhh.

No shop/forum news of note at the mo, other than I've fiddled about with the links on here and added UK Stampers forum there.

We're off to usual trip to Post Office Earth to despatch the orders, and the Tunbridge Wells to get a birthday pressie for Minkey's friend and then possibly lunch. Drummer is working lunchtime shift, and possibly Hailey will be over tonight.

Have a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, March 03, 2006

I fallen in love with the SEI Paisley & Petals line...

and Winnie's Walls, specially Papered Walls - lushmclushworth.

I haven't matched it up, but have a distinct feeling that it will go perfick with Cayenne (could be wrong in daylight, and can't wait to try).

All of the others in the range pretty much follow the same pattern of lushness, and I bet Cathy will love them too - right up her street.

Talking of that very star in my Galaxy, she has done as usual a sterling job for me and produced the loveliest LO - I will say no more, 'cos it will be seen on Monday on UK Scrappers - as we are the featured sponsor. So excited about it too.

Noune from Practical Publishing rang me today to let me know that my ad copy was ready for the BG issue, which is going to press on Monday. Oh my god!! they have done just the most fab design, which ties in so completely with the Galaxy brand (oh get me I thought I had left all that corporate malarkay behind, but it's different when its for YOUR baby).

After that we will also feature a programme of 3 other issues to advertise my lovely SG and also covering the announcement of UK Stampers - hold me down girls, I might just go into orbit.

Good news forum wise, it is back, and Stu swears blid it was my browser, and not anything he had done - I believe you babe honest.

We also have a new member on the forum, welcome Trix.

All orders now despatched, non are outstanding as this very moment.

Homeland news - Slave returneth from Exeter {missed him I have} and Minkey has been diving at swimming training today - for a just turned 8 year old they were beautiful examples - even long suffering coach Mary was pleased. Drummer Boy in a strangley talkative and happy mood as he has been recompensed with Choc Muffins and £5 from me (with a no work strings attached to it too).

Right, now just need to polish off the article for Teresa for Monday and I can go to bed.

Galaxy Girl

Chocolate Chip Muffin causes serious diplomatic incident....

here in the Galaxy late last night.

Drummer retruned from a teenage night out (in a good mood), but upon a food run to the kitchen discovered that Minkey had consumed his Muffin.

A retaliation attack on Bacon Frazzles was then launched, with a huge amount of sabre rattling and aspersions on sisters beauty, intelligence and motives.

So, a normal night in our household then.

Galaxy Girl

UKstampers is having a bit of a teething problem...

so bear with us, we are looking into it.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, March 02, 2006 ......

is now live, albeit not the right colour yet, but I have added some initial threads and Stu is working at getting a button from Stamp Galaxy's home page and the instructions page too.

I was highly excited this afternoon when I got home from the Society of Blahness, and was showing my uncle the site, to find that we had got a new member. Now we are 3 and would love there to be more. So if you are passionate about rubber stamping stop by and join us.

I am sure that I've said it before, but really must clarify that the ukstampers forum IS NO NO WAY INTENDED TO STEP ON UK SCRAPPERS TOES, but I see it as an addition to it, to include bods that are purely stampers. The UK has been sadly lacking in a purely stamp related formum, and people exist on yahoo groups/foreighn sites to get their kicks.

I have been a member of UKS for years now, and could never envisage that changing. I'm proud that I am a sponsor of both UKS and Scrapbookstashers, and I now have added UKstampers to sites that I sponsors.

If anyone is interested in joining me as a sponsor of the new stamp forum, drop me an email.

Smallest Minkey was in bed and asleep v.v. early today, as she is tired and has a sore throat. With Drummer Boy out too, the house is so quiet (spooky).

Shop front news: loads of new products just in, and I'm especially loving the Scrapworks rubz in buttercup and cocoa. Got a re-stock of the BG butterfuly rub-ons today too, as the last lot sold out so quickly.

Thinkgs I need to do, but am going to eschew for a cup of Java and a coach potato moment to wath the Rich Girls prog:

Finish my text for the sponsors slot on Monday
Load up more products
Do some accounts/paperwork
Do some craft
Dis-lodge the fizzy sweet I have just swallowed whole - cough, cough cough - still breathing though just.
Start to cobble together a press release
Ring the Stamp Slave

Right off for a rightold cough now, the fizzy sweet seems to be on the move.

Galaxy Girl