Thursday, June 29, 2006

So poorly at the moment, and technology saga

continues, so I can't load up Hayley's birthday cards.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY HAYLEY by the way, your presents will be handed over to your Mum on the school run.

Slave has been working so hard to get the technology back up and running, and he has improved things a bit, but now can't find the disk to re-install our email provision.

Currently we only have the laptop cabled with no wireless, no printers or scanners - fingers crossed for the weekend.

I have a flare up, and so will be spending the day tucked up in bed, and praying that the increased anti-inflam dose and other meds start to take effect. I kinda himped out here very slowly to check the emails, and am now himping (between a hobble and a limp) back to bed now.

Galaxy Girl

So poorly at the moment, and technology saga

continues, so I can't load up Hayley's birthday cards.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY HAYLEY by the way, your presents will be handed over to your Mum on the school run.

Slave has been working so hard to get the technology back up and running, and he has improved things a bit, but now can't find the disk to re-install our email provision.

Currently we only have the laptop cabled with no wireless, no printers or scanners - fingers crossed for the weekend.

I have a flare up, and so will be spending the day tucked up in bed, and praying that the increased anti-inflam dose and other meds start to take effect. I kinda himped out here very slowly to check the emails, and am now himping (between a hobble and a limp) back to bed now.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Everything is going Pete Tong today........

I don't feel particularly well, the wirless connection has ceased to work, and I mislaid parts of an order (fortunately that bit has been found), but everything else is still off the wall.

I did a bit of crafting last night, but as the Slave was hogging the PC to sort out the problem, I have no way of loading up the things.

The only way I have internet access at themo is via the laptop, connected by cables and perched at a dangerous angel atop the pc - not ideal!

Still orders that can have either gone or going today, apart from one received this morning, which is waiting for a cheque to come in.

There are loads of goodies on their way to the Galaxy at the moment, and apparently some are due to arrive tomorrow.

Off to shower, and try to calm down a bit. I'm going to attempt to go into work, and hope that I can make it through the day.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Something I've discovered........

if you put fluid chalk ink on the back of shrink plastic, and then shrink it:

there is a terrible smell of burning!

One lives and learns I supose. At least it did set, but it took me by surprise.

I haven't been very well today, but felt a little better this afternoon so have been playing around with my new Cycling Stamps (soon to be in store at the Galaxy) along with my Cactus Pink ones.

The result is kinda retro with a vintage edge, and I'm really pleased with the results as quick and easy thank you note cards for the Drummer.

The "ladies knickers" stamp shrinks into a beautiful little tile, just right for hanging on a card with fibres.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

woohooo, I'm wireless....................

and nowplonked in front of the TV with my Parental Control in the sitting room. I now have a bit of freedom, and don't need to be tied to the PC upstairs, as miss out on some of family life to run the Galaxy.

We've just been watching the Party at the Palace, which Minkey enjoyed very much, and now it's bath and bedtime for all of us I think.

I'm looking forward to blogging without leaving my bed in the morning.

Night blogettes.

Galaxy Girl

and the finished babules look like this........

are they lickable. I just love the lushness of them - just like the Russian eggs.

Watch out for a showing of how it's done on Create & Craft - I have a feeling it may be today at 2.00 til 4.00, but not sure.

We have a viewing today, so the majority of yesterday was spent cleaning. The Parental Control, Minkey and I ventured into T/Wells on a shopping trip. We came back with a haul:

1. a very large purple case ready for holiday;
2. a new mobile phone for Drummer Boy.
3. a Per Una top for me, plus some t-shirt tops and knickers from M&S. No Blackcurrant Sundaes, they didn't have any - boooohooo.
4. a Nintendo DS Lite plus games for the spoilt Minkey (ready for holdiay, as we are off to a remote region with not a lot to do for 8 year olds).
5. a part of Hailey's present - not saying, she may read this.
6. a lovely large oval basket lined with pink and blue floral material to hold the stamps on my desk.

Shopfront news: there are loads of orders going out tomorrow, and one which I have been requested to leave until later in the week.

Minkey, Slave and I are off to the cinema later today, and whilst we are that way we'll be picking up the remote aerial doodad for the PC and Notebook.

Right, off to have a look at the listings for the Cinema........

Galaxy Girl

Friday, June 23, 2006

Baubles and pots of lushness.........

and oh my goodness they are lickable. The Primary Elements are soooooooooo lovely as well - especially the Wine & Roses Set.

I'm so excited that they have arrived - not in great quantities at the moment, as I wanted to see how they went, but I am confident they will fly off the shelves.

For anyone who has heard of Primary Elements, they by Luminarte - the same people that make H20's - and are dry polished pigments which are meant to be mixed with the Simple Solutions 1, 2 or 3. Depending on your application the solutions work on different surfaces.

You can pour the appropriate solution for glass on the inside of the babule, then add the elements, and you get the most fantastic looking creation. Perfect for high-class Xmas decorations.

I will put up a picture of a completed one tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is where you can see the range of products at the Galaxy.

I've also added the Wizard Metal eyelet setting mat in store, and the large protective worktop mats that are cleanable and heat resistent.

More products should be coming on stream thick and fast next week.

Galaxy Girl

Loads of offers at the Galaxy at the moment....

and it's quite busy as a result. I got no time last night, and fealt awful anyway to do crafting, we had to sort out the technology and pack orders. I also watched a bit of the Bibster and then "Without a paddle", which is a very funny movie.

As usual this morning, I'm in a rush, I need to leave the house smart as picking up a colleague at her mother's as most of the Blahness are off to a do in London this afternoon. I'm not going, but I thought I would play nice and offer a lift to save her Mum a journey into work - I go right past her door.

In the middle of packing more orders this morning, but won't get them done til this afternoon when I get home, there still should be time to get to the Post Office tonight though.

The payment waiting to be cleared is now OK, and so that one parcel will be going off.

I have a whole day of Craft Day to watch on Sky+, so will do that on Sunday.

Hooray, we have a viewing on Sunday, so Saturday will be cleaning day!

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Craft has been a bit few and far between on the blog...

so I will endeavour to rectify that at the weekend. Reason is probably the heat and my exhaustion.

I had a busy afternoon yesterday, and spent loads a money on a new Advent Notebook laptop, hardrive and toner for the laser. Guy spent last night setting it all up for me. I am now reasonably portable, and can take my notebook with me to work for the quiet periods and do some article/accounts work.

It's wireless enabled, but I now need to sort out the business end of things - I think he said it was a router or something - so that I can take full advantage of that and work in other spots in the house.

Only one order waiting to go out, which is the one still waiting for clearnace, hopefully that will come through today and it can go.

On the shopfront: I ordered soooooo much stuff yesterday. There are a huge amount of colours of Prsim Cardstock coming, as well as AMM Tote, Craft Mates storage and 7gs journals. Oh also got some Lollipop Shoppe papers (I know they are an old range, but they still remain really popular).

Today I will be concentrating on my Stix-2 order, and then Sarabinders etc this afternoon if I get time.

There are a load of Wizard items en route to us, including the eyelett setting mats, and these should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Well, just going to catch a tincy bit of Dawn Bibby, and then shower and get ready for the off, complete with my Notebook.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pants weather, imho, I like it cooler and the air...

quality is also terrible at the moment - I'm struggling to dredge even a tiny bit of energy up to craft. It could just be that I'm still really tired after Saturday, I suppose, but I only did 2 minutes of crafting last night, then abandoned to watch the telly.

I did use my my Ranger Heat Gun in anger for the first time last night, and I love the little white wonder - so quiet and once it was up to temperature very effective. A few on-line buddies have also given it the thumbs up. So I would give it a 10/10.

The usual blahness to look forward to today, and it isn't busy either, so the day's gonna drag. Still on a positive note, it is Tuesday and I have 2 hours of crafting to watch - a la Dawn B - when I get home.

I must also push myself to finish the thank you card I am doing for Drummer. I'm using some of the new Cycling Vintage stamps from Artistic Stamper (should be in store soom).

Oh actually, talking of things to be in store soon, I have ordered some of the new Luminarte primary element sets and solutions, the mini-scoops that are used with them, glass babules to use with the elements, as well as the new Wizard Eyelette setting mats, and some great crafting mats (which are heat resistent) - all should be in this week. Today, I will mostly be ordering Stiz 2 and Primsm cardstock in a BIG way, all of which should be in store end of this week/early next.

The Prism is being ordered, because I've been giving serious thought to pattern paper, we carry a huge range, but sell very little of it. Pretty much it's the cardstock that moves off the shelves, so I think I will be concentrating on that area, then once Prism is fully stocked I will move on to Bazzill (probably 8 x 8 to start with and then 12 x 12). We will obvioulsy still carry BG paper, and SEI ranges, but expand what we hold of them.

On the order front, still waiting for one payment to clear, got orders waiting for stock coming in, and anything that can go out today is doing so.

Have a good one blogettes.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Today, I've mostly been Kreme Krakered....

from working at the Craft Expo in Tonbridge yesterday. It was a 7.30 start there, setting up the stand right up til it opened. With demos in the morning at a fast and furious pace. It slowed right down after about 2.00, and the we packed up around 5 'ish taking down the stand etc.

I think it went well and Jeannie was happy with my efforts, and I've picked up some more demo work for a lady with a shop in T/Wells into the bargin.

I am now the proud owner of one of my much coveted Ranger heat guns (you know, the quiet white ones), and am going to take it out of the packet and use it in a mo.

Shop orders have got some orders waiting for clearance of payment, and products coming in.

No more news today.......

Galaxy Girl

Friday, June 16, 2006

Calmed down today, a looking forward to .....

teaching tomorrow at the Craft Expo in Tonbridge, Kent. I haven't got time to put up the details, but will edit this post when I get home.

Minkey is off on a School trip today, and I have the Society of Blahhhhh to contend with.

Well done England - football's coming home!!!!

All orders that can be have gone, there is just one waiting for clearance of payment and one waiting for payment to come in. Ordering the Wizard and Friendly Plastic bits today, and also a fabbie stampers press (a la Sir Tim uses on the Altered Journey). Again will write more about it when I get home.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, June 15, 2006

** A Rant ** Well, I suppose it was inevitable really.....

that Guy's Brother would phone, this was based on the fact that he only EVER phones when he wants something, usually to ensure that he doesn't have to spend a full compliment of dosh on something.

So voila last night, the phone rang (late as usual with him), and yes he did in fact want something.

First I suppose, a brief bit of background. It is my outlaws 50th wedding anniversary this year. Guy and I had taken action much earlier in the year and booked them a very special High Tea wth us at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, complete with string quartet playing. I can type this, as mercifully they are internet free so will not see this information, as it is/or was currently a secret.

Anyway, my idiot husband took the call, and was asked by his ever-more-of-an-idiot brother did we know, yadayadaya, and Guy let the cat out of the bag fully, and not just the stock answer he had been schooled in. I was hopping mad, because I know that his stupid brother will go out of his way no to spoil the occassion (1) because he hasn't been included and (2) he can't stand not to be the centre of attention and (3) assumes that the whole world needs him around to organise things and even more importantly (4) because now he has to spend out money himself.

After the conversation, and when he had confessed what he'd done (walking away halfway through the conversation, which is a signal that he knew he was in the wrong). I then made him phone the idiot back and make sure he fully understood that NO MENTION should be made under any circumstances. I know, of course, that he will, but then I will be completely justified in having a go at said idiot (something I've been longing to do for so long).

Families, arghhhhhhhhhhh, wouldn't mind it's not even mine, just one I was unfortunate to inherit when I married.

Also, over the weekend the outlaws rang to say that they've arranged a big family/friends lunch the day before we are due to fly to Italy. As much as I really don't want to go, I think on this occasion I will have to - and it will be something that is lying ahead of me with dread. A fact, dear reader, that may not have been apparent previously in my blogette, is that family, I DO NOT DO!!!!!

I am now in a furiously bad mood, and have ajour at the idiotfest that is the Society of Blahness to also endure, which will plunge me further into a horrid mood..................clearly, only retail craft purchase will get me out of this temper.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Baby, baby....

phew, back with a bit of time to update the blog.

This is a card that I had to dash off last night for my friend Julie, who's just given birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Sky. Congratulations too, to Zola and Megan, Sky's bigger sisters.

Nice quick and easy card:

On a square card blank, cut off the top right hand corner enough to be able to reveal the Angel Kisses or Prima flower. Stamp all over the with Book Worm Teddy from the Teddy Bear Set in Rose Coral fluid chalk ink.

Stamp the standing teddy from the set on smooth blue card (in this case I used the reverse side of a piece of SEI pp). Matt on Baby Pink card and mount off-set on card using 3-d pads. Tie bright pink ribbon round the card, and then stamp in Brown Staz-on a MM pink tag (I used the Antique PSX set), and tie to the bright pink ribbon. Add either an Angel Kisses flower or a Prima one top right of card, positioning it to show where the cut-off bit of card is. Add Blue Pearlidoodles to centre of flower.

Et voila, one quick and simple baby card, anyone could do. It took no more than 7 minutes, and that included routing around for supplies, and fighting with Minkey to go to sleep.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ohhh that's nice, a bit of rain....

this morning, and it's cooled the air a treat. How lovely, fingers crossed then for a cooler day ahead than yesterday.

I've been musing a bit overnight about the unexpected turn the business seems to be taking at the mo. This month, I have done far more off-web, mail and phone orders than web-sales. I'm still getting the same amount/or thereabouts of hits on the site, so it's not that that side of things is waining.

So overnight, I've been pondering our advertising campaign. At the moment I have split it between Stamping Mag and Scrapbooking, with a bit of papercrafting being thrown in. The business is coming from the stamping and papercrafting side (with minimal volume from the scrapbooking), so I think that it the way I'm going to channel the advertising.

Anyway, Future Publishing are so expensive, and to cap it all I don't get a copy of the mag thrown in.

So things are going to change in that department.

Also, so many of my customers are asking for a full on mail order catalogue, and I need to concentrate on that too. As well as get out some more stamp designs. I need to push myself cos I've had no new designs recently, and this has all been down to the volume of business coming in. I would be absolutely fine if I could clone myself a couple of times.

It's funny in my day-to-day working life I pour scorn on management information, but in my real (and happy working life) MI is king, and I major on it - hope the Society of Blahness never finds out that in fact I really can & do manage extremely well and act on such info!

It's the Craft Expo at Tonbridge (Angel Centre) on Saturday, 17th and tonight is definitely sample/make'n'take decision time, as the thing is moving ever closer.

As usual, I'm running late, so must shift my a&^%..............

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Rob...........

it's been a great day, and currently he is out drinking Tonbridge dry with the Goddess and his mates. We had a lovely lunch at the Chequers. After our meal we ajourned to the bar for coffee and much to his embarrassment cake with everyone joining in Happy Birthday.

I really can't believe that 18 years have gone by so quickly.

He announced at lunch time that he wants to learn to dive, so I need to investigate PADI courses. His lifelong mate has already done the course, and I think they are hoping to go to Barbados to dive next year.

He did so well for presents, got most of the things he wanted from us, a Fossil watch from his Grandma, the other Grandparents coughed up the folding stuff too.

This morning he was lured out to his car where the his girlfriend Hayley (UKST the Goddess of Phoenix) had filled his car with balloons. It took him ages to pop them all, and the drive is no littered with colour - it looks like a Sony ad.

We have certainly had our moment as parents (and who doesn't), but I have to say I am so proud of him, and couldn't really wish for a better son.

Well, that's the end of the mush.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well, its here, the eve of my Baby's 18th birthday..

so what more could a Mother do, but post (in his eyes) a really embarrassing picture of her little darling aged around 2.

Ain't he sweet, with his little chubby legs and canvas shoes.

Who would have thought that he would grown up into a 6 foot plus, long-haired musician.

Oh well....!

It looks set to be hot, hot, hot here again today, and we are now rushing off to get to the shops for wrapping paper for the monster's presents, and some food type stuff as the out-laws are coming over to take Small Minkey to the School Fayre, and then stay for dinner.

I need to work this afternoon, so fingers crossed that it's not too hot in the top of the house where the studio is.

Have a good day, and enjoy/endure the footie, which ever is your personal view.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, June 09, 2006

I know it's about 27 degrees.....

but I thought I would just give you a quick look at a set of stamps at are already selling quite niceley - the Kodomo snow set - obviously people are already starting to make Xmas cards.

I had to admit that it's a little early for me, I much prefer the leave it to the last minute and then don't bother route, much easier.

It's hot, hot, hot this morning, and I'm late (yep, as usual) got a couple of last minute orders in that had to be processed and packed.

It suddenly occured to me that usually I keep people updated on the order situation on here, but I have been remiss of late - sorry about that. Anyhoo, 2 waiting for payments to come in by cheque and everything else has gone.

Right off to Kingdom of Blahhhh, after a very quick shower this morning.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, June 08, 2006

If you could see me at this moment I'm doing a happy dance......

Possibly not the most attractive site first thing in t'morning, but I am a very happy girl!

Why? I hear you cry.

Well, this morning's email has bought me permission to use/make into rubber a stonkingly fabbie arty/grungy font, with just the most appropriate name for my "by day a bored banker" role.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you lovely man for the permission. I can't wait to get going on it. It needs to be soon, 'cos a sheet of it is going in the UK Stampers Challenge Number 2.

Right, now I am doing a downright unhappy dance - I've just gone on to get the link for it, and the flippin system has pruned the whole shebang, or we've been hacked again. Rats!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGg - there's also a very unsavour character registered - more porno sites, and had the cheek to put up a thread. Dirty beast.

I thought that I had fixed that problemo, straight on to SMAX then.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quick card for Charlie...........

made this morning using Sweetwater paper, a MM tag and some of the fab Scrapworks Cocoa/Buttercup rub-ons (in store) as I had forgotten to buy Minkey's friend Charlie a card.

They are at a difficult age, not really baby type cards for birthdays, but not actually really grown up ones either, so this is a compromise. Inside in rub-ons I've put cake, but mixed up the letters and added some more stars.

We are so late today, that this is all I have time to blog, but will catch up a bit later.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a shame, Matt Stevens dipped from winning...

Celebrity X Factor. That boy is such a hunk, and was so entertaining, but then he was up against Lucy Benjamin from Eastenders, so it was probably inevitable that he wouldn't win.

Yesterday was a good day, I finally got wholesale access to the Maya Road site. If anybody has got strong opinions about what they think I should order, please leave a comment, 'cos there is such smashing stuff on there that it's really, really hard to make a decision.

Currently waiting for a delivery of Wizard dies and Kodomo stamps at the moment. The last delivery was so swift (and took me by much surprise) that I am sure the supplier and Notsofastway will make every effort to ensure that the delivery takes its usual 2 weeks this time....hopefully though they will surprise me (yeah right).

It would be really lovely to get it quickly because the package contains lots of specially ordered bits for customers.

The Society of Bland lived up to its name yesterday, and I'm confident that there is more of the same in store for me today.

I had a panic phone call from Hayley yesterday evening, asking why I had banned her from UKST - I hadn't, and it turned out that somebody had hacked in and posted a load of nonsense on there and then put her on the banned list - very disturbing. They had also deleted a whole shed load of posts - bastard (excuse my french), have he/she not got anything better to do with their life - how sad!

All orders that can go have done so - just the eagerly awaited Kodomo and Wizard ones outstanding at the mo.

I had a phone call from a lady yesterday about here Wizard, she hadn't bought it from me, and knew that she hadn't but she wanted help with it as she'd broken it. I pointed her in the right direction for getting it replaced, but I have to say that it really was the high end of cheeky to expect me to do something about it. Having said that, customer service is custmer service (even if she wasn't one of my actual customers), and did my best for her.

My Minkey is awake, so I must get her and me ready to get out the door.

Blogettes, where ever you are, and what ever you are doing today have fun.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

I like days like these, when I get loads of things done....

including the ATC loaded earlier, I've done one more, and then a new home card for Di and Neil.

I used my new QK house die, and the Goosebumps die that I have had for ages and never used for the background matt. Cut it out in green and then red. I cut the roof out in brown. All cardstock was from the scraps box. Card blank was from the load I bought yesterday. The paper is from the DCWV 6 x 6 Retro Stack (in store at the Galaxy), and so were the rub-on for the word home (Scrapworks Cocoa rub-ons).

The ATC (the card is sitting on part of it) was made from a background piece I did ages ago using gesso, Versamagic Sugarcane and Brilliance purple, then distress inked abc plate from PaperArtsy, Scrapgood Autumn Leaves and Stamp Galaxy's Circle and Dream stamps were also stamped randomly. I then stamped and embossed in clear EP the Artistic Stampers Daisy image, cut it out and 3-d one of the SG Dream images, and added to the ATC background with 3-d foam. Finally, stamped SG's ATC reverse stamp on the reverse.

Galaxy Girl

Taddaaahhhh... my desk is much, much better.....

as you can see, I've made a huge, huge hole in the middle of it.

To the left, the stock has been put away in the stock cupboard (formerly known as my walkin wardrobe), bits of paper atop inkjet printer have been dealt with (well, schwooshed over to the top of the laser), glues put in their rightful place, scissors in the tidy, most of the inkpads put away (just the few I'm using at the mo left), and my stamps put in a pile.

I've also done another ATC:

Used the flower from one of the artistic stamper sheets, stamped with antique texture in Tattered Rose, then stamped on the flower and cut out. Used water brush to brush on peeled paint and tattered rose dye inks, and then added Key Lime H20 to the larger middle portion, added Queen & Co "Baby Cakes" beads with diamond glaze in the middle for dimention. Then background was stamped in Tattered Rose using Hampton Antique Texture yet again (love this one), peeled paint round the edges, and added the smaller artistic stamper flower image at the bottom. Stamped on the twill with Cac.Pnk leaves, then made holes either side and tied on ribbon. Put 3d pads on flower and stuck on.

Plain, simple and quick to do. Unfortunately, the scan doesn't do it complete justice, but you can get the idea.

I might make a start on finishing my cake layout, and then give my UKSTampers CJ a bit of thought, and I still need to concentrate on doing some more avatars for the gallery.

Galaxy Girl

YAY, Darrien & Hollie win Strictly Dance Fever....

and boy were they good, and I'm am so pleased and delighted that in the end they won, but had tears streaming down my face for poor the other two couples as they are all so talented.

In their honour Quote Sunday quote is:-

"Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them" - John Updike

Now what on earth am I going to do with Saturday evenings?

I have done paperwork, and more paperwork today, but have not yet tackled my desk - despite to threat to do so - stop shillyshallying girl, and get on with it for pete's sake.

All the orders so far today have been packed and are ready to go. Unfortunately, all the lovely Cactus Pink chipboard letters have now been sold - boohoo, I'll have to order more.

I have decided that some of the Cactus Pink Paper is going to be included in a kit along with co-ordinating cardstock and ribbon.

Other items on my agenda is the impending September Scrapping Angels Retreat. I need 25 of whatever I do, so I was wondering if maybe I would do a 1/4 stamp sheet for the occassion. I fancy something baby related I think, so I will see what I can come up with - if I can get my act together quick enough that is - I still have the paisley/flowery type stuff on on board half finished at the mo.

Oh well, now that desk..........

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Really good news : terrible (bad for the pocket) news.....

was received yesterday from my Parental Control - apparently Sevenoaks now has its very own Mackays shop. Whilst this bit of information gladden my old heart, it also struck terror in my bank manager's (assuming he has one)!

Let me explain, Mackays is my most wubed shop for items of attire, and recently I have developed a clothes habit (not as bad as my craft buying one, but coming on up there in the stakes). Hitherto, said favourite shop was way over in Crowborough, and Sevenoaks branch has just been a distant threat - well, my lovely blogettes, no longer - hence the really good news v terrible news.

I am proud of myself today, as I got the opportunity for unsupervised mooching around and tither the S'oaks area, and esauged the town for Creative Pastimes instead - simply 'cos I would have run amuck in that fair town in a certain shopette (not good). I spent £65 in CP, but would have spent far more in the shop of clothing - so I think the pocket book one, kinda!!

I purchased from CP: 1 x Moonlight White Brilliance ink pad (god I love Brilliance, and really must ensure that I start to stock them); a pack of 150 card blanks for £19.99, a set of seaside rubber stamp tapestry stamps (never used them before) and one QK house die (best friend Di has moved habitation recently). I was seriously tempted by Hero Arts stamps, but I have so many flowerly type stamps at the moment, it would have been extreme indulgence to have given in.

Anyhoo, at this precise moment I an anxiously awaiting the results of Strictly Dance Fever, and to take my mind off it I'm allowing the Slave and Minkey to watch Hitchhikers Guide. I've hit the record button on Sky+ so as not to miss it, as there is a clash in timing.

I really couldn't decide which ones to vote for, so contented myself with 3 votes apiece for Darren and Lana and Holly and Darien.

So to keep my mind off the wait, I've just scanned in the atc I managed last night. DTP in Versamagic "Sugarcane" and Colorbox fluid chalk "Rose Coral" with the old Ranger wetndry job, then stamped on my new Hampton Antique Texture stamp in Old Paper Distress added lovely little detail in top left and bottom right (Artistic Stamper) and then Daisy in top left, and further Floral graphic in bottom left both in Peeled Pain Distress. Stamped one of my new Cactus Pink stamps on TLC pattern paper with brown Staz-on, and cut it out. Stamped bloom in brown Staz-on on twill. Added antique brad through centre and stuck on.

My desk is a complete tip, and I really need to tidy up a bit, but I can't settle at the moment, but there again I can't work in such a messy pit, so I really will have to bite the bullet in a mo.

Right, maybe I should make a start............

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finally got around to loading the C.Pink paper images...

but the completely daft blogger is having problems, so I can't share them with you - arghhhhhhh!!

[edited to add the petals image]

Never mind, I'll try and do it tomorrow, to bolster myself for my first trip of this week to Society of Bland and Blahh.

All orders have been packed and are ready to go out tomorrow, apart from 1 waiting for payment to clear and 2 (off-web) ones waiting for the products to be ordered tomorrow, so they won't be going til next week.

I got a lovely comment from somebody today about the Cactus Pink chipboard letters, and I feel the same about them, they are great value for money, and completely lush into the bargin - shame there are only a few tiny amount left now. I will definitely have to order some more asap.

Been buying Drummer Boy some of his 18th gifts today, nearly there now, but he's been told that he will have to wait til end of June for the Nano ipod - don't feel sorry for the boy having said that - he still has a stonking amount of gifts on his birthday.

I'm really pleased that instead of just going out with his friends on his birthday, he has requested lunch at the pub where he works WITH US (presumably to pay), and then a drink with US and some of his friends (again presumably for us to pay), and then we can get lost and they are off on a pub crawl (his Father may be allowed to go as chauffer) - ahhh what it is to be young and have generous/stupid parents.

Further viewing on our place today, and we are ever hopeful that one of the half dozen that have expressed an strong interest can get their own properties under offer so that things can get put in motion - heavy sigh inserted at this point I think.....

Galaxy Girl