Sunday, July 23, 2006


well that's it, officially on holiday now. See you all when I get back.

I completely ran out of time to get all done before I went away, and I (a) haven't finished by UKStampers CJ entry, or done the posting list - sorry folks it will be the first thing I do when I get back or (b) done any blog entries ahead of time for the Slave to load up (c) cleaned the house before we go. Instead, I've flitted around like a house/shops/diy shops like a blue-bottomed fly on speed to get the last bits we needed, and then today lounged around at the Langley Hotel in Tonbridge with the outlaws of their various older peeps celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, achieving nothing other than a very full tummy and lazy attitude.

So that's it folks, we are now officially on hols til 1st Augut. Any orders that come into the Galaxy in the meantime will be packed and despatched on 2nd August. Drummer Boy and Guy are staying at home, so the cat and dog don't have to go into the dreaded kennels.

So all there remains for me to do is to apologise for anyting that I haven't managed to do (you can kick my butt when I come back) and say ...


Galaxy Girl

Friday, July 21, 2006

Last day at work today............

and looking forward to getting it over and done with.

Just a random picture of Rob (ages ago, I think he was about 15). It must have been when he first got the drum kit, cos it still has the makers front on the base.

Then for Christmas that year he got a proper front to go on it with the name of the band on it.

It's amazing just how much that boy has changed, grown, and now maturing. He's an excellent drummer too.

Oh well, after that bit of randomness about me, I'm off for a shower.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, July 20, 2006


1. my Minkey is feeling very poorly - I think that it may well be heat exhaustion or sun stroke from the Sports Day on Tuesday. Not sure how she will be when she wakes up, but going on last night she will most definitely not be well enough for school.

2. My tooth is hurting - it came on all of a sudden yesterday afternoon, and will not go away. The timing of this stinks, as we are going away in a very few days time. I've got an emergency appointment this afternoon - I hate the dentist.

3. I got none of my CJ done last night, we were home to late from our anniversary meal for that, and it was too hot, and I had orders to pack, yadayadayad.

4. It's already hot, and I have way to much to do, and I have to go to that stinking godforsaken place and sit and do nada.

As you can see I am a grumpy fairy this morning, and I don't think that anything is going to get me out of my funk, except of course an unexpected delivery of 4 trucks of non-fattening chocolate, weather that it is comfortable to walk around in a cardi, a diamon ring and a big snog with Brad Pitt - what are the chances of that happening?

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

with the added wording........

it's a shame I couldn't find my pixie stamps, but the Karen Foster Stickers are no too bad.

I got a lovely card from Guy (no cute and cuddly bears on it, yeah).

I think we are off to have a Chinese tonight, but need to be canny about telling the kids where we are going, or it will turn into our usual romatic meal for 5!

Oh by the way, Simply Stamping Issue 5 is in store at the Galaxy now, and selling fast, fast, fast. I am trying not to look at my copy cos I want it to read it on the plane next week.

Have a good one, it's gonna be another scorcher.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Guy....

last night with 5 minutes to hand, and Guy gone to the pub with his best mate, kids were either in bed or out, and loads of Galaxy work and a CJ to get done I did this card, as I'd forgotten (well mislaid the thought anyway) that it's our 9th anniversary today. I just need to add the stamped words "Happy 9th", and I can bung it in a envelope.

Doesn't show up on the scan, but I added diamond glaze to the bookplate window, and then tied it down when it was dry.

Galaxy Girl

PS: Actually forget the stamped words, I can't find the right small alpha set, so I've used Karen Foster cardstock alpha that looks stamped, mounted on green cardstock, inked the edges and added a touch of my very favouite opal dust for bling.

Lydia officially joined the Seal Team Missions...

last night after I picked her up from football. She is now the proud owner of her very own log book for her dives, a safety DVD, a keyring and next mission booked and paid for. Bless her, she is so excited, and so loving it.

Another sporting activity for her today as it's sports day - usually she does very well as she's quite fast. The outlaws are coming over to watch and then staying for dinner - so that's something to look forward to!! Unfortunately, I can't go, as I have to work, so at least she'll have family support.

The bloody website seems to be down, and I have no idea why - especially annoying as I need to process an order.

Other news: I am now a two mobile girl - yep my Kingdom of Blah and a new Stamp Galaxy international roaming one. Guy is hoping that with 2, there is a fighting chance at least one of them will get answered - yeah right.

No QVC craft today it seems, and I also seemed to have missed the Xyron Pick of the Day on Sunday, what's going on?

I have a confession to make, although I've organised the UKStampers CJ, up until last night I hadn't even started my one. Good news though guys, it is well on its way.

I feel sick, why is my website down???????

Galaxy Girl

Monday, July 17, 2006


Lydia looked truly terrified when she was sitting on the bench for the briefing for her first Scuba Seal Mission 1 yesterday, but as soon as she reached here natural habitat (water) she settled right in.

It was certainly great value for money (£25), we arrived at 2.45 and didn't leave til 5 pm.

I have to having a small panic attack when the strapped that huge tank on her back, and she went under for the first time. Then to make matters worse she is really buoyant, so that had to bring her to the surface immediately and put one of those really heavy weights around her middle to weight her down. She's had to learn hand signals for OK, up, down, something's wrong, out of air (oh no my baby), and counting out how many bar she has left in her tank. They played frizbee, and arrows in the water, went through an underwater space station, and generally had a blast. She is now looking forward to Mission 2 when we get back from holiday.

I've updated the "Big Shot" post, and amended my to do list, there's not much left to go that now, but obviously I still have to get money, keep up-to-date with washing and pack.

So we have 7 days to go til the off now.

Talking of off, shower time...

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, July 16, 2006


today is Lydia's very first Scuba lesson. We're heading off at about 1.30 ish, as we have to stop at Halfords to get a new booster seat in readiness of Italy (and the law change here).

Random picture of Lydia last June in Devon, doing what she loves best, being in and around water.

I can't believe just how much she has grown (and grown up she is) since then.

Guy is off cutting the back and sides lawns, and the humming of the tractor is quite soothing. It's nice today, not too hot, with a gentle breeze.

I did start to make a half hearted attempt to sort out some washing, but then Lydia's taken over my bedroom sofa and is watching a DVD - so I've drifted in to my studio (which is next door), and straight onto the computer to update my blog.

I'd very much like to scan in a picture I need, but the Lexmark scanner has disappeared under a mountain of stamps, mags and half-finished projects, and since it's been all change on the technology front, I can't find the Samsung driver to use that one - oh well, will just have to wait til Guy sorts that out.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, July 15, 2006

So these are one of the limited stamps that I'm ....

going to be taking to Italy with me. We hopped over to Tony & Margaret's today to fix up some last minute details about the villa, and then we stopped off for me to buy just a couple of ink pads, small but deadly scissors, and some snowflake stamps to go along with the sew simple alphabet that we have in store at the Galaxy.

I've now finalised (I think) my list of what I'm going to take along with me:

1. Sew Simple Alphabet
2. Glossy cardstock and cutndry foam
3. Ranger Heat it tool and clear EP
4. My brayer
5. The tiny scissors purchased today.
6. MM Craft Knife and spare blade along with my cthru ruler
7. The snowflake stamps I got today.
8. A wadge of A5 watercolour paper, my water brush and small brush and some H20's.
9. Black and brown stazon.
10. CK Mag (need to get) and a n other craft mag (got a Craft Stamper today).

I am going to work on ideas for xmas, and do some ATC's.

Not sure how much crafting time I will have, but hoping for siesta each day, and I can't sit around and do nothing, so it will be perfect.

Apparently, there is a large lake about 20 minutes away with a beach/swimming area, so that will be perfect for Minkey, and the beach is about 35 minutes drive away too, with full compliment of lovely restaurants and ice cream - oh yes, Italian Ice cream - bella!!!!

Galaxy Girl

Friday, July 14, 2006

I've been tagged by Linda...........

This is just a random piccie of Lydia from last year taken in the garden.

Here are the answers to my tag:-

1. How old are you? 45 in December.

2. How many kids do you have if any? 2 - Robert who was 18 in June and Lydia who is 8.

3. Are you married, single, divorced, widowed? Married to Guy for 9 very happy years next week.

4. What is your occupation? I am a Commercial Recovery Maanger for a Building Society by day and Pusher of stash/stamps by night.

5. What are your passions? My family, my company, rubber stamping and scrapbooking oh and blackcurrant sundaes.

6. Are you a dreamer or a dream seeker? A bit of both, I dream, and dream and dream, and then go get.

7. Are you happy with the way your life turned out? Oh yes, I believe that every decision you make (right or wrong) compiles you life. No point in moaning about what has been, look forward to what might be.

8. Are you a scrapper, and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? Yes. Until I started the Galaxy I used to scrap/stamp about 4 hours a night, but now I am busy running things so it's not that much. I am working on a layout at the moment, which is the first one this month. I am a slow scrapper though, because I like to stamp and ink to within an inch of a layouts life, it takes me a bit of time.

9. I have to say a Road Trip across the States with the kids, but in an open top car - and (despite the fact that I DO NOT CAMP) spend a weekend at Yellowstone in a big, big, big American RV.

10. What is your favourite food? Black Currant Sundaes (I am on an enforced diet from them) on the sweet front - god I LOVE those, and on the savoury my Mother's Cheese Pie.

11. What is the food you hate the most? Porridge - uckkkkkk, makes me heave to even think about it.

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Oh there have been many, usually alcohol induced. I think finding out that I'd been dancing on a table half naked drawing whole shed loads of attention to it probably.

13. What is the happiest day of your life thus far? Sorry, I have more than 1, but if I was pushed to name a couple: Giving birth to Rob, the day I got married to Guy and giving birth to Lydia, when I got my first horse.

14. Are you a neat freak? Or a dirty house cleaner? Ummmm, my bed has to be neat, neat, neta and perfect. I am so lucky my Mother likes it clean, clean, clean, so I don't have to do a lot of housework. I like certain things in their place, and it drives me insane if somebody empties the dishwasher and they put the cups in the cupboard with handles all akimbo. Hello people, how long does it take to put the handles in the right direction.

15. What is the worst thing you have ever done? So many it would take three weeks to type them all, but if I had to say one thing, it would be not tell the people I love enough about how I feel about them.

A couple of other very random things: I love purple, I have a cat called Felix, my sister is no longer with us and I miss her every single day, I used to live in Itlay, I am a royalist, I love flowers.

I tag Sid!!!!

Have a good one peeps.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big surprise - Big Shot.........


I got some wonderful news when I got home with a phone call from Eire. The Galaxy has been accepted as an Ellison stockist. So very shortly in store we will be carrying these little babies.

I am probably going to put a pre-order button on the site for the first order, so anyone who wants anything specific in the way of dies ordered please drop me an email.

I put a lot of time and effort into thinking about our stocking policy, and thought that a lot of you were missing out by us not carrying this line - so your wish has been granted and we will shortly stock machine, dies and depending on demand accessories as well.

Shopfront news: last night Perfect Baby Pink Primsatic cardstock is flying into orbit - mind you I can understand why it's a lovely soft and gentle pink.

I would tip the new Majestic Purple Dark and Light colours (both prismatic texutre too) to be hot, hot, hot. I've just noticed that Karen Foster has added them to her list of colours for CHA this time around.

Actually thinking about Karen Foster, I have promised several of you a list of the Prism colours that match her designs. Obviously, because of technology issues that we've had I haven't got around to replying to you. I will update the list in the next couple of days with the new colours and then email off to those who have expressed a wish for the list. If anyone else wants a copy let me know, but I will arrange for it to be put in our learn section at the Galaxy shortly.

Blogging has been a bit easier recently, because I am getting in the habit of typing the entry the night before, and then saving as a draft. Then in the morning, I just (pardon my French) hit the tit, and publish. It's always been a juggling act between packing orders, and updating, so this way it's a win:win situation.

If I get time I am going to try to get some entries ready for The Slave/Goddess of Phoenix to upload for my whilst I am away.

Countdown to Le Marche: 10 days and counting!

List of things I need to do:-

** Get a new booster seat for Minkey ** DONE

** Get a sun hat (big and floppy probably) for me - I am hampered by my minute head in this item though - I did try on a nice cowboy one in M&S last weekend, but at age 6 it was a tincy bit too small.

** Think about some bed linen to take out, as I'm not sure that the washing machine will be operational - all depends of Italian builders I fear for this item ** DONE WASHING MACHINE WORkKING THOUGH

** New batteries for digi.

** Decide if I am going to take my laptop ** NEED TO TAKE THERE IS A DVD BUT NO TELLY YET

** Find out if there is a DVD from Tony, and if so organise some of Lydia's DVD's ** SEE ABOVE

** Organise Lydia's handluggage, colouring book and pencils, puzzle books, reading matter, plus wash in readiness one of her blankies to take, and restrict her to only 2 small teddies - we could fill a plane, and leave the same amount at home waiting for the next flight.

** Organise a map of Le Marche, and try to make points of interest/must see list - I am betting this will feature the beach ** DONE

** Organise crafting/stamping project (small for me to take) ** DONE

** Organise reading matter for me - obviously craft related.

** Organise wellie boots (tomorrow) and present for Amy tomorrow ready for Friday, oh an present for Emily (Saturday) ** DONE, SHE HAD A GREAT TIME, WE HAD AN AWFUL MEAL!

** Get hair cut for me, Parental Control and Lydia ** DONE

** Get to Ashdown Forest by 5 pm Friday afternoon, pick up cake, meet Guy, find and consume food, and return by 8 pm with said cake ** DONE

** Remember to pick up Zola on Saturday and delivery her and Lydia to Emily. Remember to pick them both back up again ** OOPS, I REMEMBERED ABOUT ZOLA, BUT HER MUM HAD FORGOTTEN, AND I'D GOT SLIGHTLY THE WRONG TIME, SO THEY WERE LATE, BUT HAD A GOOD TIME.

** Organise Scuba equipment needed for Sunday, and get directions ** LYDIA HAD A BLAST

Oh bum, I'm fed up making a list now (I feel like my boss). Going to eat a bit of cold cheese pie I hid last night (bearing in mind comments above, you will know that I mean tonight) and jump in the shower in prepartion for more blahhhhh.

Galaxy Girl

Countdown to Le Marche has begun.....

with only 11 days left til we set off. Last night I ticked off the hire car from my list of things to do too.

I've plumped for a Ford Fiesta rather than a pukey Peugeot pigthing.

A car seat was added to the booking, but when I read down further it seems they were stinging me for £38 more and couldn't provide a booster seat, so unticked that element and we'll be dragging our own in one of the suitcases.

I actually started (and got quite a way through a layout last night) for the Blues Babes Scraplift challenge - man alive it felt gooood! I will freely admit that I have been wreckless with the use of my lovely white Angel Kiss Hydrangeas that I got ages ago from Anna. They have been sitting on my desk saying "use me, go on you know ya wanna".

I will try and get it done this week, but it is speeding past at an alarming pace currently. Minkey has 2 birthdays this week, and I haven't begun to think about presents still.

Drummer Boy worked a double shift (yes you read right) yesterday, and when he came home last night I learnt a new teenage word "disregard".

Definition of same: people that insist on turning up 2 seconds before closing time, ordering several courses, and taking a long, long time to eat and get out, thus causing kitchen staff to have to hang around in a disconsolent fashion waiting to be able to finish work.

It's amazing the words that you pick up from them, I thought I had learnt the lingo, (obviously not speaking it that would be a sin in teenage eyes, but being able to interpret for others) since I've been living in teenagerdom for quite 8 years, but no my education is still incomplete it seems.

The other kiddiewink has to take her habitat project into school today - that'll be fun trying to get it there in one piece. She has plumped for Mallards and has created a 3d piece of wonderment (has has inherited my creative skills). I would love so say she will win praise and the prize, but at Plaxtol School only the kids of real suckbutt (PTA, 4x4, live off their partner/husband having never done a days work in their lives, having coffee mornings and nights out with their others like them) ever seem to do that - as I still show an amazing and I should say healthy dis-regard for teachers/school held over my my teenagerdom (and I might add, don't have a 4x4, have one full-time and one business, support myself and said business, don't have time for coffee or nights out with the girls as my friends all work hard and long for a living too) she has nooooooo chance. We are so proud of her efforts though. I need to get Guy to take a picture to show you all, how clever my baby is. Oh dear, that paragraph turned into a minor rant didn't it - I don't know what came over me (no offence any 4x4 mums honestly).

Righto, I need to get ready for my first job at the Kingdom of Blahhhness to end all Blahness......

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shopfront: Angel Kisses are winging their way

to us at the Galaxy, and boy am I excited that they will be here very soon. I particularly love the pink (tinged with dark pink) Hydrangeas.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, July 10, 2006

Yeah email at the Galaxy is now restored......

but I nearly crumpled into floods of tears early yesterday evening attempting to get it all sorted. The wonderful slave stepped into the breach, and tweaked my attempts. We are now fully operational again, what a relief.

Troops have been seen sent out today to round up Gesso, it keeps escaping!

Faux Stamps from Park Lane Paper should arrive this morning, and then I can fill the back order I have for them. Aren't they just the most darling things.

I got my Blues Babe Scraplift Challenge layout emailed to me last night, and when I get home this evening I will make a start on it. I have a fancy to somehow incorporate some of the stamps. It feels like FOREVER MAN since I did some serious crafting, and I miss and NEED it badly.

We are on coundown to various Minkey related activities this week (1) she has a birthday party in Ashdown Forest on Friday evening (it will be a test of speed and endurance to get her there on time from Ightham) (2) a further birthday party on Saturday and (3) first Seal Team Scuba lesson for her on Sunday.

I still have to decide on, and buy, 2 lots of birthday gift too.

Kingdom of Blahhhh is calling me (even though I don't want to listen).....

Galaxy Girl

These are Shan's fabulouso beach papers....


at Park Lane Paper (as reatured in Scrapbook Inspirations latest issue) they are so subtle, and perfect for family days out on our beaches.

They should be in store tomorrow, along with a supply of her faux postage stamps (as featured in the latest issue of Scrapbook Inspirations, which I can't seem to get my hands on).

I will post the link on here tomorrow to Park Lane Papers, but the address is

The countdown to Italia has started only 2 weeks to go, I've brought my lovely new purple suitcase upstairs,and started to assemble bits to go in it, like suncream, shampoo, de-tangle hair stuff for Minkey. Also VIVA ITALIA OUR NEW WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

I now need to book the hire car, as I couldn't do it when we booked the flights as I was sans a photocard licence - that will be tonight's job, and a bit of crafting I think.

If anyone has sent emails to stampgalaxy or ukstampers mailboxes, and you are wondering why you've not had a reply, it's down to the technology problems we have. I have got outlook back, but can't sychronize (spelt badly I know) the email account. I've out a support call out, but if ANYONE knows how to do it let me know pleasseeeeeeeeeee!!!

Right, shower time and off to the Kingdom of Blahness.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, July 09, 2006

According to Lydia these are DA BOMB!!....

and we got her the pink ones yesterday after much pleading on her part. Parental Control and I would much rather she had a nice sensible pair of trainers, but no, these were the object of her desire, along with a salmon pink linen 3/4 length trouser suit and a cream t-shirt with a flowing maned pony on.

To come to the compromise of the linen suit, she rejected sooooo many pretty dresses - it seems she now has her own style, and will accept no subsitute or dilute it in any way. I think she's heading down the skater girl route - which does not bode well for the future!

I have to return to the shops today, as the lovely emerald green skirt I got yesterday, turned out to be a tad on the small side - I can confidently say that yesterday I got into a size 8 - mind you it took 3 people to get me out of it - I hadn't realised I'd got the wrong size.

This morning over beakkies, Parental Control handed me a book she has just been reading about Teenage Brains, I have hardly been able to put it down, and will cover a bit about it tomorrow for all you parents of teenagers past, present and future.

Shopfront news: I've ordered some of the Parklane Paper Beach papers (left and right), which are very suble, and have a chalked appearance - just the thing for British Beach layouts. I've also had to stock up urgently with more of Shan's fab faux stamps, as there has been a severe run on them. Apparently, there was a feature by Jane Dean in Scrapbook Inspirations this month, and the mag left off the credit for Shan's papers, which is a shame.

One order outstanding (waiting for the faux stamps), apart from that we are up-to-date.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing today, hope you have a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, July 07, 2006

Techology issues resolved, but back to cabling...

what's really disappointing is that now our provider is giving away routers for the cost of broadband, and I spent £70 on one a few weeks ago that we can't get to work - now that's pooey.

I'm just testing loading images from the returned unit, but what a one to try on - I love these AMM totes so much. We are down to a handful at the Galaxy now, and I don't think I can resist one for myself very much longer.

For those of you that know me, I love my Krafters Purse, but you can get much, much more in the Tote including a paper trimmer.

On the shopfront: all orders from last night and packed and ready to go.

We are also expecting Angel Kisses in any day, and I am about to put in a few more orders now I can work a bit smarter, rather than purched on the edge of the desk with the laptop at a precarious angle and wires trailing all over the shop.

Keep an eye out for new stuff on a regular basis, as I am stalking cyberspace tracking down different items to the norm.

I have Kingdom of Blahhh to look forward to this morning, and a row with Lydia's School - bloody teacher (sorry Kerrin)!!!

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Base Unit is ready for collection............

but I didn't get a chance to pick it up, as Lydia had the final airing of her school play last night, so Guy and I went along to watch. At this point I could make all kinds of comments about parents that felt the need to dress up in various school uniforms, but I will resist the temptation, I will, I will...............arghhhhhhhhhhhhh I will!

Lydia sang well as normal, and had a grea time doing it.

It was quite late by the time it finished and I dropped off her friend, that we went out for a Chinese, which was yummy- especially the aromatic pork (like duck but pork) even better than the duck variety.

We were completely stuffed and Minkey got to bed very late last night, but my justification was that it was so hot anyway if we'd put her to bed at the normal time, she still would have been awake by the time we got home.

Off to get the base unit this avo after work, and am looking forward to a fully functioning scanner etc.

Have a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ordered loads of angel kisses last night....

and can't wait to get them in store. I have been using them for some time since Anna sent me a bunch as a thank you for something, and I love, love, love them.

I'm returning to the slave pit this morning, and boy am I depressed about it, but fingers crossed it really won't be for much longer.

All orders are up-to-date, and this weekend's are going out this morning.

I'm obviously restricted with loading up pictures of crafting as the technology issues continue, with our base unit away to be reloaded with all the software.

Minkey is moaning about cookies and milk, so gonna have to go.

I know that it's definitely a must try harder with my blog, but I will endeavour to change that when full technology is restored.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, July 02, 2006

feeling better, but technology issues persist....

our processor unit has had to go to the Doctor to be re-loaded, as somehow a virus got in when we switched over to wireless. Goodness alone knows how long that will be away. I'm frustrated as I cannot get at any Stamp Galaxy emails til we get it back - I'm just existing on the notebook - which is fine, but the grahics/colour is poopydoop and it's quite slow.

Yesterday, I spent some time loading up the new colours of cardtock that have landed on our Galaxy - oh gosh are they scrummy. I particularly love the Wizard light, medium and dark combo.

Also finally got in some of the Prima Can-nections in stock.

Hopefully today i will get around to ordering the Maya Road ribbon, chipboard and boardbooks that I have been meaning to get.

I would really, really like to do a bit of crafting too. I have the cards I made last week to load up when I am fully back on flow with technoogy!

Galaxy Girl