Thursday, August 31, 2006

Galaxy Invasion - Day 9 ...........

and sadly no action on either side - fingers crossed that the deadlock will break today.

I also have nothing to look forward to today, other than a day of completely and utter nothingness at the Kingdom of Blahhhh, it's probably doubtful if the phone will even ring! I will, at least, get to do some forum and site maintenance.

Weather gloomy and raining - mood pretty much the same. I have decided that I need something to look forward to, and I've been eyeing up the Self-addressed kit via Kool Kitty's blog, and I think that will be just the thing to do the trick. I used to get 3 kits a month, I didn't actually need any of it, but the anticipation and rush of unpacking was great.

So, I shall lurke on the self-addressed site a bit today, and try and make a decision (as people who know me will tell you, this is not easy, I am not a quick decision maker). I hear tell that the trinkets treasure and trash kit is back, but I've heard disturbing things about their reliability, etc., so I will have to do a bit more research on that one. I may even take a look at the Scraptivity one (a Canadian company).

Good news, the shower is back in action, and I'm really looking forward to a nice hot one....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sorry my posting is late today...........

I had huge amounts of orders to pack this morning, and I simply ran out of time.

I've been working from homes this afternoon, I got done what needed to be done IFYKWIM, and then have cleaned Minkey bedroom from top to bottom - including throwing out loads of stuff, clothes, etc. I think we have reached the stage in her life when fiddly toys are less important - we have NOT reached the happy stage where cuddly things are less important sadly (and quite frankly I seriously doubt if that will ever be the case), but the fiddly Polly Pocket things are lessening.

The room really looks quite grown up now!

I have really got to hit my studio, as it is now impossible to move for paperwork that needs to be done (dealt with), products that need to be put away, stamps that need to be mounted and organised, and stamps to sort out that have been mounted, and are lurking in the many baskets they currently call home.

I need to sort out some kind of effective stock control package, as the online shop if fine, but it can't answer questions that the Accountant keeps asking me. I am thinking of Quick Books at the mo, as Sage I feel is a wee bit expensive.

My UK STamper CJ went off to Harpie38 today, unfortunately the camera was playing up, and I was short of time, so I didn't get a chance to take a picture. I have left a pleading note on the thread to ask if he will take a picture for me, and as he's a sweetie, I'm sure I'll get my wish!!!!!!

The Western CJ arrived from Flo today, and boy is it lovely. I can't wait to do something in it.

Talking of CJ's UK STamper's second CJ list is now open, as some of the girls missed the first one, and we have more members now. So as soon as the first one is over (or before if it gets signed up quickly), I will be starting another one - think I might do a lunch tin - a la Fairy.

From Minkey's room today, I retrieved a wooden clipboard, and my very old jewellery box - both perfect for altering!

So well, coffee, and try a bit of tidying I think.

By the by, I have to say that Hero Arts Sunny lowercase alphabet RAWWWKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Galaxy Girl

Everwood play by play...........

2 episodes in one : a quick, very quick summary:

Rose (Mother to Amy & Bright, Wife of Dr Abbott) has cancer ; Ephram is not over the baby thing and has split permanently with Amy, and is still not talking to his Father (Dr Brown), Nina has split with Dr Jake. Dr Brown is falling for Nina, and Nina has no idea.

Ephram has sold all of his expensive equipment (including the Baby Grand) and is off to England on the proceeds. His father is less than happy.

Hannah is going out with Topher, and Bright is falling for Hannah.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big progress with my UK STamper CJ.....

last night, I have just got the finishing off bits to do tonight. It's not the most technical page I've ever done, but has been passed around the song "Windmills of my Mind", which is what I kept humming when thinking of the theme, which was Dreams and Nightmares - so I've gone down that route as I really don't seem to remember any dreams at all.

Day 7 of Galaxy Invasion plan, and battle lines have been drawn.

The Big Shot offer at the Galaxy went so well at the weekend, that I have got to make an emergency re-stock order with Ellison today, as a few people have asked me to order in for them. I've therefore just been sitting looking at the catalgogue, and trying to decide what else to get at the same time.

About a year ago, I thought that it would be lovely to buy products, don't get me wrong it is lovely, perfectly fabulous in fact, but actually very, very difficult to co-ordinate product buying, so as it isn't all over the place, and fits in with the shop image and what customers want. I don't like to have huge batches of things lying around for ever, I prefer to get in quick moving items so that there are then more pennies in the pot to get more stuff.

So therefore actually putting together an order can be quite difficult. I've given up this time, I'm simply ordering the required number of machines, extra takeout boxes, which have gone really well too, and an alphabet called Sunset, and that will be it, as I need to get this order emailed over today.

Then it's fingers crossed that they move quickly (as they can be very laid back), and get the goodies out for me to despatch.

I will then spend a bit more time putting another order together, which will feature the petal cards, and Popcorn Boxes, more extended cuts and alphas.

I would love to say I'm off for my shower now, but in point of fact it's broken, so bathtime for me.

That's another job today, ring Aqualisa and get a new hosepipe - I cannot be without my shower for too long darlings!!!!!

Galaxy Girl

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Grand Day out yesterday.........

for afternoon tea with the outlaws, to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We have a nice time, eating sandwiches with no crusts, beautiful pastries and scones and cream, but I have to say that I really do prefer the Ritz Afternoon Tea - it's around about the same price, but much better service, and a seemingly endless supply of whaterever goodies you take off the stand, as it is replenished by unobtrusive waiters. The Grand in my opinion try to cram as many people in to the available space they have, which means that the waiters can't get around properly t
o wait as it were! That notwithstanding, we had a lovely time, and the outlaws were very impressed, as they wouldn't have dreamt they would get taken there for tea.

It's Invasion Day 6 today, and I have had a few enquiries about what the Galaxy Invasion Plan is, unfortunately, I can't say, but suffice to say if it all comes off, there will be oddles of pennies to spend on stock at the Galaxy. We really are determined to conquer the Crafting Universe at some point!

This morning, I have been attempting to help Parental Control and Guy to do a wee bit of logging, to try and save a few pennies on log purchasing this year. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but these day it seems a physical impossibility to be able to do work like that for more than about 5 minutes at a time - I only managed 2 hours worth, with frequent breaks.

So this afternoon, once I had a nice bath to warm up a bit I need to get my UK STamper CJ finished today, as it is posting in the week, and so far I have only just got the background done.

I also need to have a play with this Butterfly Border Stamp by Hero Arts, as I one or two ideas that I want to try out.

Thanks to Kristy (yes, you're gettin the blame again), I bought myself a wonderful sheet of Peakcock type stamps from Tanda Stamps yesterday. They were a bargin at £6.95 with free delivery. Fingers crossed they turn up tomorrow, I am really looking forward to playing with them.

Right off to jump in a good hot both filled with M&S Freesia bubble bath, and have a quick tidy of my desk and get down to work.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A successful Mission 2 for Tiddly..........

and I think it's Day 5 of Galaxy Invasion plan, but have to admit to not keeping proper track of it - progress is being made though!

My Smallest Minkey (aka Tiddly) did fantastically well yesterday on her second Scuba Seal Team Mission - she did have a small problemette with her mask being a bit too big and filling up with water when she had to take her regulator out at the bottom of the pool as her speciality for that dive. I think she paniked the first couple of times, and came straight to the surface, but after some fantastic coaching from her Instructor (they are all really great and love teaching kids at the Dive Machine), she managed. Her Dive Buddy, Harrison, who is the same age, managed superbly too and completed his mission as well - I also happen to know from a conversation in the car, that my Minkey things he is "lovely". Do I sense a budding romance, he likes the same things as her, is Prehistoric Park mad, and even does the same kind of funny voices!

They have even arranged to do the next Mission together in September.

Picture, BTW, is Minkey last Chrismas, taken at her Grandparents.

Talking of which, we are off around 11'ish to drive to Northiam to pick them up, and then heading out after a quick sandwich to Eastbourne and the Grand Hotel for a Champagne High Tea. This wee trip is celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, which was in July. I know we already attended the lunch, but we wanted to do something personal for them, and as they pretty much have everything, it was difficult to find something - so this seemed something they would enjoy.

Okay, I need to finish up here, jump in the shower and organise us all in our best big and tuckers............

Galaxy Girl

Everwood play by play...........

oohhh, I forgot to do this.

NTR really, Ephram didn't attend his Juilard audtion, and then returned to Everwood not talking to his father after he found out about the baby. He finds out that Amy new and dumps her. Goes looking for the baby, but gets there and doesn't go in when he sees on the normality of family life going on.

Bright and Hannah have a fight, over Hannah's new found religion. Topher ask Hannah about her troubles, and she asks him out.

That's pretty much it.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, August 26, 2006

and wooooshhhhhh they were gone........

all the Big Shots have sold out - I'm sure that must be some kind of record.

If it's any kind of consolation, even I didn't get one. I had got one earmarked, but when push came to shove it got sold too (if you knew how many times that happens to me).

We have got one lonely Tag along left now.

I will have to order more in I think, and there are some lovely new dies that have just been released too. I will have to order an extra one for the shop, as I have no demo machine now.

The Inkadinkado stamps are also selling fast, only got one of the Landscape Triptych ones left - and that was a favourite of mine too.

BTW, there is a new full time Design Team Member at the Galaxy, but I won't spill the beans just yet. Also a package of stuff went off to somebody very lofty (and talented in the extreme) for some guest design work - more details about this in due course.

My baby is Scuba Diving today - Mission 2, and I'm looking out of the window at monsoon type rain - drought, did South East Water say there was a drought?????

Galaxy Girl

Girls, in my defence.........

Cal, it's tradition, my hands are tied. I would love to let them open pressies before breakfast, but who am I to buck tradition!!!!

Kristy, your work is so lovely that I think if I purchase such-or-such a product, I will get the same look as you - but hey, no chance, I just end up breaking my strict stash diet and still never achieving such loveliness. I then just look my new purchases for a good long time, and bang my head repeatedly on my desk, shouting "why, why, oh why can I NOT get my work to look like that".

Galaxy Girl

The Galaxy are now Ellison Design stockists....

to celebrate, this bank holiday weekend, we are offering 10% off the Big Shot Beginners Kit and the Tag a long Beginners Kits - it's while stocks last, hurry as they are a really good price! We've also got some lovely thick, thin and extended cut dies, as well as new Hero Arts and Inkadinkado stamps that have just bee added to the store. Galaxy Girl

Friday, August 25, 2006

Still no signs of crafting...................

so a little picture here to inspire me to get going with my UKST CJ. They are the Hero Arts 3mm gems and perfect for just adding a bit of rhinestone glitz to any project.

Last night we had to pop to Swanley to drop something off to Mum's friend Peter, so we popped in (it would have been rude not to) to Sharon's Card Crafts.

I grabbed me Concornd Grape and Niagra Mist VersaMagic pads - fabulous darlings for DTP - a Seamfoam White Embossing Powder - blame Brayergirl completely for that one, and a small do craft wood mounted stamp with an ice cream cone on - perfect for summer layouts, and it was only £1.99.

We obviously got back, had a late dinner, I caught up with Everwood, and then bed for me.

It's dry and looks clear and bright today, Kingdome of Blahhhh looms....

Galaxy Girl

Everwood play by play...........

suffice to say that Ephram has found out Maddison had a baby boy and he was adopted - HE IS NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thinking of changing to typepad........

as I can sort my posts - so as not to offend the non-Ever fans.

Two more (skip the one underneath if you don't like this amazing drama), as there is a craft'ish one after that.

I freely admit last night I slobbed around, and did nothing. Kick me, I need to finish my UK STamp CJ and do other things.

Galaxy Girl

Everwood play by play......skip this part if it bores you.

there is another post underneath, which is a bit more interesting for non-Ever fans.

Ephram and Dr Brown go to NY for his Juilard audition, but Amy stays behind brooding on her news about Maddison. Ephram is playing in a square in NY when Maddison applauds him, she agrees to meet E for breakfast next day. Dr Brown then turns up to find the two of them together. Dr B rings Maddison, and they meet - he is non the wiser about whether she had a baby. She tells him of her disappointment re the way he treated her. Ephram send gifts to amy courier.

Bright goes round apologising to all the girls he has slept with (and treated badly I might add). He realises that he wasn't important to them, they have all moved on, and have told him that he wasn't the kind of guy they would want to be with anyway. In a long coversation about this, Bright ask is Amy and Hannah want to go to the movies. Amy informs him Hannah is away, Bright is upset and clearly missing her - whoooohoooo.

Cut to the next day, and Ephram leaving to meet Maddison.

Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Invasion - Day 2 .............

heavens, these little blighters are selling out quick - at this rate there won't be one for me!

It's my favourite of all the Chrismas stamps we got in recently. There really are now just a very small handful left - might have to do an emergency re-order. In case you are wondering they are the Polar Bears from Inkadinkado, and it was only recently released.

Invasion plans are coming along nicely. Various key players have had their instructions, and now we wait on the border!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day - still more rain in this drought, will it ever stop?

Had a lovely trade order for Nebbia today, which we are working on at the moment - the Slave is very excited about that.

Oh well, the usual, shower, reluctant drive to the Kingdom of Blahhh.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Something I wish I'd known yesterday............

is that Tesco's Blackcurrant Sundaes are, nor ever will be probably, a patch on M & S Blackcurrant Sundaes - which are LUSH SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!!!

I road tested two on the inferior ones this morning, and believe me I can completely qualified to comment!

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Galaxy invasion - Day 1................

sorry, this will only mean something to me, but eventually I will be able to share with you!

Apart from the above, not much going on - still waiting for the Ellison shipment to come in - bad news Kerrin, there will be dies on the premises!!

Just for fun (and for any Everwood fans who might be out there) this is my quick jog over yesterday's events:

Amy organised a celebration party for Ephram. Bright got fired for inappropriate sexual contact with a co-worker. Bright's Mother (who is Mayor or something similar of Everwood is very angry and hits him). Dr Abbott (Bright and Amy's Father) told Amy about Maddison having to skip town as she was pregnant - Amy's shocked, but did not tell Epham what she has learned. We are all assuming that Ephram does not know. Dr Brown and Amanda's affair is interrupted when they get a call from Oregon to say that Amanda's husband has made fantastic progress from his catatonic state following his stroke 5 years ago. Her Husband (John) speaks, and she ends her affair with Dr Brown. He returns to Everwood in time for Ephram's party.

What of Hannah and Bright's relationship I hear you ask: well.....

Hannah has the test for Huntingdon's Disease, and eventually finds out that it is negative. She tells Bright (on the stairs) and he goes in for a bear hug, and is overjoyed that she can start to live. Hannah wants time on her own to adjust to the news.

No news on what Nina and Dr Jake are up to. Will Hannah go out with the cute boy Topher who asked her out, or will she get it on with Bright. Did Maddison keep the baby, and where is she?

I LOVE EVERWOOD, and will make sure I put my daily play-by-play in a separate post in future though!!!!!

Galaxy Girl

Monday, August 21, 2006

Five things I wish I had know when I was 14....

1. The grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side.

2. Jack Lord was not a sex god - just an old man with a bad wig.

3. American Tan tights with white ankle socks and platform shoes is actually not really a cool look.

4. Mr Darcy wasn't real, and never would be.

I just added the image, cos it looked a bit bare without anything there. I don't like to do too many posts without an image! This one is so lovely, another Hero Arts LL008 Heart Border Set. I haven't actually used one yet, but have completely fallen in love with the images.

Galaxy Girl

PS: I accidentally left off Flo from yesterday's tag.

I've been tagged by Linda.............

so here goes:

Four jobs I've had in my life:

1. Recovery Manager for a Building Society
2. Personal Assistant in a press office
3. Riding instructor
4. Hotel receptionist

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. White Chicks (already seen it about 30 times this year)
2. Pride & Prejudice (any version)
3. Bridget Jones (up-to-date Pride & Prejudice)
4. Sleepless in Seattle or You've got mail

are you sensing a theme here?

Four places I have lived:

1. Italy
2. Suffolk
3. Hampstead in London
4. Kent

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Anything craft related
2. New Life in Everwood
3. Strictly Come Dancing or Strictly Dance Fever
4. X Factor

my viewing is really quite shallow!

Four places I've been on vacation:

1. Italy
2. Slovenia
3. Cornwall
4. Switzerland

not very adventurous am I?

Four websites I visit regularly:


Four of my favourite foods:

1. Black Currant Sundaes from M&S
2. Cheese Pie
3. Meatballs with tomato sauce
4. Chilli beef

Four places I would rather than be right now (which is at work):

1. With my family
2. At Art from the Heart taking a class
3. With friends
4. The Ritz taking afternoon tea

Four things that make me smile:

1. New stash
2. Good artwork I've managed to crank out
3. Things my daughter says
4. Hearing my son perform

I tag Kerrin, Carrie and Sid.

Galaxy Girl

Heavens, I've woken up this morning stiff as a board....

I hope that I haven't got a flare on the way - just hoping that it is the weather, as it is quite damp.

Not much to report at all at the moment, just waiting for loads of things to happen - don't you just hate that!

There are some orders waiting to be sent out, but they are waiting for the Ellison order to come in, which I will chase today.

I have a confession, I didn't do any crafting at all yesterday, just slobbed around.

Sorry this is a bland post - Oh well, Kingdom of Blahhhhh, here I come.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yesterday went OK I think, but won't know the....

outcome for about a week or so.

Thought I would be generous today, so the Galaxy has buy 2 sheets of plain cardstock and get 3rd free offer on on again. This offer always proves popular, so get in quick.

I need to do some work on my UK STamp CJ entry today, and also I need to finish card for the out-laws, I've just realised that it's next week we are going out with them, and I only told them to save the date, not given them any real indication of what they will be doing.

Have a good one all....

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where there's a way..................

there's Hope. There is something big going down today in the Galaxy household. I can't share exactly what it is, but keep your fingers crossed. It will make a huge difference to us as a family, and a whopping great difference to the Galaxy's plans to fill the universe with craft.

The weather is foul here today, and it's pouring with rain again - this is certainly the wettest drought I've ever come across!

Guy, Minkey and I are off to Sevenoaks for lunch, so laters..........

Galaxy Girl

Friday, August 18, 2006

New ink pad opened for me this morning.....

is mmmmm mmmm MMMMMMM, it's the Lime Pastel Fluid Chalk ink, and reminds me of the pale green Opal Fruits (can't remember what the new name for them is) I used to east as a child. I thought I might use it with my iridescent green embossing powder and the Hero Arts Swirl stamp I mentioned yesterday.

Really not much to say today - completely cream krackered, and have one more day of Blahhhh.

The dog's not that great either, we had to take him to vet yesterday, and he has a return visit booked for this evening.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The new Wednesday Stamper Challenge.....

is to do a new piece of work with a flourish stamp.

I think I'm going to use this little beauty by Hero Arts D4213, which coincidentally arrived in store last week. I just love this stamp, and had originally ordered it in as part of the Christmas selection, but thinking more out of the box, it is perfect for just about anything.

More same ol, same ol, and the Kingdom of Blahhh today - it was so boring yesterday I nearly fell asleep at my post - bankers are boring!

Hygenist went well yesterday morning, and I now have shiney white teethies!

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday's Stamper Challenge from last week...

on UK STamperswas to create something with a face stamp. So here's my contribution, only just started at last knockings, cos there's a new Challenge going up today.

Apologies, the scan is croocked as a dog's hind leg.

I'm probably going to use this as a front of a card with a stamped tag that reads "beauty cannot be measured".

I used a small blank book that I had hanging around for everrrrrr (Scrap Goods), and then stamped with Wisteria Fluid Chalk Ink using the Paper Artsy Measure stamp. Then using my Stamper's Anonymous Creative Block #10 stamped two each of two of the faces of old gold translucent paper with Coffee Bean Brilliance ink and tore the images out into rough squares. Stuck the down with down with vellum glue (also from the Galaxy) in a grid fashion, and added some dark purple organza ribbon (from the Wizard's Waistcoat ribbon selection at the Galaxy.

I haven't joined them together yet, but then I painted another piece of this blank book with Jo Sonja's Potting Shed Collection.

I'll marry stamp the tag and marry the two pieces of card together later.

Ho hummm, more Kingdom of Blah to end all Blahhhhhhh today, and a trip to the Hygenist, so my pearlies will be shiney and new.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A wee bit of crafting last night.......

just a quick take on something that I saw on Stamping Mathilda's blog (will put the link in later for it).

I used one of my pieces and some little playing cards that I had hanging around. Fluid chalk inked the background with Wisteria and Maroon, then stamped the love and small flower - both of these stamps are from the Sassafras Lass Sew Simple alphabet set. I then coloured in the flower with Ruby Red and Golden Jace H2o's, tied some red chenille cord around the heart and tied on the small key charm with DMC waxed thread.

Sorry, not a perfect scan. I really wish some clever person would invent a scanner that can take lumpy (and this isn't particularly so) pieces of work.

Big today, something personal happening that I can't talk about, and going back to work. Not completely spot free, but they are drying up, and I am not not infectious.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, August 14, 2006

Can't believe that I'm thinking of Chrismas already.....

but I have to give it more than a passing throught well before September now because of the Galaxy's stocks.

We've done really well to get all the Hero Arts products that have come in so far loaded, which include loads of great Xmasy images, but also this alphabet, called Sunny, which I think is currently one of my favourites - nice clean lines.

My attention has now turned to the ribbon side of things, and this is the first in the SG-me! Chrismas Ribbon Range, called Merry Merry and Bright. There are more on the way called "Reindeer Ride", Fairy Lights", "Sledging" and "Mistletoe & Wine".

I've also uploaded a limited amount of "Wizard's Waistcoat" for Halloween, but there is still the "Pumpkin Pie" and "Spider" to be sorted out.

Got word today that there are also some Prima products due in shortly, but they are not going to be despatched til the Basic Grey Gypsy and LilyKate Collection Packs are ready for the off too. Fingers crossed that it will be this week.

A big contribution is also wending it's way to Simply Stamping Magazine to be included in the Stamper of the Year 2006 competition. It had to be there by 16th August, but as you know I've had the Pox big time, so it hadn't been sent off to be photographed tomorrow - cost a bloddy fortune to send it overnight with guaranteed delivery before 9.00 a.m. tomorrow.

The only crafting I have induldged in today, has been to stamp the Galaxy gift voucher for the Simply Stamping prizes - so that's about 5 minutes worth then!
That being said, my desk looks like Hurrican Mike has rampaged across it. Just how do I manage that?

Kids are funny, I'm currently listening to my Daugher is happily playing offices in her room with some surplus to requirements carbonated pads that I had - not quite sure why she needs to be using the loud hailer on them there toys though!

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Of all of the new products loaded so far.......

my favourite is this stunning green Mica Magic pad by ColorBox - just the most wonderful Christmas colour. Having said that, I struggled to choose betwween that and the Regal Red one. Also just arrived in store are some green and red ribbons just perfect for the Season of Goodwill. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I'm even mentioning the "C" word, but it has to be thought about early in Planet Craft.

For anyone who hasn't come across Mica Magic before, it's a pigment ink and air dries quickly to a stunning lusterous finish on smooth and glossy surfaces. You can heat set for added permanence, so perfect too for embossing - it also works on shrink plastic, polymer clay, glass and ceramics.

Thank you all for you good wishes, I'm, feling very slightly better today. I have to admit though that come this time of night I start to get a bit wobbly.

Right, off to supervise those Craft Slaves (they have a busy day ahead tomorrow loading Hero Arts goodies). Did they touch anything while I've been sick?

Galaxy Girl

Friday, August 11, 2006

Angel Kisses arrived..........

this morning and have been loaded on to the store.

As Galaxy Girl is unwell, it's fallen to the Craft Slaves to do the job and update her blog.

Check out all the scrummy colours. Also partial arrival of the big Hero Arts order (LL137 Lace Border Set), and this will be going out to all those who pre-ordered it yesterday. There are still some left, see link below.

Apparently, the rest of this order is in orbit, with an ETA of later today.

Right, we're off to join up Galaxy Girl's spots, bet we find a new stamp design, oh, and riffle through her ink pads - mawhahahahah!

The Craft Slaves

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Got Chicken Pox................

and feeling very miserable and down in the dumps, so to cheer myself up a wee tad I thought I would post one of my favourite (for the moment - I'm fickle) Hero Arts LL137 - Lace Border Set which is a special editon one - isn't it just LUSH!

Shopfront: got word from supplier my order (with the above little beauty as an add-on) was waiting for the courier to pick it up this afternoon. So they should be here tomorrow.

Riffling through stamps from my sickbed will make me feel a whole lot better.

Galaxy Girl

Ribbon on my Circle Journal..........

I got an email yesterday from a lovely lady (Sue), to ask what ribbon I had used.

Apologies, I forgot to mention it - don't know why as they really are the most yummylicious ribbon. It is the Urban Couture collection by Basic Grey.

I really love the dark cream on in the middle, which is velvet, but my Minkey's favourite is the third in fromthe right as it is dark cream with chocolate edging and is very elastic.

I'm feeling really poorly today, so laters everyone!

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My entry for the UK ST CJ........

Gessoed on the page, then inked with Brilliance Jade, Purple and Coffee Bean, the stamped the clock image, and poem (Artistic Impressions sheet I think it came from), and used by Pixie Antique Alpha set (now found all by the X). Layaered some TLC and Basic Grey (Loselle) paper, and stamped with Paper Artsy diamond pattern and the same poem stamp, dirtied up with ink.

Printed out the angel from vintage image cd, and decoupaged him on the page, outlining in black marker for definition. Opal dus added to wings and hair for the essential bit of angel bling.

Stamped out the clock on buff paper, and embossed with Midnight Copper Obsidian, the cut them out and mounted on 3-d pads, running threads (DMC dusky purple) through the clocks.

Stamped out the indivual words on the same buff cardstock and stuck on.

Then more bling gems stuck on to lift it a bit more.

On the whole, I'm really quite pleased how it turned out.

The pictures don't really do it justice, cos you can't get the shimmer it has IRL.

I'm really looking forward to getting the first CJ from the team to work on. Fingers crossed it will arrive today.

Fingers crossed too, that the Angel Kisses will arrive today.

Shopfront news: Ordered the Hero Arts and Inkadinkadoo things yesterday. First time I've ordered from the particular supplier, so I have to admit that I have no idea how long it will take to come in.

Righto, I'm late, I'm late, very not so important date, shower and brekkie I think.........

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Faux batik example for UK STamp girls.....

this isn't a particularly good example, as the stamping is pretttyyyyyy rough, but I've just done a very quick take on heat faux batik - or as it's sometimes know the heat emboss resist technique.

In this example:-

1. I stamped one of the flowers from the Wildflower sheet by Cactus Pink on pale cream Bazzill from the Spring Pastel 8 x 8 collection, and sprinkled with Sticky Fingers Embossing Powder, then heat set in the usual manner.

2. Scribbled across the surface of the cardstock with my Lyra watercolour crayons, and spritzed with water, and worked the crayon around with my brush.

3. The picked up the iron (not something that comes naturally to me at all, except in crafting believe me!!) and made sure that the steam setting was turned off. Placed over some butchers paper (which is basically very thing paper that some people call craft paper, or newsprint paper sans the print) and began to iron over the top. This has two uses (a) it flattens out the stock that buckles a little when doing the watercolouring and (b) starts to melt the EP. At first the EP will stick to the paper, but keep on going, and you will see it lift off the cardstock. I tend to start in one corner, and peel off gently the paper your are ironing. If it is sticking at all, simply place back on and iron a bit more. You may need 2 or 3 goes with clean paper each time to get it all off.

In the example, I probably should have been a bit more thorough, but as it's just for demo purposes, I wanted to get in on the blog for you asap.

I would then stamp over the top of this with images, or maybe colour in some of the revealed area with H20's.

Galaxy Girl

UK Stamper CJ being sent off today.......

finally, it took me quite awhile to struggle with my mojo.

I finished the front cover minutes before I left for the airport to go to Italy - and hated it - but actually found when I got back that it wasn't half as bad as I'd remembered.

Then the rest of it didn't really take too long to put together after that.

Today is first posting day, and mine is being sent off to Harpie, and I'm getting Flo's.

I can't wait to see what she has come up with, and am looking forward to doing an entry.

As you can see from the intro page, I haven't exactly been Chatty Cathy - plain and simple instruction to "tell me the object of your desire".

I will post my own entry tomorrow.

Back to the same ol, same ol yesterday at the Kingdom of Blahness, but surprisingly it wasn't too blah, and my boss had done most of the admin, left no typing, and was in a good mood!

I've been charged with the cake run this morning (cos yesterday with his birthday) - now let me see how many doghnuts do you think I need?...........

Galaxy Girl

Monday, August 07, 2006

Re-organisation yesterday.........

I would love to give you my thoughts on estate agents’ that ring up at Sunday lunchtime to arrange a viewing an hour later – when the house is in complete array – we rush around like bluebottied flies, and then the bloody people don’t turn up until nearly an hour after the arranged time, but I am going to resist the temptation, ‘cos otherwise it would turn into a moan fest on the evils of deciding to move!

So instead I will share with you the lovely shelves the Slave has installed in the workroom for me.

They are not large, or particularly impressive, but have relieved a great deal of space on my work desk.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching QVC Craft Day, and sulking a bit I have to admit about the threatened viewing. There wasn’t a great deal that grabbed me, so I’m pleased to report that I didn’t spend any spondoolicks.

Going back to work today, yuck – probably there will be shed loads of work to do for a few days, til I lick it into shape. Generally speaking, my boss doesn’t do much admin when I am away, preferring instead to leave it to me.

Shopfront news: all orders are completely up-to-date.

Forum news: Don’t forget that the UKSTampers Header Challenge is still open, with closing date of 31st October, what have you got to loose, give it a go?

I updated the blog thread, as I came across a fab stamp/collage blog thanks to Brayer Girl. The blog is by smith411 and she does the most amazing, amazing work.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's quiet, or so quiet...............

and I think I might know how a kidnapper might feel - here I am in the wee small hours of the night stamping out and cutting up individual letters for the intro page of the UK Stampers CJ.

I was struggling with the correct sized alphabet, but happened across one I'd forgotten I possessed looking for something else. Surely, I hear you cry, you can't have so many stamps you don't know what you've got?

Well, yes (she rises) my name is Kym, and I am a stampaholic, but I don't want/need help for this addiction, I love it.

I was convinced that I had Femme Plate 3, but it turns out that not only don't I have it in my collection, but I have forgotten to order it in as a stock item at the Galaxy. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Now that omission will be corrected very early next week, along with the ephemera sheet that has the stamp "reference only" on it. The sheer genius of Paper Artsy is that a lot of their designs take the hassle out of having to spend hours masking off to get a collage look.

I thought I would make sure on my blog that I mention my favourites things in the craft sense now and again, just so I can look back and compare/laugh. So here are my current top 10:-

1. Twinkling H20 - these pots of sparkling wonderment don't seem to be loosing my interest.
2. Gesso - never thought I would say that.
3. Opal Dust - a girl just have to have Bling darling, and this is perfect for enabling.
4. Still reaching for my Stampington oversized cube.
5. Jo Sonja's Acrylics - Potting Shed in particular - yum.
6. Shrink plastic.
7. Marmalade and Black Soot Distress Inks.
8. Aqua-flo brushes.
9. Re-emergence of the alcohol inks - blackcurrant one in particular.
10. Cut'n Dry foam by Ranger.

Heavens to Betsy, it's 4 in the morning. Well, my errant some has just returned from his Partsy so off to bedfordshire I go.

I would love to hear what other people's top ten run down is, so before I go I'm off to UK Stampers to put a thread up.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Camber Sands yesterday..............

to meet up with some friends. Smallest Minkey had a whale of a time making a huge sand boat and body boarding with all the kids (19 of them).

I didn't take the camera, as quite frankly it would be a waste of time, as my friend Carole is the most marvellous photographer and I get prints from her.

I will update the blog with them when I get sent some.

Today I have to finish my UK Stampers CJ, and process the purchase orders that I am doing. It always take me a good long while to decide what to stock. LOL.

Then I need to go food shopping, and do housework.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, August 04, 2006

I got such a lovely piece of mailart....

from Rachel - thanks so much hun, it's really great.

Colours are right up my street, and the timing was quite good too, as it was my wedding anniversary recently.

The scan doesn't do the inking around the edges justice.

CJ nearly done - but I had a bit of a moment with a word tile (made out of shrink plastic) had been stuck down with diamond glaze, and when I took off the weight to keep it flat, the words wiped off. It was the only tile that did that, so now I'm wondering if shrink plastic has a right and wrong side. I'd used a dye ink, but I had on the others too (basically had to do that 'cos my Staz-on Black seems to have reached the end of its life). The other colours wouldn't have looked right, and it's really hard to do without Staz-on Black, and fortunately I have loads more coming in stock.

Shopfront: no news really, other than we are selling loads, and loads of Nebbia del Mare (tumbled sea glass), and I was just wondering what you are all doing with it. So, the first 3 three people to post a link in the comments (or send me an email with a jpeg) showing what they've been doing with their, will get a pack free.

I am desparately trying to get through some work (so far behind after the holiday), but believe me when I say that trying to decide which Hero Arts and Inkadinkadoo stamps should be ordered is not an easy task. The list keeps getting longer, and longer, and so I need to weed it down a bit or my bank manager will be hospitalised.

We are off to the beach to meet family friends this afternoon - pray for me - the weather looks horrid at the moment.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday........

as we toodled off to Port Lympe Animal Park near Hythe in Kent for a family day out.

Unfortunately, we went without the camera, so this picture of one of the Indian Tigers is courtesy of their site. We were treated to a very up close and personal view of the tigers, as we happened across a film crew (not sure what program they were filming) who had just sprayed sent around the edges of the pool, and put a large old tyre and black plastic tub in there too. They then let the tigers out, and we watched the proceedings through the viewing window. Oh my gosh they are just so georgous. The Lion opposite dragged himself out of his siesta and started to pace around looking for some of the attention they were getting - you could just hear him saying "ohhhh it's all me, me, me with that bloody tiger, I'm just as magnificent you know".

We also did the African Experience, and glimpsed the Giraffe high on the hill. The Ostrich had assumed the role of traffic policing, and got in the way quite a bit, which caused huge amusement. Then on to the Gorillas, who were being fed peanuts and rasberries.

A trip to either Port Lympe of Howletts is on the cards each holiday, as they do such great work for conservation, and have released so many creatures back to the wild. If you haven't been, I would strongly recommend it.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a lovely thing to wake up to .................

a fabbie self-portrait from my Darling Daughter - guaranteed to make my heart sing, no matter what the day ahead holds!

Galaxy Girl

One thing I can tick off the list from the 101 things...

I didn't get done before I went off to sunny Italy. I managed to email Valerie my contribution to the Blues Babes Scraplift Challnege on UK Scrappers.

All I can say too, is that girl is a fast worker, 'cos I only sent it a couple of hours ago, and she is done and dusted already. Obviously, it's only me that is the slowest scrapper in Christendom!

I just need to finish my UK Stampers CJ entry - which incidentally I don't find nearly so hideous since I got back - so it just shows sometimes quiet reflection makes all the difference, or is it that I am completely chilled?

On a happy note, UK Stampers got a load more new members whilst I've been away, so we are growing slowly but steadily.

Can I urge any stampers out there to register (if you aren't already) and please, please, please have a go at the I'm a UK Stamper give me a header challenge here. What have you got to loose, there are prizes up for grabs and you still have til 31st October to put in an entry.

Heck, I'm feeling generous, I'm going to add the choice of either a Big Shot or a Wizard to the prize list too.

Galaxy Girl

I'm back, well rested and raring to go......

just thought I would log in and post a quick hello. Pictures and story of what we've been up to later though.

Shopfront news: thank you all for the orders that have been placed whilst we've been away. We are packing this morning, and hope to get them all out as soon as possible. Obviously, we'll be adding some bonus points to your loyalty statements as a thank you for your patience.

Keep checking the site on a regular basis, as there are some great products coming in.

Galaxy Girl