Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm feeling a bit more myself today, so as Minkey has a friend over to play (also called Lydia, which makes it quite difficult if you actually say "Lydia" as you get a reply in stero), we are off to watch Hoodwinked.

My Lydia has a miff on, cos she wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, but I put my foot down - going to the cinema these days is an expensive trip, so I can't see the point of seeing exactly the same film you saw last time (that is of course, that it isn't Pride and Prejudice, or anything containing Chris Pratt, Colin Firth of David Tennant!).

We let the other Lydia have the deciding vote, and she wanted Hoodwinked, so that is what we will see.

Just about to have fish and chips for lunch, then head off. I will report on the worthiness of this bit of cgi later.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Retro Chic Chick...............

layout that I've almost finished. It's quite lump with the 3-d flowers, so it is really not the best scan. The light has got in, the cardstock is really a buttery yellow in colour.

Papers are by Paper Loft, with Cactus Pink Wildflower stamps, embossed with Forever in Blue Jeans and Zesty Lemon Pie embossing powder. There are also pearlidoodles in the top corner, which happen to match really well with the lemon EP.

Stamps are upper and lowercase Sunny by Hero Arts.

The Angel Kissess Mini flower on the file folder, has also got a wee dot of lemon pearlidoodle in the centre of it.

Apparently, I was 9, and I remember this outfit so clearly - bright yellow with a navy colour and trousers. My hair was quite long, and I love the bobbles holding up my pigtails.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here's the stamped example of Forever in Blue Jeans......

embossing powder that should be hot footing it here by courier.

The craft slaves will be ordering the headers and bags for the UK STampers giveaways, and Drummer has been instructed to pack them this weekend.

There are also labels being organised (jars already in store) to merchandise the SG-me! range too.

Very excited about this new release, and I can't remember if I said yesterday that we are going to try to add to the colours on a regular basis.

On a personal note, I'm flaring really badly at the moment - I've a beast of a cold, and it took me a full 20 minutes to make it down the stairs.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What have "Forever in Blue Jeans" and ...........

"Zesty Lemon" got in common? They're embossing powders, and are both scrummy, that's what, and will be very shortly the first releases in the SG-me! range at the Galaxy.

The Denim has a slight texture to it, and really does look like Denim over a larger area (especially used on textured cardstock), and Zesty is the move fabulous zingy lemon colour you have ever seen. They emboss beautifully, and I'm very excited as you can imagine.

I will get the slave to stitch my "Retro Chic Chick" layout together later this evening, (I actually did a layout this weekend, which is unheard of usually) as I've used both of the colours with Cactus Pink stamps on it.

I have the most horrid cold, and am seriously thinking of bailing from next weekend's course in Stonehouse. I'm sure there would be somebody willing to step into the breach, Kirsty has a wait list I believe. I'm going to ring her today.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm back, after having had a fantastic time.....

at the Scrapping Angels retreat in Bury St Edmunds. Thank you so much to Anna, Annie and her crew that put it all together - well done you!!

Also a big thank you to Emily Falconbridge for such a great class, it was a bit off my track of doing things, but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I'm doing another one of her classes next week too.

Have to admit that I'm whacked though, as the trip back took over an hour longer than it should have done cos of an accident on the M11 - ce le vie.

As usual, short of time, so gotta go.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm off to Bury St Edmunds for Scrapping Angels...

Retreat. I'm looking forward to it, but also aprehensive, as I really don't crop/craft away from home either lightly or easily.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Anna, who runs it, poor sweetie has had so much sadness recently, as she lost her Daddy last week, and it will be lovely to give her a huge.

I'm sitting surrounded by my things ready for the off, as well as some prizes for the raffle.

I need to jump in the shower and head off for the 2+ hour drive. So laters..........

Galaxy Girl

Friday, September 22, 2006

To my Daughter's school I would like to pass....

on a hearfelt thank you, but I can't, personally I would love to strangle the lot of them!

They provided her with one of those Xmasy type catalogues at the end of School yesterday, and I've had to spend her every waking moment since defending why I will not spend £30....£70...£150 now on the useless tat that is contained within the hallowed pages of said piece of poo.

I am sooooooooo mad with them, why do they do this - is it revenge of parents, or just plain thoughlessness.

Answers on a postcard please - or a comment here.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Treated myself to a new album yesterday.....

the Scissor Sisters, and it's fab, I DO FEEL LIKE DANCING - how could anybody not with their music.

Minkey also gained out of it 'cos Tesco were doing a special on it, and I got £2.97 off the price, if I bought another chart CD or DVD. I bought her 'The Wild'.

We watched it last night after homework, and it was really quite funny.

Galaxy plan was in the post when I got home last night, which means that we are just that bit closer.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Received the first entry for the UK ST..........

Number 2 Challenge "I'm a UK STamper give me a header" last night. Phew - seriously thought nobody would bother. Fingers crossed for entries.

I haven't said very much about the Galaxy Invasion recently, but things are going quite well, and we are still hopeful that all be sorted out by, if not month end, then really quickly after that. There really don't seem to be any more dangling ends that need to be tied in view.

Parental Control took a crashing fall yesterday, and I really think she was suffering from shock last night, will have to see how she is today to make a decision about whether I need to stay home and nurse her.

Apart from that, it's grey, cold and rainy here, what's it like where you are?

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ever fancied making a star book...........

well thanks to Linda from UK STamper's hard work the instructions, complete with pictures, has now been loaded on the Galaxy's Learn Section. It's inspired me to give it a go, as starbooks have scared me up until now.

Many, many, thanks, Linda for your help.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, September 18, 2006

Introducin' the Bone Boys.........

also know as Lean, Mean and the Style Machine.

Using image transfer, stamping, stipling, shrink plastic, brads, and BG Urban Couture ribbon, Sweetwater paper, Cactus Pink Stamps and Brilliance Coffee Bean and Creamy Brown Fluid chalk ink.

I've just realised that I've forgotten to take a picture of my sign in tag, but it was along the same lines, with a picture of these fabulous cowboys, and more of them, in a group.

I really enjoyed doing this entry, and thanks to the girls at UK STampers, I've got image transfer using packing tape off to a fine art now.

There's another CJ due to arrive on my doorstep in the next few days.

On the home front, my Minkey is home safe and sound.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wednesday's Stamper Challenge completed...

albeit under very sad circumstances. Unfortunately, my friend Anna's father has passed away, and I needed to do a condolence card.

Whilst I was searching I came across the dove image (Scrapgoods from last year). So embossed with Sea Foam white, tied around the black ribbon, then embossed the daisy image (Magenta) in Sea Foam White, and the added blue fluid chalk ink around the edges of the square, and embossed with Irridescent Blue EP. Envelope has the same daisy image in dark blue stamped on it.

Anna, my love, our thougts and prayers go out to you.

Galaxy Girl

So officially, I am a lazy cow today......

I have not really done anything at all.

Started off the day by poping some bacon in the Aga, and then made bacon bagettes for us.

Then did a bit of forum work, packed some orders.

Then went off with Parental Control to do some bed shopping - the local Co-op Home Store is closing down - I got an absolute bargin of a bed reduced from £600 to £335 for Drummer Boy.

Then on to Harveys down the road from there to get Minkey a new matress too.

Back home to consume a couple of scones made by the Parental Control, and sleep for a few hours.

Just packed some more orders, and then I will do a bit of craft TV watching, and finish off my CJ for tomorrow. It just need assembling.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Minkey is away, so Mummy can play..........

last night I prepared the background for the Wild West CJ for UK STamper's first CJ project.

I'm really quite pleased with it.

I stippled Coffee Bean Brilliance ink, and then stamped one of the Cactus Pink images. Cut the Sweetwater paper out, and then inked around the edges of it with Chestnut Roan (one of my all time favourite Cat's Eye Fluid Chalk inks).

I've done the image transfers and mounted them on Basic Grey Montifica paper. I've also done my sign in page, which I have covered with Sweetwater paper to match - I think it's from the True Blue collection, but not completely sure.

Guy and I are off to lunch, so I will finish off the project later on.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, September 15, 2006

Forgot to mention that I had to take Minkey.....

to the dentist the other day, and she had that plastic stuff painted on her back adult teeth to protect them. Unfortunately, I had screwed up the time time had to cancel Kerrin coming over after tennis. That was such as shame as I haven't seen her for months now, and was looking forward to hearing all her news. Fingers crossed that we can get together soon, I need wedding dress info!

These scrummy stamps are the Paper Arty's Xmas Plate 2 - it's really hard to decide from the four issued, which one is my favourite - have to admit that it seems to change depending on the one I'm looking at. I haven't had a chance to play with any yet, but will be having a go at the weekend.

Talking of the weekend, Minkey is off to the outlaws for the weekend, and I have my Wild West UK STampers CJ to finish off. I have to get a Xyron No Limits refil before tomorrow though - so might nip off to a local shop to try to get one.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trip to Punkyfish......................

yesterday after School with Minkey, I ended up spending over £40 on one very grown up punk outfit - she's 8. Check out their on-line store here.

Obviously, the influence of a Punk Rocker older brother has rubbed off. She's off to her Grandparents at the weekend, and I would pay good money to see their faces when she turns up in her yellow skirt (well, it's more of a belt), long pink leggings with guitars on, and her punk glamour t-shirt.

She's after a preppy jacket next month.

I'm mourning the days of pretty frocks and sparkly shoes currently.

On the shop front, all those Daisy Racks I showed you yesterday have gone, and the Crown Jewels are flying.

The image above is one of the Paper Artsy Xmas ones, and is absolutely perfect for backgrounds. It would look lovely done with resist and the green Adirondak pad Flo used last week.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One of the perks of running a shop is..............

is unpacking things like this when they arrive from the supplier.
I so, so, so want one - it's the Emma Daisy Rack by Prima.

I also unpacked loads of other beautiful Prima Crown Jewels products, and the Queen Victoria set is also a favourite. It's black flowers and is sparkly to boot.

I'd been excited about getting the new Paper Artsy Xmas Plates in too, and my excitement was justified when I opened that pack. I think the designs are much better IRL than they look on the screen.

Today, I'm gonna finish off another Hero Arts order and get that up to the supplier.

Then I will start to concentrate on Embossing Powders - in actual fact we have loads of them, but they are not displayed at their best on the site, and tend to get overlooked - whilst I'm turning my attention to them, I will go hunting for more to add to the stock levels.

Galaxy Invasion is going well, I have the afternoon off to deal with a professional, and then (fingers crossed) it should be well on the way to completion by the end of this month.

Right, usual wakeup routine is calling.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sounds of the morning.............

it's funny how the sounds of the morning are generally the same - it's probably that way in most households.

In ours, as I sit updating the blog (had to go back to morning posting rather than getting it ready the night before), it's:

1. The sound of the weather on the velux in my studio - today it is quite heavy rain.

2. The sound of my youngest child - today it's Cartoon Network - but sometimes it's conversations with her cuddly toys.

3. The sound from downstairs - usually of coffee/breakfast makings, today it's no different.

It's really very comforting, the familiar sounds of day-to-day living.

Yesterday, I had to have a mad dash over to DHL offices to pick up a parcel, I swore most of the way there - as I had to go 'cos Drummer Boy couldn't be bothered to drag himself out of bed to answer the door when they called - but, I was so glad I made the effort. It was the Simply Stamping Issue 6 copies arriving for the store.

I also went into the wholesalers and picked up some lovely, cream, rust, brown and hunter green ribbons, and some interesting wide net stuff for the store. Also some beads and crystal wired garland (which is very lovely).

Today, I'm fully expecting the new Paper Artsy Xmas plates to turn up, and the Basic Grey LilyKat and Gypsy collections, as well as a whole load of Prima Crown Jewels that have been on order since, oh I think January.

I am taking the Hero Arts Catalog to the Kingdom of Blahh today, to get a further order ready. Thanks to the girls at UK STampers, I have a few suggestions on what to include in it - it's really bewildering you know, faced with sooooooo much choice, and a lovely of all things stampy.

Right off hop in the shower.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yesterday seemed to define the word "frustration"...

I had happily posted my blog entry yesterday, and settled down to some work - then about 20 minutes later, when I was just thinking that I would put up Kirtsy's efforts in the Gallery, the computer whent phut.

Yes, phut, just a tiny small noise, but it meant that my planned day came crashing to my ankles. The screen went off, but there was still power to the processor unit - I screamed for the Slave, and he fiddled around for a good while, and announced the time of death of the whole system.

He cleared away the remains, and we hauled out the laptop, which hadn't been on line since Italy, and I had dire warnings that it would therefore need to have loads of virus updates when we hooked it up. Never got that far though, cos every time we powered up it kept telling us it had a serious error and was shutting down.

I headed off to a well know PC store to buy a cheaphish system (about a 30 minute drive from us), found what seemed a good package deal, and a spotty youth to process the sale.

1. We settled at one desk, he started the sale, and we were moved to another desk;

2. With every breath this so called "packaged" seemed not to have the things it had been advertised with, and the price was clibming alarmingingly;

3. The flat screen that it should come with had sold out, that I would have to pay £30 for an upgrade. I know my rights, I pointed out that if it was advertised with a flat screen, just because they had sold out, didn't mean they could charge me for an upgrade. He gave in, I got a Sony screen thrown in.

3. Then we came to virus protection (something we spent a fortune on not 2 weeks ago) he tried to tell me that although yes we had spent a fortune on it in that very store, we would not be able to transfer it over to a new computer. We argued the point, I rang the Slave and explained the whole, he told me to walk out; and

4. Much to the suprise of said spotty youth I did just that - I walked.

Things had improved slightly when I'd done the 30 minute journey back the other way, as he'd got the laptop working, and was just about to connect it to the net. The virus updates took most of the afternoon, but I was back on line by around 4.30 ish.

Only problem with the notebook I have is that it's driven by steam, or possibly a small squirrel on a wheel, and is so very, very, slow. So anything I needed to do took foreverrrrrrrrrr.

After Guy had mown the lawns, and we'd washed the dog, he had a look at our dead system, and by a process of elimination, we have decided that whilst the system is not the healthiest thing in the world, it was the large USB hub that has actully died.

My trusty system has been restored to me, but is now laying in a prone position, so more air gets to the fan, and we will suck it and see. If we can make it last a few more weeks, I'm gonna go for a superdooper new one from our computer hardward guys that we use locally (AMS Computing), who are way cheaper than that well known PC store, give amazing service, and don't try to rip you off.

Oh, and to top it all off, I had a row with my darling son and my mother - pretty much caused by my frustrations of the day.

Also, nothing has been loaded up, and I now have to serve me time at Kingdom of Blahness.

Good news though, Galaxy Invasion (I confess I have no clue what number day it actually is) is going well, and I have to take a whole load of stuff to our legal eagle today.

Hope your days works out better than mine yesterday.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The incomparable Kirsty Wiseman.........

kindly agreed to be a Guest Designer at the Galaxy, watch out for her fabulous work to be uploaded to the SG gallery later on today.

She's been using Cactus Pink Stamps, as well as cardstock and pattern papers from out stock.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mission 3 today for Minkey.............

and I'm going to get down to some crafting later. I have three more images transfer using the packing tape method to do ready for Sid's CJ entry, and some cowboy efforts to do for the Wild West CJ entry, which needs to be done Kymmie my lovely!

Lydia is looking forward to her Mission 3, and we need to pop into town before that to get her some blue trainers that she's been moaning about.

I have to pay Anna today for my Scrapping Angels retreat, and give some thought to the pictures I'm going to use for the Emily Falconbridge workshop. I also need to check with Parental Control to see if she wants to come with me, and then book somewhere to stay.

If I get time, I'm going to have a go at one of the other image transfer methods with gel medium.

Sitting here typing, I've just spotted something really funny on the back of one of this pack of Twinkling H2O's - "age 5 and above" - yeah right, as if I'd so much as let an 8 year old get within 4 miles of them!!

Aren't they scrummy colours: Mediterranean Blue, Dreamsicle (just love that name), Blushing Rose, Wine & Roses, Lemongrass and English Lavender it's set #665. I need to put them away in the store cupboard or else I might be tempted.

Galaxy Girl

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Image Transfer licked, thanks to the girls at UK STampers...

and being singled out for particular praise, Flo, for all their help in getting me over my image transfer fear.

Yes, I can safely say that I really would describe it as fear, or could that be phobia.

But no more my lovely Blogettes, I am cured - a changed woman in fact, and to prove the same I've uploaded my first ever image transfer using packing tape.

It might not seem much, but I freely admit that those two simple words have kept my creativity firmly grounded with both of its size 5's firmly planted on terra firma.

I wondered, I pondered, I debated about packing tape - surely, that stuff is brown, so how would the image show - there must indeed be another thing in the States that is clear and called packing tape -duhhhh!

As Flo pointed out, it's just basically wide sellotape!

So, armed with my newly purchased (well, actually the stuff had been in the stock cupboard for about 6 months and was being used to tape up parcels), I lit the candles, put on soothing music and prepared to tackle the job in hand.

Take a pice of packing tape, stick it over your image, burnish and then soak for about 10 minutes in luke warm water.

I paced, I hopped from foot to foot and worried and fretted, timing the 10 minute wait with the second hand plodding slowly towards the magic time. Took it out of the now cold water with trepidation, and then as instructed started to rub off the paper to reveal a opaque image on the tape - voila, EUREKA, Bob's your son, I was a virgin no more.

So this image, is my first ever effot, mounted on some Japanese paper, so it shows through her dress, then some ink added to dull the brightness around the edge, sandedit - both of these two bits with my lovely new Chizzel-it tool and torn. Then mounted on black cardstock covered with Krylon Gold Webbing, and then again on pale blue. Two free giveaway pale blue flowers on two of the corners, red ribbon, then black/gold cord through a Chinese coin - I might keep this as part of Harpie38's CJ entry.

So, you see I've earnt my wings, and now I'm ready to soar - not to give too much away I'm thinking John Wayne for the Wild West CJ, for which incidentally, I must kick my butt into action.

Galaxy Girl

Lovely, they've arrived..................

and I'm so excited about getting my hands on one of these babies - it's the Chizzel-it by Provocraft - and we've got them in stock for £11.50.

I've seen the Bibster using them on QVC before, and decided they would be a nice item to carry, and this time I made sure that there was one extra ordered for me.

Galaxy Invasion continues - it's all going OK - but seems like it's taking forever.

The week's going by sooooooo slowly in the Kingdom of Blahhh, I can't believe that there are still 2 more days to serve out.

There will be news of who the guest designer is at the Galaxy (in fact two of them), and I should be in a position to post something shortly about that.

Two things to look forward to this month are:

1. Scrapping Angels retreat in Bury St Edmunds; and

2. The Emily Falconbridge workshop

Have a good one.

Galaxy Girl

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nothing to report.............

really, I spent the entire day yesterday running around sorting out various problems with Drummer Boy, etc.

I eventually got home and in bed at just gone 12.

It's really raining here, and it's Lydia's first day back at school - Parent Control is doing a happy dance!

I did a wee tiny bit of crafting in all that running around yesterday, and cut out and made up the takeout die - it's so sweet, perfect for popping in a last rolo or little mints as as a small gift for somebody.

Galaxy Girl

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TGI Fridays for lunch yesterday.........

and this was the little beauty that I put away (or nearly) after a Monteray Jack Hamburger with Jack Daniel's sauce, fries and half of my boss' onion rings - oh and several Banna Berry Smoothies to wash it all down.

I have to admit that I was steered wrong, as Chris (our lawyer shovelling up the dough to pay for lunch) told me that the Sundae was a single portion - turns out it was for sharing - hence I really couldn't finish it - but I am pleased to report I gave a manful attempt, and ate about 6/8ths - greedy pig of pigdom that I am.

They pratically had to roll me out of there!

Off to the specialist today for news of my illness, and possible change of meds.

Oh and Drummer Boy has been in an accident - he's okay though.

Galaxy Girl

Monday, September 04, 2006

My new unmounted stamp storage........

that I promised to share with you. This is the outside, and I've stamped with some of the images that the tin contains in Black Staz-on - still have a few more
to go. Then I'm going to label the side of the tin with the reference, and stamp up an index sheet to go in a folder.

This is the view inside, with the rubber mounted on my beloved Kling-on foam.

As you can see I get a double layer of them, one in the bottom, and one in the lid.

I've made investigations and looks like I could get these in stock. At the moment I'm just doing a hussle round to see if I can get them cheaper.

I have hundreds of unmounted stuffed in baskets all over the studio, so it will drastically cut down on mess, improve organisation, and ensure with the indexing system that I should be able to find stamps - not forget that I have them like now.

Galaxy Girl

Sunday, September 03, 2006

UK STampers CJ - my entry in Flo's

thanks to Sid for taking the piccies of my CJ entry as I had camera problems, and had to send the CJ off to him without taking a picture.

The background was done with Opalite re-inkers, and is much more twinly IRL, also the jewels on the windmills (which are actually snowflake stamps) were done with pearlidoodles - so they are quite tactile.

For the keen eyed amongst you, yes there are a few lines missing from the lyrics, but I had to edit to fit in.

Galaxy Girl

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Galaxy Invasion - Day 10 .......

and Troops on both sides have been instructed - bring it on!

I have a day at Camber hanging over me at the moment - personally I am praying for rain before 10 am, or it's off to a cold and windy beach for me.

Parental Control has legged it too for Southend, so only Drummer Boy will be left to keep the home fires burning.

Thanks to the girls (big up for Sarah in particular) I am no longer a image transfer virgin - my first time was last night, and I did it - not too well, but did it anyway - I want more, and more, and more of this now.

Big up too to Clare (Scrapfairy) who is now officially a DT Member at the Galaxy - check out her work in the Gallery, she has so much talent.

Right, the rain dance, is it step ball kick, step ball kick?

Galaxy Girl

Everwood play by play...........

yeah (the very georgeous) Bright Abbott, gets it together with Hannah - possibly the best bit of the show, but then see, Dr Brown kisses Nina at the end of the show - so I'm torn.

That was apparently the end of the series in the UK, but I know that there are more - ITV don't make me wait too long for the new series - pleeeeeeeeeeeese.

oh and Warner - don't cancel the show, it's quite frankly the best thing on.

Galaxy Girl

Friday, September 01, 2006

Everwood play by play............

Bright is realising he is falling for Hannah. Rose's cancer treatment is not going too well, Dr Brown has been asked to operate.

Ephram has taken off for England.

Amy graduated, with a mock celebration at home.

Nina losther job at the cafe as it was closing, Dr Jake bought the cafe and she is going to run it.

There is a disturbance in the force, I hear tell they may not be making a series 5 (girls, I hope I don't hear cheering!!!!!) - sob, sob, sob, sobbbbbbbbbb...............

The gentle sounds of sobbing is heard as she leaves the building.

Galaxy Girl

Well, the re-order from Ellison arrived yesterday...

and pretty much sold out, apart from one lonely Big Shot left on the shelf. All the alphas too. So guess what, I'll be doing another order this week to them.

Luckily, we've got quite a few dies in store, but to make sure running up to Xmas, I'll order some more.

My demo machine was included in the new order, and I love it - not sure between the Wizard and the Big Shot at the moment, but I think they both have their merits (Big Shot may just have a slight edge, and I never thought I would say that).

I'm not sure if I mentioned about my natty unmounted stamp storage solution for the new Peacock sheet I got from Tanda, it's my age you know, but anyhoo, I think I've sourced the same tins, and will be ordering them in shortly. They would be great for all kinds of storage, and also to make journals from, so I have a feeling they will be popular. I'm also working on a specific stamp indexing system too.

Galaxy Day 10 - and significant progress has been made on our plans to take over the Empire - good news indeed. I need to instruct all kinds of professionals today to tie up the legals.

On the TV front - yeahy Grays Anatomy is back - and ewwwwwww two people stuck on a pole - yuck.

Galaxy Girl