Saturday, June 30, 2007

More craft buying (it's digusting really)

naaaaaaaaaaa, it's not - it's all good.

We came back from shopping this morning, bearing 3 different sized square boxes (to make a wedding cake card), 2 packs of scrummy pale Jade self-adhesvie pearls, a set of pale jade gem brads, a set of Sugarloaf markers and a Marvy blender pen. Also got two handbags (but that's by the by) one for me and one for Mum (there was a sale, what's a girl to do) - in fact, we spent so much money they gave me a See-D's alphabet set as well.

I got the markers because I need to take part in the cutey -v- arty challenge on UK STampers, basically we have to do something way outside our comfort zone. Generally I do artish type projects, so I've got to do something cute.

Ages ago Lydia got me a Penny Black Hedgegog stamp, which has never even seen ink, so I'm using that as a base. Got to give the girls a big up that use the markers on these kind of projects - it's really very tricky to get the hang of (but I can see that colouring could well become addictive).

I've been reading a lot about Copic markers, and so I thougth that I would start with a cheap set to see if I like the concept before I jump right in and buy an expensive set like the Copic's.

Since getting back, I've unpakced my Bind it All, and wached the CD that came with it - mmmmmmmmm, can't help thinking that the two ladies who present it should have had maybe a couple of dry runs through first - it's sooo badly presented, it's actually quite funny in an fingernails down a blackboard kinda way. Anyone who's got the CD too will probably agree.

I am now wishing, however, since watching the CD that I'd got the Dream Kutz as well - I can see that I may well be spending more pennies next week - I WANT ONE!

Can anyone tell me how I don't mush up the cardstock when I'm trying to blend the markers?

Quick card

with pink card blank, Stampington Cube and my favourite Sea Horse stamp from Anita's.
Fluid chalk ink in Wisteria and Coral, and Azurite, and StazOn in Timber Brown.
It's great to have a Mum to make you a card at 30 seconds notice isn't it!

My Zutter Bind it All has arrived - yippee

what a suprise actually - because of the postal strike I thought it might not get her until Monday.

I can't wait to go and have a play with it, but first shopping needs to be done, and a quick card for one of Rob's friends.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

First effort with the Cricut & Cuttlebug (ATC)

I had a spare piece of brown cardstock embossed using the Cuttlebug (textile textures folder), and so I used this down the middle of the ATC, but first swiped some Brilliance Pearlescent Purple over it.

The background was stamped with the Anita's heart image in Brilliance Perfect Pulmeria.

I cut out the 4 flowers with Cricut George Basics cartridge at 1" and 1 at 2". Stamped some of them with Savvy circles background stamp, and left some plain.

From the workbasket I managed to find a perfect piece of dark ribbon, which I tied and threaded through the larger flower.

Hero Arts Gems were added to the centres of the flower.

Dave (the Cricut) has landed

and a handsome devil he is too!

I had a little bit of locating the cutting blade in properly (I am a techno retard after all), but now I'm away cutting things out.

Learning to set the correct pressure/speed etc., I've been told get a little getting used to - but according to the manuel only a short time.

I will report back later on this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick ATC

just made out of some leftovers from the Scrapaholic kit yesterday, red angel kisses and MM rubon.

Only problem with the grey cardstock is that the Whispers bleeds into it badly - first time I've had that happen with these inks.

STATUS: available for trade

Got another Whispers today.........

it's the orange pad - and updated my wish list again - still a few to go I'm afraid.

I also managed to get some of the Papermania Latte cardstock - it was in a Natural Earth 8 x8 pack with a lovely chocolate and cream selection. I really wish that the latte came in it's own pack though - it really is my favouite colour at the moment.

Lydia and I had our hair cut today, she's love to go the hairdressers, but it's more of a trial for me - having said that I've found a fabulous hairdressers in Tonbridge called Hair House, and the lovely Miss Sophie has done a great job. I've gone for a bob (my hair can't cope with much else), but the back has been chopped in and is now quite short. It must be good, Guy's just noticed!

No news on my Zutter Bind it All yet - how much long? Come to that the Cricut's not here yet, but I was expecting that to be a bit longer.

By the way, thank you Beth for your lovely comment about the blog - very much appreciated.

I'm just sitting her grooving to Rocking with Suzi Q on listen again, and when that's done I'm treating myself to a bit more Mitchell & Webb on Radio 4 listen again (goodness, those two are funny).

Whispers Wants (updated)

(x) Azure Seas
(x) Barn Brown
( ) Black
( ) Blue
(x) Butterscotch
( ) Caramel Delight
( ) Cherry Red
( ) Chestnut
( ) Eggplant
(x) Grand Cranberry
( ) Green
( ) Green Leaf
(x) Lilac
(x) Mossy Stone
(x) Orange
(x) Pine Green
(x) Pink
(x) Port Wine
(x] Rich Plum
( ) Rio Purple
( ) Royal Blue
( ) Sage
(x) Savoy Green
( ) Sepia
(x) Starry, Starry Night
( ) Straw Mat
( ) Sugarloaf Green
(x) Sunshine
( ) Vanilla
(x) Violet

Oh dear still a few more to get - take my advice - get the Caddy - some of these are proving elusive and I need to feed the habit.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love that face

one of the Isles of Scilly pictures of Lydia - sporting her favourite Pirate Headscarf.

This is an on Scrapaholic kit, with the red and blue cardstock added from my stash. I've only the the bare bones so far. Since taking the picture I've added some Hero Arts Gem Stones on the L and a white hydrangea angel kisses, layered over a red daisy angel kisses.

The "o" "v" "e" were cut one of the cuttlebug vintage dies, and then the MM rub-ons added to the centres, and matted with the blue cardstock.I need some kind of heart decoration, for the bottom of the layout, and I have just been wondering if I should use the new Papermania stamp on shrink plastic.

No sign of my Zutter Bind It All yet - I spoke to the lady on Saturday to finalise what binding I wanted, and I'd hoped it would be here today. The Cricut's are still on route from the States too, so I'm some fabbie equipment down - and not having much of a sense of humour about it currently. Especially, as I've had some distressing news afternoon - apparently middle age has struck, I verifocals - YES, OLD LADY GLASSES!

It's lovely and quiet here, Guy's away on business, Lydia is staying with her mate Charlie, and Rob is out for the, I'm about to retire with a nice half bottle of Pino to drown my sorrows with an episode of Peep Show and a bit of Dr Who - mmmmmmmm, my two favourite Davids'

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh My Golly Gosh just had to pop on and share...

I'd heard marvellous things about the Cuttlebug, but nothing has prepared me for just how easy to use it was.

In am completely in love with the vintage dies, and the embossing folders are the best thing since David Tennant - ohhhhhhhhhh yes, that good!

I really wish I'd ordered more of the cutting dies...........but the good news is I have the rest of the embossing folders on order.

Whoppee, my Cuttlebug arrived

I've wanted one for so long.

Whilst I was at it, I also got two embossing folders (textile textures and heart blocks) and the Vintage dies.


Can't wait to get going and try it out.

No sign of my Bind It All yet though - fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lefthand side of Quotations CJ

Made from the same BG Skate Shoppe paper, etc., The quotation is from the SG-me! be happy sheet, stamped in Brilliance Pearlescent Purple ink, and matted with pink/lilac colour watercolour paper, co-ordinating BG paper and black glossy cardstock.

I deliberately made sure that the background stamping was done in a mottled fashion to try and emulate fabric, then I just stamped quotation from Aud's Sentiment sheet (which we have in stock).

Righthand side of the Quotations CJ

Pattern Paper: BG Skate Shoppe, stamped with Non-Seq Dragonfly and flower from Aud's Cat & House sheet.

Added a library card holder (coloured with various Whispers Dye Inks), and over stamped with the same flower from Aud's sheet. I added green gelly glaze roll to the centres, and Jo Sonja's Opalite for a bit of bling (although it doesn't show up in the picture much).

Inside the library card holder is another tag similar to the sign in one, and if that's lifted out then there is an image of a dragonfly underneath.

Tag to go with the Quotations CJ

this is the sign in tag for the Quotations UK STampers 2nd CJ.

Plain black tag, Basic Grey Skate Shoppe pattern paper, Anita's stick ribbon in Pink, purple and green paper flowers, and purple star brad (left over from my ATC Kit swap). It's just edged with purple pearlescent brilliance ink on the black, and Mossy Stone Whispers Dye Ink on the pattern paper side.

The little black tag at the top is made from shrink, and was left over from a recent Wednesday Stamper challenge.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Successful shopping trip this afternoon

Lydia and I both got an outfit for this wedding, and I also grabbed a few quick craft items.

I'd run so low on sticky tape and silicone glue, so now I have the stuff in abundance....and as you couldn't guess, crafting shopping nearly always means more Whispers Dye Inks: Barn Brown and Whispers Pink to be precise.

I also got this really cute (and cheap) Papermania Stamp (PMA 1024) as I thought that it would be mucho useful for Clare's CJ entry that requires wings, it might also come in handy for a wedding card.

Let me see, what else..........oh yes, three lovely new flat brushes for doing washes with Twinkling H2O's - most of my brushes are way too wide to fit comfortably in the pots.

Also some box envelopes from Lakeland plastic...I did think that they could be used to kind of make a tiered wedding cake card, but now I've got them home they are too flat. Never mind, I saw exactly the right kind of boxes at the craft shop in Southborough, so will pop there and get two to make it. I'm thinking along the lines of the round Ellison Advert paper cake that I've seen in some of the mags recently.

We've had a takeway this evening, and enjoyed yet another fabulous Dr Who episode - damn, it's the last one next week! Now I'm just tidying and getting ready to view two of my other favourite guys tonight, John Barrowman and David Mitchell on Would I Lie to you.

What a good girl am I?

and what a difference a quiet house is, with no interruptions from the beloved family.

I have finished the 2nd CJ that I needed to do (one more to go now, and I'm caught up).

I'm actually quite happy with it, apart from now I wish that I'd stuck something down at the opposite angle...but hey, it would just create too much destruction to move it now.

I will be taking pictures of both of the entries, and then package them up later.

I'm eagerly awaiting my Bind It All

which I ordered late on Thursday....fingers crossed it turns up today.

Last night was quite productive (apart from the terrible problems we are having with the main base unit in the office, so I'm blogging from the slow notebook), I managed to get one of the three CJ's completed.

It was entitled Angels & Demons, and after a bit of a false start I really am quite pleased with it. It's funny, you start off going in one direction, do a U-turn and voila!

I couldn't sleep much, and so took advantage of the fact and got up at about 6 o'clock to craft and endulge in a bit of Mitchell & Webb on Radio 4's listen again - they are so funny - it's a great new series.

Whilst doing that, I've started on the 2nd CJ I need to get done.....actually, I've made quite good progress with the sign in tag drying and the background cardstock covered. I think I know which direction I'm going in with - fingers crossed I stay on track!

Obviously, with the base unit playing up again, I might not be able to post last night's CJ piccies, but I will save them up for when the Technical Guy gets it all working again.

Ohhh, forgot, I had a huge spending sprey with English Paper Company for the Galaxy last night. There are some yummy papers coming, including the new Kim Marshall Xmas papers.

For anyone who hasn't had experience of their lovely paper before, they are an English paper company, and it is all designed and manufactured over here from sustainable forests and in an Elemental Chlorine Free process thus limiting environmental pollution. All good, all acid free so wonderful for scrapbooking, and all really smashing designs.

In the order I've included some of the Men at Work range, not only are they lovely, but it includes a cricket paper - so refreshing to have papers tailored for British sports instead of baseball, etc.

I think my absolute favourite of all of the might just be the Christmast Shopping design from Kim's Christmas range, but it's also closely followed by Cupcakes from Fairy Fun - Lydia is going to love that range.

They should be in some time next week, and I'm sure you will all love them as much as I do. I have gone for 12 x 12's, but also the border strips and a bigger rang of 6 x 6 packs, as they are just so marvellous for scrapbooking, cardmaking and altered arts (it's save on wasting larger sheets I find).

Lydia and I are off shopping til we drop this morning, and then it's back for a take away and Dr Who ---- yay!

Have a good day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've had such a lovely spend up today....

I've ordered my Cricut and quite a few cartridges.

I've also decided that I would quite like a Cuttlebug, and so obviously some fabbie embossing folders had to be got too.

Next on my list for tomorrow is a Bind It machine and wires, and also a couple of Judikins Stamps, Templates and Microglaze.

I've also got my eye on a couple of scrummy Stampendous Stamps - and am actually wondering if I can get those at the Craft Barn if I put a bit of time in at the weekend.

I've been seriously deprived of stash for awhile 'cos of holiday, and other life type things, that I'm really excited about having a splash out.

Lydia is also in line for some serious shopping at the weekend, with some Crocs and a wedding outfit for next month - she's not wearing the Crocs to the wedding though, no matter how much she pleads.

I'm hoping to bag quite a few bollero knits from Jayne Norman whien we shop till we drop at Bluewater on Saturday. I also need to get an outfit for the wedding.

Oh God, it's getting every nearer, now matter how much I might like to forget about that's why I need to sort out our glad rags. Lydia is slightly upset that Guy's brother didn't ask her to be a bridesmaid...but hey ho....them's the breaks. May be one day she will get that elusive gig!

We are also hoping to see Shrek 3 at the weekend....I love it when there's lot to look forward to.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've been a bit of a bad blogger this week....

we had such a busy weekend, with the out laws here on Saturday, then Lydia diving on Sunday, that I only had a tiny bit of time to me for crafting.

Ditton really the rest of the week so far, but I have done the odd bit here and there.

Mostly, I've been working on the UT Stampers ATC kits that arrived a few weeks ago. I've now done all of them - the last two are in various states of drying on my desk.

Tomorrow I will need to photograph them (early as possible for the light) and then get them loaded up to the slide show we've got for all participants of the swap - I don't really want to put them on my blog til they've been shown on there though.

I have had a blast doing these - it's really nice just to rip open a packet and HAVE to use the bits inside (with a few added extras where needed) - and not to hunt everything down from scratch.

I've got just my own kit left, but I'd already done a sample of that one - so if anyone want it. Just send me your addy and I pop it in the post.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Check out the Bargin Basement at the Galaxy

we're having a big clear out to make much needed room for lots of lovely new stock. Check it out here .... make sure you check back every now and again....'cos I'm adding new stuff as I go...and once it's gone, it's gone!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some random things that have made me smile tonight...

  • Lydia has had a fabulous day at Groombridge today on her School trip...and it was the look on her face when she was telling us all about it - priceless.
  • Pinky gor a Bind it all - lucky thing.
  • Arranging time for Guy and I to celebrate our wedding anniversary....albeit over a month later.
  • Straight from the horses seems there may well be a Series 5 of Peep Show....yay, yay and YAYYY again.

Real Women Scrap TV

I took a short while at lunch time to trawl my favourite blogs, and came across a link to this lady Tasra Dawson, and her site, Real Women Scrap TV.

It's a scrapbook webisode site, and I've really enjoyed viewing it all.

It's definitely worth watching, so go check it out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ATC from Inky Fingers

this is the lovely ATC received from Susan for which I swapped my dress one, posted last week.
It's really lovely.

Nothing else seems to have gone wrong on the plumbing

side of life, touch wood today.

It's been ultra, ultra busy at work, and then I rushed back to pip up Lydia and drop off all the accounts to the Accountant - he's been chasing me for weeks - so thought I better give in and take them down.

Unusually for us, we didn't do any retail therapy - but Hazel, I think you are right I need to compensate for life's little difficulties and get a Cuttlebug to cheer myself up.

I mostly been doing admin for the site and shop since we got home, and now I'm going to treat myself to an early night - so crafting for me again -booohooo - but I just don't feel very creative.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Honestly, if it's not bloody Aga's the it's the bloody plumbing

we've had the plumber in today to fix a problem with the hot water - I'm pleased to report that he has fixed that, but now there is no cold water in the kids bathroom, and our shower in our en suite (which we knew, and he confirmed today was on it's last legs) has now given up the ghost completely.

I hate, hate, hate, anything like this, 'cos it's very difficult to be sure you know what's going on.

He's got the shower on order, but now needs to come back PDQ to get the cold water up their working - arrhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! &8()*&^ [insert very naughty words].

The Kingdom of Blah has been ultra busy of late, and I feel worn to a frazzle, so no crafting for me tonight. Instead I'm going to settle down with Dawn Bibby.

Ohhhhhhh brother, Guy's just wandered in to let me know that apparently their toilet is not working either - holy foccia.

I checked with Bramwells today to find out if there was any sign of the Cricut Expression coming to the UK, apparently they've got the usual voltage problems, and started testing last week - so it could be a good while til it gets here.

I'm now in a dilemma, as I was going to order a Cricut next week, but do I now wait until the Expression gets here, or get a Cruicut and sell it on when I can upgrade - ohh decisions, decisions.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I've swapped the two recent ATC's I did

of the Dress and Teacup.

I recently joined the docrafts website purely because I am doing a lot of stuff with Whispers Inks and playing with my two sets of See-d's, and I was delighted to get offers for both of them within half an hour of posting them.

So this evening I've just spent a few minutes decorating the envies to send them out.

Plus made a humungous chocolate cake for my baby boy - who is 19 today - God I feel old as the hills!!

Thank you Hazel too, for making such a fabbie job of the 9 Step Background article I posted the other day. Check it out on her Blog. I really liked the combination of stamps and colours she used, espcially stamping diagonally.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another card for Rob

Another card for Rob using the See-D's Piece of Cake set, a Papermania cardblank in Blue.
The main image is stamped of a spare piece of the canabalised Latte cardblank from the previous post.
Inks: Whispers Port Wine, Marvy Blending Blox in Blue and Jet Black StazOn.

Rob's Birthday card from Lydia

Stamps used: See-D's 5055 Piece of Cake

Inks: Whispers Dye Ink in Butterscotch and Savoy Green and Peeled Paint Distress Ink by Ranger

Other: Papermania Card blank in Latte (I cut up another card blank to get the cardstock for the central image) and Dark Green Bazzill cardstock.

Envelope for the card I made yesterday

with Aud's Cats's House Sheet and Circle Sentiments Sheet and Marvy Blending Blox in Pink and Fluid Chalk Ink in Orchid Pastel and Rose Coral.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sending you a big Hug

Well, that's one of the cards done I needed to do this weekend.

I used a Pink Papermania square card blank, and stamped the Vine image from Cactus Pink Wildflower Sheet with Pink Blending Blox ink.

Then cut out a square of brown cardstock and matted with silver mirri. On the brown square I stamped various different sized circles from Aud's Circle Sentiment Sheet in fluid chalk ink. At the same time I stamped the "sending you a great big hug" sentiment from that set onto the silver mirri.

I already had the felt flowers which had previously been stamped onto felt with Aud's Flower & Swirls set.

I made an insert for this one (which is not something I usually do) and stamped the small post image from the Circle Sentiment Sheet).

Re-updated Whispers Wish List

I still need now:

Barn Brown - GOT IT!
Caramel Delight
Cherry Red
Green Leaf
Orange - GOT IT!
Pink - GOT IT!
Rio Purple
Royal Blue
Straw Mat
Sugarloaf Green

Just got back from Beales

and inevitably, I picked up another Whispers Ink Pad - Azure Sea.

I also grabbed another pack of the Papermania square cards that I like so much, in pink.

I've got 2 birthday cards (both for Rob), and also a flowery type one (that's what the pink card is for) to do for Mum's Italian teacher!

Actually, that's fine, because Wednesday Stamper this week was flowers, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I also want to expand the ATC background I did yesterday into a 6 x 6 background for my artjournal, and I'd like to do that this weekend as well.

Looking forward to Dr Who tonight and also the Jacob Final - yay Lewis, go boy.

Friday, June 08, 2007

9 Step background for the ATC

Hazel left a lovely comment on my work, and mentioned that the background for the ATC I posted looked like hard work. It's embarrassing, but not really. God Bless fab stamps, arty background papers and Whispers Dye Inks.

I had a very few minutes before chow time, so I've just quickly put one of the backgrounds together as a step by step - 9 (if you don't count the extra two stampings of the camera on the background).

Cut a piece of 2.5" x 3.5" Junkitz pattern paper.

With Whispers Violet stamp the French Manuscript Image top righthand corner.

Use a piece of scratch paper and mask this image, and stamp image again bottom lefthand side.

Take more scratch paper, and mask this image as well and stamp the image again in the gap left.

Take the Silkern Knots Stamp and the Savoy Green Whispers Ink, and stamp it on lefthand side.

Stamp the image again next to it, taking it right across the ATC.

Take the Whispers Ink in Rich Plum and a piece of CutnDry foam, picking up some ink and rubbing around the edges, and slightly into the centre, blending as you go. Also run the pad around all edges when you are done.
Then take the camera image from the See-D's Vintage (50165) ink up with Timber Brown StazOn, and stamp it top righthand side of the ATC.
Ink it up again and stamp the image a further time bottom righthand side, but move the image slightly, then again towards the middle'ish on lefthand side. I aimed for a slightly distressed look for this layer of stamping, so it really doesn't matter that it wasn't a brilliant impression.
Obviously, I had to scan in each image as I did this, so it took a bit longer - a conservative estimate in real time is probably 2 minutes or less, as the stamps and inks were right on my desk.

Dress ATC

Another ATC, this time using the See-D's 50165 Vintage set. Base paper is the same yellow Junkitz as the last one, then over stamped with the French Manuscript in Whispers Violet, then over stamped with Silken Knots (Penny Black 3362K) in Savoy Green. I then applied Whispers Rich Plum around the edges with CutnDry.

The fans down the left hand side were then stamped in Timber Brown StazOn, and some of my tiny metallic hearts in green added.

Then ran a piece of cream ricrac along about 2/3rds up.

The dress form (a personal passion of mine at the moment) was stamped on Kraft cardstock in Timber Brown StazOn, then coloured with Econline Inks (Forest Green No. 656 and Ultramarine Violet No. 507). Windsor & Newton's Irridescent watercolour medium was then painted over the top for shimmer - I took the precaution of sealing that one with hairspray. This was then mounted with silicon glue.

Recently, I've noticed a trend starting - when I get a new set of stamps I use them, and also tend to use whatever is sitting on my desk, and then go and cherry pick from supplies that aren't if I need other things. Rarely these days to I plan something from scratch.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tea Time?

phew, somebody else has come clean about "uncool" stamp ownership, glad I'm not the only one then!

Stamps: See-D's Vintage (50165) for clock and caddy image on the background and tea cup, and Stamp Connection Scrabble letters for the "Tea Time?". Stamp Oasis French Manuscript

Inks: Whispers Dye Inks in Butterscotch and Savoy Green. Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink and Jet Black StazOn. Colour pencils to for the teacup image.

Other supplies: Junkitz pattern paper, Prism Cardstock in Lilac. Lace and brown ribbon, metallic staples and tiny gold heart confetti.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday in our household generally means that I pick up Lydia from School, and we take our weekly tootle to Tonbridge to visit what laughingly passes for a Department Store in deepest darkest Kent, Beales.

She browses toys, and I their small craft section - this is how my obsession with Whispers Dye Inks started.

Today, I succumbed to these two See-D's sets (Vintage and Piece of Cake). I've yet to try them, but they are really sweet, and I can't wait to see how they stamp. The Piece of Cake one came with a small stamping pad and acrylic block as well.

I know that I am usually a stamp snob, but since I love Whispers so much, and quite like some of the Anita's one, I thought I would give them a go. If I truly don't like them, I can donate them to the kid!

I have to also admit that I picked up two more Whispers colours: Mossy Stone and Plum.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

UK STampers ATC kit swaps arrived today

so I've now got 10 lovely little ATC kits to put together - such fun, as they are all so different, and I think they easier than shuffling through mountains of stash to find co-ordinating bits - all the hard work has been done.

We (that is Sid and I) have organised a slide show for all the participants to put there offerings into, and I will post a link to it when we are all done.

The next swap I have on UK STampers is a Velvet-ize Book swap, just direct swapping with a partner, and I'm seriously looking forward to that one.

I also have two more CJ's to get done....problem is today, I seem to be easily distracted!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Wednesday Stamper - Doors

mmmm, well not sure about this one at all, but at least I've contributed.

Turned out way better in my head, ifykwim!