Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Papertake Kit - October

I can finally post my effort for Papertake Group 4, as it's now been published.

This is a criss-cross card I made from the lovely kit. I will update with the details of what it contained, etc., later.

Halloween early morning session

300 reps/18.60 cals/10.10 time/2084 total trip

Boring, but I need to make a note of it - my OCD coming to the fore.

Tally for 30th Session

231 reps/7.24 time/14.32 cals/1781 total trip

Guy got the amount of calories I got excited about nothing.

Will be back to craft related subjects, just workign on a project for Blog Candy winners from a while if you are waiting for something from won't be wrong!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh well, that has not definitely cheered me up

Isa sent me a link to Snowball grooving on down to the Back Street Boys - ohhh, how funny.

A huge winge and a sorry, but go with me

I really couldn't believe my eyes this morning, when I popped over to Squidoo to see what the Jon Richardson site was coming up with on the blog links.....and there was my post but from a blog called Stempel Galaxy (a german one), but with my post in English and then links to very unsavoury items such as non-prescription drugs.............which incidentally, I most definitely to not agree with and would never publicise.

I am really at a complete loss to know what to do about the whole thing. First step has been to add copyright details to the sidebar - it never occured to me that I would write anything of note, let alone that somebody would take the time to copy though - they clearly must be such sad cases that they result to theft (even on this minor scale).

If anyone has any helpful comments on a way forward please can you let me know.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On a brighter note, I had a lovely day at the Races in Kempton. Yummy food, and great company.

Then got home and managed a rowing sessions. Guy's just pointed out to me that the calories I thought I had been burning are actually I've been burning way more than I'd thought. I really don't feel quite so guilty about the Blueberry Charlotte I scoffed earlier now!

This morning's sessions details were: 202 reps / 6.29 minutes / 12.52 Kcalories and total trip of 1280

This evening's session details are: 225 reps / 6.25 minutes / 13.95 Kcals and total trip of 1544.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mice Time


We had a wonderful time watching Stardust

I can heartily recommend it. All three kids (1 nearly 10, 1 just 9 and the other nearly 9) were on the edges of their seats, or completely entranced by it.

The acting is brilliant, the costumes beguiling and the story perfect. It works on so many levels - go and see it!

Rowed before dinner tonight (which might have been a mistake in hindsight as it was a bit too near to dinner time, and I couldn't then eat anything). Racked up 201 reps/12.46 calories in 5.53 minutes and total overall trip of 1078.........I now ache in muscles I didn't even know I had. Indeed, every step downstairs is prefaced by ouch, ouch, ouch.

I have solved the leaving card dilemma that I was in, and come up with an old project that will work just fine and dandy for my friend's card. Very much doubt that I will get around to doing a bit of crafting, but I might colour.

Sunday row before the Cinema

netted me 195 reps/12.09 calories/with total trip to date of 872 (I'm presuming that's metres).

I now ache in places I didn't know I had, or least had forgotten since my riding/competing days.

We're off to see Stardust, much to Lydia's disgust, she wanted to see the Ratouille film - but it has had terrible reviews - so I persuaded her that Stardust would be more the thing for George and Henry to see. I've also promised to shell out for the Rat DVD when it comes out.

It really is not a cheap do going to the cinema anymore - over £40 for 2 adults and 3 kids, plus all the popcorn, drinks, etc. on top of that.

Crafting will be very light today as I have the kidlets to entertain, and when I get back home quite a few orders to pack..........anyhoo, waiting for my Magnolia Stamp Club which is due to be released any that will kick start my mojo (which seems to be bumming around Europe at the mo with at least half of my friends mojos').

Second trip out on SS Galaxy

netted me 250 reps - crikey, would you believe that only equates to 15 odd calories burnt off.

From now on, I will clearly not be so ready to shovel in calories, knowing just how much rowing (about 5 minutes) it takes to burn off those 15 calories.

Whilst I was sailing along the bedroom floor, Guy was reclining watching Most Haunted, and I marked in a miffed way that I thought it would have some effect on my stomach muscles, but didn't think it was doing a thing. I woke up at about 3 this morning to feel exactly what effect it had started to have on them then! Also the inside of my thighs are quite tight.

Still push (or rather row on). If Mark Olver (another wonderfully funny comedian) can walk from Bristol to Edinburgh in readiness for his show next year, and do all the training beforehand, I can keep up with him in a spiritual way by rowing myself thin and fit. It's my personal challenge to justify the trip to Edinburgh to see his show, as well as the funny and gorgeous Jon Richardson, plus a few more random acts that I would like see.....oh and some that Guy likes too. It'll be expensive, it always is when I travel, as I do not do cheap, so I will feel much better about the whole thing if I've put some "E" for effort in.

Mr Olver is keeping his Review of Life, (it's news page rather than a blog apparently) up to date with how he's getting check it out from time to time. It should be quite entertaining, especially to see if he actually makes it through training, let alone for the actual walk. Actually, when he does give up I can throw in the rowing towel too, eat an unfeasibly large cream cake, and go to Edinburgh anyway without any feelings of guilt. So let's see how long we both last.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Row, row, row your boat gently through the bedroom

ohhhhhhh yes, my lovely new toy has arrived - a rowing machine.

I'm going to keep check on how I do with it. First try today I did 160 reps - not knowing that my Darling Hubby had changed it to the hardest setting as I put on my trainers.

Got to do another trip this evening before beddiebyes, and make sure that it's set at the right setting and I do more than 160.

It's fun, but such hard work.

Artygirlz Challenge - Round


Friday, October 26, 2007

18th Card for my cousin's daughter


  • Wizard Light Cardstock(Prism)

  • Herbal Garden Light (Prism)

  • White Cardstock (Prism)

  • AMM pattern paper

  • Bella (courtesy of Petra)

  • "wishing you a birthday that is just your style" by Stamping Bella (for inside of card)

  • Black Memories Permanent Dye Ink

  • Green jewel brad (PM)

  • Flower (PM embellishment kit)

  • Hero Arts 3mm gems

  • Lime Green Stickles

  • Cricut Machine

  • Mini Monograms Cartridge

  • Scor-it Board

  • A5 Purple Cow Cutter (using flutted blade)

  • Green spotty ribbon (SG-me!) **new spring colour**

  • COPIC Markers in Skin White (E00), Cool Grey (G1), Brick Beige (E31), Honey (Y38), Caramel (YR14), Amethyst (V17), Blush (R20), Lime Green (G21), Blue Berry (BV04)

  • Sakura pens - Clear Gelly Roll and Purple Metallic and Quickie Glue Pen

  • Tombow Mono Adhesive

  • Double-sided tape

How to:

  1. Cut the Celedon (12x12) cardstock in half to measure 6x12").

  2. With the Scor-it Board score at 6" and 4" to make the fold back card blank.

  3. Cover what then becomes the inside (but exposed side) of the card with the AMM dotty paper, and add some Hero Arts Gems and Lime Green Stickles to some of the dots (see the picture).

  4. Stamp the Bella image in Memories ink and heat set. Colour in with the COPIC markers and Sakura pens. Trim to size using the A5 Purple Cow cutter (with flutted blade fitted). Matt onto Wizard cardstock.

  5. Add gems to three of the corners, and a flower to the bottom lefthandside (which I secured with a jewel brad).

  6. Apply to the fold back section of the card (see the picture).

  7. Using the Mini Monogram Cartridge cut out "18" from Wizard cardstock and secure to the Bella Image.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally found time to share this lovely card

I was lucky enough to get when I toddled off to Brighton earlier this month - it's from Caz - isn't it georgeous.
Caz, thanks so much, and so sorry that it's taken me so long to get my act into gear to say thank you for it.
I've been creating tonight, but can't share anything at the moment, 'cos it's all drying. I will upload tomorrow when I get home.
Ohhhh, I forgot to mention what a fabbie time we had in Brighton the other day. We met Angel (Burnice) for a lovely Italian lunch, and then indulged in some shopping for beads and a walk quick walk by the sea.
It was so great to finally meet Burnice face to face - she was such marvellous company - thanks and big hugs Burn.
My excitement is building at the moment only 20 days left til SU launches!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fantastic Drunken Lunch was had by all today

I got taken to the Guinea Grill in Mayfair, for a fabulous and very drunken luncheon today. I now feel completely stuffed to the gunnells, and very, very merry. I drank far more than is necessary, but it was rude to turn such good booze down. The red Bordeaux in particularly slipped down very nicely. The trouble with a good restaurant is that they fill up your glass without you even noticing!

After several glasses of Kir Royale, I had pumpkin and red pepper soup, then Steak & Kidney Pie (it's award winning apparently) and gingerbread ice-cream........... YUM.

Also managed to pop into the London Graphic Centre, but was disappointed to find that they only did the original COPIC markers, and not the Sketch (my preferred weapon of choice for colouring). Still I did buy a couple more colours, Africano (E27), Honey (Y38), Mint Green (BG13) and Lipstick Orange (R17). I did, however, forget the Warm Grey (G7) for which I have a refill but no pen.

I turned into one of the people I can't stand on the train on the way home flippin' phone went off about 5 times in the space of a 40 minute train journey (4 of them were business calls).........but even so, it was all inconsequential nonsense that could well have waited until I got back to the office tomorrow - for goodness sake what is wrong with these people? "if it's really, really urgent then ring my mobile" is what I said on the voicemail message..............not, if you are an engineer wanting to clarify a fault with a colour printer that a member of staff could have discussed with you, but has apparently slopped off early 'cos we are not there; a customer who hasn't paid for well over 4 months, but this afternoon felt the need for me to discuss her account in with her in front of a packed train of commuters from Charing Cross; another colleague just phoning to "touch base" (I hate that phrase) on a stupidly trivial matter; yet another colleague phoning to query a figure for the auditor, knowing full well that I'm on a train and can't check the computer system, and then decides that it could perhaps wait until I can actually see the info anyway. The only decent call was the 5th one from Lydia to tell me that they were on the way to soak me up from Sevenoaks station.

Back to the realms of reality tomorrow with a full day at the Kingdom of that's something to look forward to.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quick Magnolia card for Sammie Jo

very quick card for Guy's God Daughter Sammie, who will be 17. I decided on this Magnolia image because she's horse made (always has been).
Used a small piece of stripe paper left over from the Papertake kit this month, on a blue cardbase. Piece of dark pink cardstock embossed with my cuttlebug folder, blue angel kisses, stickles and a Sky zoomz. Image coloured with distress inks (not the most successful colouring I've done) and improved a bit with COPICS and ArtQuest watercolour tablets.
Off to Brighton now to meet Angel for lunch, and go bead shopping.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Daily Grind

I've got the day off today, for pretty mundane reasons really. The carpenter has been here fitting the boy's fitted wardrobes, and I had to pop over to the kitchen company to finalise some design issues, choose worktops and get some idea for lead times/schedule of works. The piccie isn't the type of kitchen we are having (it's a bit too country for my liking), but is made by the local company we have decided on, Rencraft. They make fabulous handmade wood kitchens, and the kitchens they've done in the past regularly feature in glossy home mags - so it should look really wonderful when it's done.

This afternoon Lydia and I are having our hair cut, then popping to the country park to feed the swans and have a quick walk around the lake. She moans quite a bit of the way........I just tell her that she'll be grateful when she is not a fat teenager that can only just waddle to the kitchen and back.......but then gets into the stride and has a good time.

Tomorrow is less mundane, Gary the carpenter is returning to finish off, fit handles etc., and we are off to (hopefully sunny) Brighton to lunch with Angel and stalk the bead shop.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

So sorry that I'm having to post the images one after the other, blogger still is not being very helpful.

This is just the overall image of the cake - not the most brilliant photo - I really need to get myself a photo studio set up.

Bitten by the Bug - Mini Monograms Challenge

Blogger still playing up, and I can only seem to upload the occassional image at the moment. So here is a close up view of the wedding cake "card" that I made last week for my friend to give to the happy couple, bottom layer contains choccies, middle one the foling notes, the top one a little book on love.

After I'd made it I noticed that Bitten by the Bug had put up a challenge for us to use the Mini Monograms cartridge (which is my absolute favourite), and this cake uses that cartridge to make the scallopped squares on top of each this is my entry therefore!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

urrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh Blogger

how frustrating it really is still not lett uploads of photos.

Get it sorted for goodness sake.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just started to plan our trip to Lake Garda

as we are planning to go there at Easter, but have decided that we really can't be fussed to fly, so it looks like the Eurostar to Paris and then the Sleeper TGV to Verona. From there we can get collected by the Hotel and taken to Malcesine on Lake Garda.

Seems like a plan, as Ebsfleet Eurostar terminal is opening around March time - and even if it doesn't it's still only a 40 minute drive to Ashford for the Eurostar connection. Paris is about 2 hours and 45 minutes from Ashford, then a quick stop at Cafe Gare du Nord for scrummy cafe au lait and toasted sandwich. Then a short taxi drive to Gare de Bercy for the sleeper, and a leisurely meal watching the French countryside roll by.

By the time we've snuggled down for a goodnight's sleep, we'll wake up to the red rooves of Sunny Italy and breakfast just in time to arrive in Verona.

That's preferable, and more civilised, compared to 2 hour checkin, hanging around in a crowded departure lounge with sub-standard food. Then a plane that normally lands miles from anywhere decent.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nothing to upload at the moment

I'm currently working on another one of the box wedding cake gifts, this time it's for Linda at work, as she's off to a wedding at the weekend who wanted money (she'd seen mine and thought it was a good idea).

It's amazing just how long they take to make when the drying time of glue and Pearlidoodles is taken into account. Still nearly there (just as well as it has to be done by Thursday).

Just layered on all the flowers, and put Pearlidoodles in the centre, then when that's dry need to add the zoomz on bits of it, secure the whole thing down, put the sweets in the bottom, shred tissue for the middle (ready for them to put in the money), and do the folding section for the top.

It's been super, super busy at the Kingdom of Blah today - really we have no time to even draw breath, but I actually prefer it like that.

Managed to get a couple of days off next week, so Monday and Tuesday I can be at home with Lydia on half-term. Wednesday, I just have to pop into the office, then I'm off to a business lunch just off Berkley Square - hopefully I can manage to get to Art & Graphic Centre in Covent Garden when I get off the train to pick up some more COPICS. Won't be able to manage afterwards because I should by that time be marinated in various wines and brandy.

Finally managed to catch up with Sunday's 6Music Russel Howard and Jon Richardson show - I heard them read out my text at the time, but was only half listening from the other room doing a stock take.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just your style

Just a quickie card using Parisbella and Wishing you a birthday that is just your style. Also had a quick go at doing a frame and white noise edge around the photo thanks to Beate's tutorial recently (see Fresh & Fun link in the side bar, then scroll down a bit). I quite like it, and might have a play in a bit with different effects.
Image is coloured with the usual, COPICS, with "Sky" Special Edition Zoomz, Prima flowers in orange and blue and Pearl Pearlidoodles.

Papertake Group 4 Kit

Whoopieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, my kit arrived this morning, and it's lovely. Can't wait to get creating. It has a lovely polar bear image, snowflakes, pattern paper in stripes and pink snowflakes, tiny silver and white punched snowflakes, pink cardstock and dark blue cardstock.

I'm pondering a crisscross project, so need to find the tutorial for it.

Stampin' Up is coming....oh, Stampin' Up is coming

and I am so excited. I really can't wait to get my hands on some of their fabulous stamps, plus a proper ticket corner punch (rather than having to make do with my star corner punch), ohhh and the fabbie round index tab punch that they do.

I just need to get my hands on a cattie, and make a hugmungous list for Guy, as I've said I demand a Stampin' Up fest by for birthday, which is rapidly coming up.

Funny & Georgeous Jon has had to schooch over a bit to make room for the lovely Widget that Caz made (but that will only be temporary - until the big day arrives).

Merry & Bright Trio


How to:

  1. Cut piece of Lime Green cardstock in half to measure 12 x 6, and score using Scor-it Board (making a 6x6 square cardblank).
  2. Cut out the square of AMM pattern paper with the ribbon embellishment printed on it, and cut to approx 5.5x5.5. Punch each corner with the star punch and stamp all over with the Merry & Bright stamp using Gingerbread Dew Drop. Run the same ink around the edges, and then mount on the cardblank.
  3. Using Memories Black, stamp the Trio of Angels onto white cardstock, and colour in with the COPIC's and Sakura pens.
  4. Trim with the Purple Cow A5 cutter (with flutted blade fitted).
  5. Matt this image onto dark green cardstock and mount on the card.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn Challenge

UK STampers have got a new challenge on their Cyberblog. Here's my entry, which is a password book for Lydia - I was truly fed up with finding tiny bits of paper with passwords all over the place, or her moaning that she'd mislaid them.
Big thanks to Caz for the lovely Mouse image, which I coloured with Lyra Watercolour crayons. The other stamps were: Leaf from Aud's Flowers & Swirls sheet, and the alphabet was was a Scrap Goods kits in 2006.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I managed to get on the list, and am eagerly waiting for the first kit to come out. To be honest, I can't remember if I am Group 4 or 5, but both kits look lovely.

I am so glad that the postal strike has come to an end for a brief time, and fingers crossed that my kit will arrive by Saturday.

I'm also waiting to get my Magnolia order, which is also held up by our useless postal system.

Artygirlz Challenge

The Galaxy have sent the Artygirlz some Zoomz for the prize in their Glueless Challenge - it's on their site at the moment.

Swoosh off here, and have a look, and take part.

Craft Related

sorry, I scanned this rather than a photo, as I've got to make another one of the Wedding Cake contraptions for a friend (which I'd forgotten about, and it has to be done by next week).

For this the supplies were:

  • Latte cardstock (PM)
  • Snowmen Stamp (Magenta)
  • Fa-la-la (Inkadinkado)
  • Celebration Tag (7gs)
  • Rudolph's Nose Zoomz
  • Aquaflo Brush
  • Dark Blue Whispers Dye Ink
  • Versafine in Black
  • COPIC markers, Lyra watercolours and Sakura
  • Dark Blue cardstock (River Deep Collection by PM)
  • Red spotty paper (Wild Asparagus)
  • Photo turn and square brad

Monday, October 08, 2007

Girls on the loose in Brighton (not at all crafty)

had the most marvellous day on Sunday. Settle down with coffee, or preferably something stronger, this is a looooong the way, you may want to skip it completely (actually, skip it really there is nothing of interest, it's just pointless waffle, it just saves me having to write it the old fashioned way in a longhand diary, also you won't then find out any of my alleged misdoings of the past!)

Having picked up Pepei Panda on Saturday, I drove him home and gingerly introduced him to the other light of my life (the present Mr Galaxy). It went reasonably well, all things considered, after he'd got over the shock of actually finding out that I'd got two cars, and spent a considerable amount of dosh. I have to say that he really is a sweetie at heart and clearly adores me, so I can pretty much get away with murder!!!

I suggested a ride in Pepei, and he seemed to be quite impressed, but was particularly amused to play with the Sport button. Bearing in mind we live Rural, and there are quite a few tight bends, he thought it was amusing to hit said Sport button as I rounded the snaking bends before the house. Mmmmm, little things amuse little minds.

Sunday dawned, and a very excited me waved off Hubby and the St Trinian's Wild Child, who were off to some pointless countryside show, for a bit of Father/Daughter bonding.

Then I set off in the general direction of Redhill, and played with my other new toy, the SatNav - which incidentally has a lovely purple road and blue car - perfect for me. I really was impressed, as I really wouldn't have found my ultimate destination half so quickly without it - admittedly, I went wrong a couple of times (but I swear the thing just throws in a random "turn left/right" when it doesn't exist. Potentially, I could have been driving round the streets of Mertsham for flippin' ages trying to find that close.

Having delivered my wares to Caz, had a quick chat and admired her lovely kids, I set off for White Bushes (sorry, that name always amuses me - back to my comment above about little things pleasing little minds).

Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah...........get on with it.

Again, praise the SatNav, no matter how many times I have to navigate my way round Redhill, I always go wrong, and traverse the one way system about 20 times. Strangely, I can manage to navigate from the key landmark near her place (MacDonalds) - I wonder why.

I got a "what the bloody hell has happened to you text" just as I hit MacDonalds, but managed to resist the temptation to nip through the Drive thur' on the pretext of reading said text whilst I waited for a brekkie for us both - no I thought, you will just have to row more next week when the other new toy arrives, so just say no love, you are bigger than a pancake and maple syrup (quite a bit as it happens, but then the rowing machine will sort that out hopefully).

Seconds later I arrived to pick up madam, had powder room stop (not a quick one unfortunately in that Obsessive Compulsive's house), not because I needed any more than a wee, hand wash, lip gloss application and hair brushing (3.5 minutes tops), but I feel the need to make sure there are no drips, soap residue left, there is not a mark on the towel, and it is ruthlessly clean and ordered - this necessitates cleaning/straightening and drying as I back out of the door. CSI teams in both Vegas and Miami would be proud, and I think I left no discernable trace of any of my activities. After a quick Hello to Katie (the childminder), and a veto of my darling friends musical choices for the journey (really she needs 6Music in her life, not radio 1), I received the throw away line that "oh I just need you to nip me up the road to pick up the car from the party location of last night, left it there and got a taxi home. Would you be a love, have we time?". In reality we had plenty, but I did the "oh well, it'll put us behind schedule, but .......".

Lazy moo, even I could've walked there in the first place, and she took the car!

That small matter being taken care of, we ventured to Brighton. Vicki kept herself amused by reading the manual, and then playing with all the buttons. Like Guy, she found the Sport button, and had much fun. The traffic into Brighton was a nightmare, and we seemed to coincide with a biker convention of some kind, that having been said, it give us cause for quite of bit of fun, diversion and hilarity eyeing up bikes and blokes (have to say the loud throbbing things won, hairy bikers are not my thang). Several abortive attempts at multi-storey car parks later, we eventually got parked in the Churchill Square. Vicki assuring my panic ridden sole, that whilst the sign said it closed at 6.30, that was the shopping centre, and I would not have to sleep on a bench to get my car out the next morning.

Brighton Council, here follow a couple of comments on your ability to organise car parks/shopping centres:

(a) what the F%^! How difficult would it be for you to provide clear signage for navigation from car park, through Churchill Place Shopping Centre to the daylight. Eventually (after hauling my magpie friend away from the many and varied bright shiny objects in that place), we managed to find fresh air and sunshine - I'm guessing the whole passage from car to daylight, took us an hour.
(b) again, what F%^&%!, when people arrive back late, how difficult would it be to sign post the back way in to collect your car, and also CLEAR signs on which ways up (probably you are at this point wondering if either of us actually know that/have ever know that, but go with me). 15 minutes to locate the door to level 4. I'm guessing that the Peter, Susan, Edward and Lucy managed to find the back of the wardrobe and the entrance into Narnia in less time that it took us to get to level 4 later in the evening.

We headed for a sortie to the Lanes, again, not quick with Vicki's love of bling, and my love of handcrafted - I'm guessing about 2 hours were killed, and I came away with amongst other things a lovely pink card of a Zebra dressed in pink from head to hoof, sporting killer stillies, lace stockings and a feathery hat and jewellery - fabulous!

Lunched at La Strada - scrummy garlic bead, fillet steak with layered potato and peppercorn sauce as the headline. It really would have been rude to turn down the chocolate pudding and cream that the chef had slaved over. I existed on diet coke, and Vik's progressed her way through the red wines. Both of us love to people watch, and this provided huge amusement. Girls being girls, there was also quite a lot of relationships stuff (not mine, I'm fine see paragraph at the top, my Hubby can put up with me buying cars, etc. etc. etc.), Viki on the other hand really is a whole different truck load of fish, and has really rotten luck/terrible judgment where the other sex are concerned.

I was assured, even after I had been dissing the on, off, on, off, on again, off again boyfriend that she has, that she was having a fabbie time, and it was good to get it all of our chests. She confessed to being a little intrigued to see that night's show, and see why I liked that Jon what'isface (she was reminded Richardson, for the umpteenth time). She enquired if I was sure it was the rightr one, as normally I go for nice public school boys (and she sighted several occasions when this had indeed been so in the past). She did, at this point, say that she had just one tiny worry, that I would (bearing in mind my Spanish genes) get a bit over-excited, and consequently turn into my usual embarrassing self. My assurances were proferred that nothing even vaguely related to an alcoholic beverage had passed my lips, which meant that probably (well, hopefully) it would all be fine, and anyway when had I been that embarrassing?

At this point at least 10/15 incidents of just how outrageous I can/have been were placed before me. Surely not, I queried them, really I don't remember there being that many. She then felt, as only a true friend does, that she should now list them.

Admittedly, I was in a roundabout (and I would say minor fashion) involved in some of that evidence being submitted, but surely:

(a) the remote control Parrot - really not my fault, I was just being friendly, how was I know it would end like that?

(b) the hunky cowboy at the Murder Mystery event - again, not my fault....that should be put down to pure friendliness on my part.........and anyway he had a whip and rope - case most definitely closed on that one.

(c) the Antique Hunt and foam fight - again, none of that really was my fault, I am most definitely not responsible for quite that quantity of foam, being stuck on a bus for 3.5 hours with that person, and needing to remove my clothes to dry them out. I glossed over further events that day, which she had forgotten about/not witnessed - but yay, I did win the champagne (which she helped to drink). The handbag incident, well, yes technically that was my fault.

(d) That racing event was most certainly a misunderstanding with the cute jockey, he had a nice horse, and I love purple - I was shocked that she was even considering bringing that up as it being in any vague way my fault (I was merely Millicent Bystander) - no it was not me dancing on the table (actually, it might of been, but I was going for denying that one).

the next one was a bit more difficult to deny any part in, some of it was my fault, but:

(d) Break for the Border is a lovely Mexican restaurant, I had worked very hard ensuring that they all had a wonderful time, which they did. They do great tequila based drinks with cream that just have a rude name (two words, first starts in B*), that is not my fault.

It is also not my fault that I was jogged as I downed these shots, and got the cream element of it all over my lovely purple frilly (if slightly low cut top).

Once again, it is not my fault that that was brought to my attention in the cab with those people (not my fault we had only just met them, and nobody felt the need to warn them that whilst I am harmless my mouth sometimes runs away with me under the influence (actually sometimes not even under the influence), and I open my mouth without my brain being fully placed in the correct gear)......and any way, should the cabbie ethically have been listening to the conversation of his passengers.........I think I merely pointed out the facts regarding said cream based drink being spilt on me, and everyone (not present at the restaurant) drew their own conclusions.

Apparently not, it is alleged I said............."Oh god, I've got (use your imagination and insert the name of drink) all over me, that was (insert the name of my very hunky public school boy that we worked with)'s fault", and if he had kept his mind on the road, then running over that old man might not have happened. I also tried to deny any involvement in the other events of that particular evening, especially not Leicester Square. I do freely admit to falling asleep on the train and ending up in a Ramsgate siding.

Clearly, by now you've have framed a very poor opinion of me. Please bear in mind, not all of the events were my fault, I've explained there is a large amount of Spanish blood in me, and sometimes circumstances/misunderstandings just happen. Surely, they happen to most people, don't they? All of the above probably sounds more lurid then they actually was (cough......change the subject). I am a perfect and wholesome wife and mother, and she is no angel either.

I digress, the other events I will deny in a Court of law, and then I felt the need to remind her of a few bits and pieces.

I have to admit that I am not sure how much of the above conversation was apportioned in La Strada, or as was as we went on our merry way on a return journey to the shops, watched the impressive dude with the wheelie bin, drum sticks and cow bell (I'm a sucker for a cow bell and a beat), then the Pier and back again. Anyhoo, I did manage to cause an adolescent who'd been following us to dart past, open mouthed, look back and crash into a lamp post (most amusing). Truth to tell, not sure how much he heard, or which portion of the above it was, but again, ethically listening to others that right.........the lamp post served as a reminder to him that it might possibly be wrong on a lot of levels.

See, I warned there was no craft in this post. Well done, if you've made it though my waffle this far.

After a swift drinkie we then went to the show, and I was put on oath that I would behave. Just to make sure, if I misbeahved in any way,Pepei would be treated to a shaken bottle of coke and crushed crisps. I also had to stick to a strict exclusion zone, not in the front row or in a central position where I could catch his eye. So we ended up about 4th or 5th row back to the righthand side, in front of a lovely lady with very bright red dyed hair. This apparently was acceptable as I was out of touching distance/comfortable interaction would not be possible. Clearly, she has an hitherto undiscovered mean streak.

Jon (the gorgeous and funny one) opened with enquiries on exciting events of the week people had had, SatNav, what people had done with their day, were they from Brighton etc, where were people from....he's based in Swindon (a town I/we am very familiar we have a large admin centre there, and I/not we any more as she no longer works for the Kingdom of Blah am quite often expected to stay there).

My love of rubber, could so easily at one point have been covered with said comic, but I wasn't taking the risk. She clearly wasn't taking her eye off the ball, and at any point I looked like I might join in, I received a swift kick in the left ankle, or a mime of a shaking coke bottle.

I digress again..............back to Mr Gorgeous and Terrifically Funny's performance - he was witty, charming, and side splittingly funny. Vik's unbended sligthly and laughed a bit.

As we left the venue, I grabbed a comic seabird badge (which she's sloped off with) and her side of our conversation was along the lines of, "ohhhhhhhhhh, that was really very good..........actually, he really is nearly as funny as you'd said............ Yes, I completely see why you think he's so lickable.............well, I suppose those curls as very lovely.............................You want to do what to him?..................I wouldn't go that far...........and, isn't that illegal in quite a few countries?..............You could always try an insanity plea, but not sure how effective it would be though, I could pop several tins of baked beans in you handbag, and we could try and put it down to the menopause......... No, I don't fancy my coke you can't have will only use it as weapon. Oh, and I may be prepared to come with you again, if you promise to behave as well as you did". Bless her, not sure how much of her tollerance was true, she did at least appear happy and content that I'd remained well behaved throughout, and could partly see the attraction. It seemed Pepei would be safe after all. I was even allowed to listen to the 6Music Podcast Mr Georgous & Funy and Russell Howard on the way back, as long as she could play with the climate control buttons, in particular the Sport mode button.

We meandered back in the general direction of Churchill Square, eventually found our way round the back to the car park, and then took forever to find the door to level 4. Nice quick journey back to Redhill..............I slowed to 30 and pushed her out, and the struggled with SatNav back to A25 and home.

I was tucked up all nice and safe with Mr Galaxy by 11.30, having polished off a nice warming coffee and an egg and onion sandwich and pickle onion (still not forgiven him the Thai, Indian, Thai again, steak and onions and Indian again fumes that he's treated me to in the last fortnight - a taste of his own medicine, which should serve as a reminder.

Apparently, he had by that time forgiven my my expensive sins, as long as I could promise that he wouldn't have to do babysitting duty for the entire day for at least another 4 months.

Well done if you made it to the end, and I promise it will be back to crafting mode tomorrow - oh, and I apologise for spelling mistakes, waffling/rambling and poor grammar.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Flower Frame - Daring Cardmakers Challenge

although I have to say that I am not all happy with this, and it will be a do-over. The frame wasn't that bad, but I've made a complete hash of the rest of it (definitely under par). Probably has something to do with having had a rotten day, and then rushing it.
Still the idea is there now, and I will take off the central frame bit next week. I know that, most certainly the 3 needs to be in chipboard, and the Sophie is should be smaller, as it just swamps the whole thing.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Everything that could go wrong has done today

it has been the most amazingly shitty day.

Still on the bright side, only 2 days to go til I get the car, and my Son loves me very much, as he's just been told can have the Kia. Apparently, I am now officially the "well the coolest Mother, and a legend" - praise indeed, don't expect it will last though.

I have another new toy, a Sat Nav.....I am always having to find varying places for work and the Galaxy, so thought it would be a great idea. Couldn't see the point of spending a fortune, but have found a nice, neat and stylish one.

Also cleaned out the Kia when I got home, ready for the boy, and found CD's I forgotten about buried in the boot - amazing really as you can only really get a Haddock in that boot (or two if you stack them neatly).

I have just done a quick card for a friend, but it's still drying, now I need to pop upstairs and organise Lydia for bed.

I am really, really missing my honey, but it's just as well he's not here, as Lydia would have dobbed me in for sure about the cars, and I want it to be a lovely surprise, with a safety zone of about 50 miles!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What do you do when your Husband is unwise enough

to leave you to your own devices for a few days as he wines and dines clients'.

You could clean the house, you could make sure the laundry is completely up to date, you could make nourishing dishes for your honey to eat whilst you frolick around the countryside at the a couple of cars!

I've been threatening to buy myself a new car for a while, and the Parental Control was also making noises about needing a new after an uplifting afternoon of being waxed in horrible and uncomfortable places, shaking some of my unruly clients' warmly by the neck, I was most definitely in the mood for a bit of a spend up. We dashed over to pick up Lydia (late and muddy from Tag Rubgy), flung ourselves into Tonbridge for a Dentist's appointment, then went hot foot over to the Wells.

I bagged a bright blue lovely, dishy and super sporty new Panda 1.0 HP with 1 mile on the clock, all the trimmings, six gears and a delightful rum rrummm purr. He also has one of those teeny tiny sport sticks, which are all the rage with the sporty models (at least that's what he's been telling me).

Parental Control conned me into buying her a Hyacinthe Blue Stilo 3 door Demo with just 24 miles on the clock...........and it is in it's own way as staid and laid back as my one is a right little goer.

The salesman's downfall was that he assumed he was dealing with a quiet chubby housewife (the towing around of a St Trinian's Wild Child covered in mud from toe to ear, and an OAP really did go a long way to helping with that) who, most definitely ,wouldn't be able to negotiate her way out of a paper bag.

Now in my day job I am required to hold high net worth businessmen upside down and shake til the money falls out, so his first offer of 300 pounds off, and the inclusion of mats for both cars, wasn't going to wash. A push over, I proved myself most definitely not to be - and we came away with a very, very satisfactory deal that I am truly proud of - sucker!

For the blokes out there, please never under estimate any woman, most especially if she has very dark purple hair, is slightly chubby and has kids and pensioners in her wake.

Now all I need to do is break the news to the darling Husband. Hopefully by the time he finds out, I will be winging my way down to Brighton with Vicky to see the gorgeous and funny Jon Richardson. That's a thought I wonder if he could be lulled into a force sense of security too...mwahhahhahah.

The only good bit of news for Guy is that it could have been far, far, far worse - I did have my eye on an Alfa Romeo Spider.....may be next time!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Caardvarks Micro Challenge entry

I'd only got a few minutes to spare before I supervise Lydia getting off to bed, so just banged together an entry for the Caardvarks Micro Challenge (shuts at Midnight tonight).

I'll put supplies up later.

Rock'n'Roll Tilda

  • Rock'n'Roll Tilda (Magnolia)
  • Aud's Flower & Swirls Stamp Sheet
  • Dark Red Bazzill
  • Light Green Bazzill
  • Twinkling H20s' in Garnet & Golden Jade
  • 6x6 pattern paper from Crafwork Cards
  • Cerise ribbon

Far too tired to be bothered to type much tonight.

Except to say: new COPICS (RV 17 Deep Magenta, W5 Warm Grey & G09 Veronese Green). The Magenta and Veronese Green are original's rather than Sketch, but I can always get replacement tips for them.

I have to cover a serious faux pas on my behalf when I ordered my re-fill Sky Blue the other day. I ordered re-fills of the Green and Magenta by mistake instead of Sketch, so had to give them a ring and get pens to go with the refills. Only problem is I was ordering the replacements by memory, and got W5 to instead of W7 - but hey ho.

Rats alive, I've just added them to the index sheet, and realised that I also mistakenly got YR16 Apricot re-fill, and didn't get the marker. Of course, that just means more shopping. Yay.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Magnolia Storage Solution

the idea was completely inspired (well, stolen actually) from) Caz, and it works perfectly. Smith's had a half price offer on this plain black wallet, which takes 24 CDs' . I got one, and then sent the Parental Control back for 2 more today.

Not being a plain black kinda girlie, I added some silver letters, fabric flower stickers on the front, and the obligatory ribbon (my favourite orange/white check) and green satin on the handle. Also added a tiny angel and ribbon to the zipper pull too.

Lovely, portable storage for my new passion....especially bearing in mind that a few of us are planning to do a workshop with Isa...and stuck all of her Magnolia inspriation from her! Mwahhahaha.

Thank Goodness for Sarah Jane........

just managed to bolt down a bit of fodder with Lydia - she wanted to watch the Adventures of Sarah Jane - as Daddy is not here, and we're on our own, I relaxed the rules and we had dinner off our laps watching TV (according to my kids we are odd, none of their friends apparently eat at the table every night) glad we watched it, as it contained a hugely amusing (Classic even) line uttered by a Slitheen I think I've ever heard.........................................."oh no, I've been vinegared".

Every time I think about it I crease up.

That will definitely be one that is added to in the quote from Dr Who bored game that Lydia and I play.

Again, I think we have to ask the question, am your normal?

Am I normal?

Finally managed to catch up on the download of the Jon Richard/Russell Howard show from a two weeks ago, have had the most crap day, so this question is inspired by their show.....Am I normal if I find it so irritating that my family simply cannot master the concept of putting mugs on the shelf in the cupboard:

(a) any with a picture or writing should be placed face on;
(b) the handle should be facing to the left;
(c) they should be in a straight bloody line

really, how difficult is it?

Ohhh, and as I'm in a stinking mood, how difficult would be:-

  • shutting the fridge door
  • shutting a cupboard drawer
  • putting things in the correct section of the cutlery drawer
  • putting your things in the dishwasher, not on the side, the sink, or anywhere else you flippin' feel the need.
  • putting down the toilet seat (Rob, that's for you)
  • picking up your clothes, put them in the correct basket (Rob, that's for you again)
  • making the bed in the correct manner (Guy you are guilty this time, how many times do I have to tell you: get out, turn back and air, open window, come back half hour later, smooth out sheet and tuck neatly in. Then fluff up pillows, put tehm in the correct order on bed. Sprinkle just a tad of talc on sheet (not great mounds), replace duvet. Then smooth duvet (so there are no discerable wrinkles), then put on the top bed cover, and place on the throw pillows (cat pelters as you like to call them), and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to sit, lie or recline on this piece of furniture til bed time. Please do NOT use your tried and tested method: drag the duvet into a lopsided mess with no airing, smoothing, top cover and pillow replacing.
  • Stay out of my craft studio, do not touch my tools or even breath in there (kids and Guy for you).

As you can see from the above..........I have issues........but the question is am I normal? Questions on a post card...but better still, leave a comment to assure me I am not the only one.

I'm off to simmer in my disguting bad mood, and get something to eat.

TAH DAH....Blog Candy Winners:

thank you so much for your comments since I announced that Blog Candy was up for grabs.

The random number generator came up with winners, in no particular order:

Angel Wilde
Cindy Keery

2 more than I'd planned, but I was so overwhelmed by your fabulous response that I added two more winners.

If you email me your address to, and also tell me which individual colour of or mix you'd like (see the range of colours here, and I will pop them in the post.

Thanks so much again for your lovely comments....nearly pushing the 13,000 level now too, so there will be another Blog Candy soon.