Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm on the move

my new blog can be found here.

Please bear with my whilst I move things across.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yawn, yawn, rowing stats

boring, but I need to write them down, and this is the easiest method:

16th November - AM - rest period

16th November - PM - 518 reps/32.11 cals/13:55 time/(1) 2626 TTR

17th November - AM - 550 reps/34.10 cals/15:09 time/(1) 3176 TTR

17th November - PM - 383 reps/23.74 cals/10:08 time/(1) 3539 TTR **what a pussy, I could't do any better for some reason.

18th November - AM - 505 reps/31.31 cals/13:06 time/(1) 4064 TTR

18th November - PM - 551 reps/34.16 cals/ 14:04 time/(1) 4615 TTR

Hello Card

this seem to be a bit of a favourite colour combo at the moment, orange, blue, gred and limeish green - I think it might be the time of the year.

Quick card one of my friends ordered. She's having a baby any day, and this is a card to accompany the present that the new baby is sending to her big sister. Inside the card it just says in lime green rub-ons "big sister".

Supplies: Orange Bazzill, SEI frame & tab, WR Memory Keepers flower paper, Stamp: Magnolia, COPICS, gold perlidoodles, orange check ribbon (SG-me! spring release) and green stickles.

I love this Magnolia image, I ordered it last week with my Sugar Nellies. Talking of which, I can't mount them as we're out of stock on EZ Mount, so can't play with them until later in the week when it comes back in stock (shame really as I can't wait to have a go).

I've also ordered a few more Magnolia new release stamps today - had to check with Guy that they weren't ones he'd ordered, which thankfully they weren't - so more lovely Magnolia should be on their way to me soon. I'm also working on my SU order for Caz.

Guy was questioning me today about how long Mangolia take to deliver, so I guess that he has put in his order for the rest of my birthday and Christmas gifts. This is very good news, as I will have a craft embargo after Xmas in readiness, 'cos we need to pay for Tobago. He did mention today (when he caught me Magnolia shopping) that the idea is NOT to simply have a huge spend now in the hopes that I can get through it..........seems like a plan to me though.

Whoops, put the wrong card in the envelope

stupid mare that I am! I got so carried away listening to Jon & Russell, that before I knew what I was about I'd written the one with Tilda and flowers - sorry Burn, I know that you're not keen.

Just going to have to put the real one in the post as well.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Very uninspring photo, but this is my new bike

it's a lovely ice blue colour.

Guy took me off this morning to choose one, and after much debate - this'll be coming home later on this afternoon. Finger crossed it will fit in the car, or that we can get they cycle rack sorted, otherwise I will have a long ride home.

Apparentely though, I am not even allowed near it until my birthday in early December.

I've dropped a dress size

it would seem in the last month since I started rowing. It dawned on me yesterday lunchtime for the first time.

I went to the local sports shop (somewhere I do not feel comfortable going generally), to get a sports shirt to row in when I venture outside (which won't be long), and had a tiny panic attack, all the labels only went to 16. Still, I ventured to actually try something on, and the 16 swamped me..........I put it down very much to the fact that probably sporty type sizes are different to real life...........and bought the lovely white with pale pink detail long sleeved top, which is breathable no less, and made a run for it.

After the success of the lunchtime foray, and with Toodles going away last night to the outlaws, I decided I would pop to M&S and try to compound on my retail therapy and buy a sports bra. So Parental Control and I rushed off through Friday evening traffic to Tunbridge Wells.

No only did I come away with 2 sports bras, but several white vest tops, a lovely pale pink cloche hat, but also.....................tahhhhhdaaah size 16, and very tight fitting I might add, tracksuit bottoms and roll neck jumper in black with white detail down the sides. It's looks really quite nice on, and I can't see any huge rolls of flab either. That with the fact that our cleaner at work said I looked very pretty yesterday morning, and one of the girls commented on how toned and full of energy I am recently, made it a very nice Friday. Clearly the cleaner is blind or desperate, but it's very nice to get a compliment anyway!

So you see, I might bore you to death with my rowing stats, but it's working - and I'm seriously considering venturing out on open water (hence all the sports clothes buying). There is a rowing club at Ardingly Resevoir in Sussex which has club days on every second Sunday, and they welcome newbies to go along for a trial row to see if they like it. I've also sourced a rowing club in Maidstone (which is not too far away from here), and once I know that I can actually be in a real boat and not panic, I will join. Apparently, you have to have changes of clothes with you before they even let you in the water (I'm assuming they fall in a lot), and also wear layers to peel off whilst you row. I also need to swim 100m in light clothing, so now I need to hit the swimming pool with Toodles on a Wednesday again to practice. I also need to do this for me Scuba trail dive next year, so two birds with one pool!

Anyway, back to craft, this is the card that I made for Angel, who's just had an op. I particularly love this Bella stamp. Paper is by WR Memory Keepers.

Blog Candy Bags stuffed and ready to go

finally, I hear you all cry.

Supplies: Chloe's Closet & Basic Grey Paper; Pink Pearlidoodles, Stamp: Teddy by Magnolia and Circle Sentiment by Aud; COPIC markers (there's a surprise); Prima Crazy Daisy "Aylssa" & "Jasmine" packs.

They are 2-5-7-10 bags, which are super easy to make, with the image coloured and cut out, and then added to the front.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want this T-shirt - brace yourself more stats

14th November - AM - 445 reps/27.39 cals/12:26 time ** / (1) 713 TTR (** take off at least 30 seconds to un-strap myself, run across the other side of the room, turn off my alarm, run back and strap myself in again)

14th November - PM - 460 reps/28.52 cals/12:34 time/(1) 1173 TTR

15th November - AM - 467 reps/28.95 cals/12:53 time/(1) 1640 TTR

15th November - PM - 466 reps/28.29 cals/12:19 time/(1) 2107 TTR

I was enlivened on this morning's row by my recorded version of the Jon Richardson and Russell Howard Sunday show - especially hearing about purple boxers and rowing machines and organising drawers - did me no good at all I can tell you!

Hint to my Darling Hubby or random family and friend, I would love this T-shirt in white (unfortunately no purple option) ........pretty please!

By the way, you can't believe what a challenge a rowing session can be, especially when you are trying to direct the oldest child to his lunch and out the door, help the youngest do her homework, and send off your darling hubby with a nice warming snog - all of this without breaking your stroke on the machine, and trying to knock half a minute off your personal best - it's achievable, but only with supreme timing.

SU day arrived

I spoke to Caz today, and she is a Demonstrator for them. So anyone in need of an Enabler tell her I sent you. I'm currently working on a rather large list for her myself.

It's going to be a non-crafty post again, sorry 'bout that - I have been crafting, but it's currently drying. This time a quick card for poor Bernie who had an operation yesterday. Spoke to her snuggled up in her sick bed this morning, and she's bearing up well considering what a nasty op it was.

As she can't really struggle to the computer yet, I can post a picture of the card tomorrow, before it goes in the post, and she won't see it. Anyhow, sending her loads and loads of cyber hugs and get well wishes (even though she can't see them).

I need to row my little boat now, and then have a snuggle with Toodles - she's still poorly, but on the mend, and may go to School tomorrow, we'll make the decision in the morning.

Night, night all, sleep tight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


my Sugar Nellies have arrived..........and another Magnolia - why, oh why, oh why does new rubber make me feel so dang good?

Can't wait to have a play, I've just got to pop to the Post Office to send off some orders, and then on to Toodles parent/teacher meeting - and I'm then free to have a bit of a play. Can't wait.

Just by way of a moan, what is it with blogger and it's loathing of paragraphs - bloomin' thing just like to squish it all up together, and I hate that. I need to try and work on a tiny image that I can upload to separate the paras - damn the OCD yet again.

Sorry if you don't love Magnolia, another one

this is the card I made with yesterday's uploaded image. I won't go into a huge long supplies list, as I don't know what colour the case cardstock is - just generic kraft'ish, and the matting is Razzleberry Dark Prism and a bottle green cardstock. Pattern Paper by by AMM.

Image, as usual, coloured with COPICs, and a sprinkle of Sakura on the flowers and the hearts on the small stamp image.

I've also discovered Karen Foster's Loopy Brads - had them forever....but never got them out the packet........they are fabbie things, and great for threading with thread or ribbon, and then hanging images from - a la this card.

Little stamp image is from Aud's Circle Sentiment Sheet (I need to get some more of them in stock).

Actually, I think that I'll just add some of the jade self-adhesvie pearls to the other three corners of this.

I'm just about to start working on a project with my Bind it All - had it for ages, and not even used it in anger - so watch this space.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SU is coming - 1 day to go - whoooohoooo and

from a brief conversation I had with Guy on the phone today, when he was enquiring what I'd done with my Magnolia Wish List (it's a big 'un too), I do believe that he may have ordered me some more of the precious things.

I coloured this last night, just need to pop it on a card. As usual life's thrown a spanner in the works and my Toodles is really poorly, so I doubt it will be tonight. I have bag stuffing to do though (that must be done).

It's been another hellish day at the Kingdom of Blahhhh, but I just about meandered through the whole ghastly experience. Now, stifle a yawn, here are my rowing stats for the last couple of sessions (just remember I have borderline OCD!):

11th November - PM - 418 reps/25.91 cals/11:48 time/8983 TTR
12th November - AM - 425 reps/26.35 cals/12:25 time/9388 TTR
12th November - PM - rest
13th November - AM - 440 reps/27.28 cals/12:40 time/9828 TTR
and I am particularly proud of the next one, as the total trip went right to 10,000 and re-set.
13th November - PM - 440 reps/27.28 cals/12:22 time/10,000 (1) + 268 on the re-set = 10,268 TTR

see.........getting, quicker and fitter all the time.........the whole thing really is not a task at all (I secretly love the rhythm and mindless nature of it) and just look at all the lovely calories I'm burning. BIG PLUS, not putting them in the top end too much either - not bad for a fat lass.

I am now also harbouring a secret longing to have a go in a real boat - you know, skull down the Thames on a misty summer morning...........mmmmmmmmm, one day perhaps.

Monday, November 12, 2007

So, my blog candy bags are finished

just waiting for the last one to dry, then I can stuff and photograph them, fingers crossed that I can get them off to their homes on Wednesday.

Think it might then be time to start thing about more blog candy as I around the 15k mark now. This time though I've learnt my lesson, and I will get it ready before I offer it up, that way I won't have to make somebody wait (the schedule just is not easing off at the moment).

Got some rowing stats to put on, but as they are upstairs, and I'm not, they can wait. It's a rest period tonight, which is good as I don't feel so great - just stress and tirdness I think, but I need an early night.

All I have to do is making No. 1 son's lunch, and I can seek out my bed.

By the way, have you noticed the cool tumbs up/down widget that I found - cute ain't it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Been a bit crafty today

but, unfortunately, I haven't quite no picture as yet.

I've been working on my blog candy winners little bag of goodies, and now have 2 of the 3 if you were wondering girls where your candy was, truly it is on its way.

It's been another productive day, on the decorating front, and we now have a lot of the preparation done for No. 1 Son's room.

Right, I off to row my little static boat, shower and prepare for the Prince of Ruffledom.............ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes David Tenant is back in "Learners" tonight. On a scale of 1 to 10.........guess just how exicted I am!



  • 97% Complete "Celebration" tag (7g's)
  • Black Prism Cardstock
  • White Prism Cardstock
  • Dark Green Prism Cardstock
  • Red Bazzill Cardstock
  • Chloe's Closet Xmas paper
  • Stamp: "Fa la la" (Hero Arts)
  • Crazy Daisy "Alyssa"
  • Rudolph's Nose Zoomz (SG-me!)
  • Chiaro Zoomz (SG-me!)
  • Green Metallic Marker (Marvy)
  • Square silver frame brad

Using black cardstock, make the usual Z-card with the Score-it board, then stamp "fa-la-la" onto small piece of white cardstock. Edge with metallic marker, then matt onto red, and then green cardstock.

Cover the lefthand side with the Chloe's Closet Xmas paper, and run the green metallic marker aroundt the edge.

Add Zoomz to the fold back section of the righthand side, also add a green daisy with a Zoomz in the middle.

On the farleft portion, matt the Celebration tag onto red cardstock and stick slightly towards the top. Add three Chiaro Zoomz to the bottom. Add a silver frame square brad over the 25.

2-6-7-10 Thank you Box

A quick 2-5-7-10 box I did the other day for a work colleage in our Admin Centre, who'd put in a lot of effort to resolve some crusty problems with some of our stuff at work. So I sent up the card (posted earlier) and the box - it was going to be filled with old fashioned sweeties, but the shop was closed, so I had to make do with a bag of mixed bits.

Close up of the box, which is made from WR Memory Keeps papers. The tag was made by cutting out one of the stitched squares from the paper and then stamping the "thanks a bunch" stamp from Aud's Circles and Sentiments Sheet. The tiny flower in the middle was just coloured in with my Art Quest watercolour Iridescent Wheel mixed with a tiny bit of green Sugarloaf marker.
The flower is from SG-me! spring release flowers (coming soon). Button in the centre of it is from the BG Obscure button pack, which has just arrived at the Galaxy.
Very quiet on the crafting front yesterday, as we had decorating to do, plus loads of personal running organising stuff, and then School fireworks and a takeaway last night.
Just found out Toodles made it into the local paper this week (as well as being on TV - little media star). Her School won Gold and Silver trophies for a sports initiative.
Now for my latest rowing stats:
10th November - AM - 420 reps/25.21 cals/11:44 time/7716 TTR
10th November - PM - 416 reps/25.79 cals/12:02 time/8132 TTR
11th November - AM - 412 reps/25.54 cals/12:33 time/8544 TTR

Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick Colouring Exercise

it's for another Christmas tag, not sure if I'm completely happy with the gold Sakura pen I used to give some definition to the snowmen....but it might grow on me when it's made into a tag.

Coloured with COPICS (Chinese Orange (YR09); Deep Magenta (RV17); Lime Green (G21); Yellow Green (YG03) & Olive (G99). As I mentioned, I coloured just down the edges of their bodies with a Gold Sakura Mettalic pen, and washed inwards.

Stamp is by Magenta.

I really do love the Deep Magenta and Lime Green together though - fabulous combo.

Row, row, row my boat

8th November - AM - no rowing for me, Darling Husband was poorly, and I didn't want to distrub him.

8th November - PM - 426 reps/26.61 cals/12:36 time/7296 TTR

I've done a little bit of crafting tonight, but it's for Papertake!, so can't share it till the end of the month.

Currently feeling just a little guilty about my splurge on Sugar Nellies yesterday, especially as Guy reminded me that I'd promised to cut down (bearing in mind that we are hoping to be off to Togego next year for Lydia to dive) .....bad, bad, bad me!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Walk...DON'T RUN.........Sugar Nellies are available

actually, you can run now, I've just ordered all of them from here, and a Magnolia too.

Honestly, I have no willpower whatsoever, where luverly new rubber is concerned.

It is a ridiculous feeling (that only dear crafting friends can relate to), just what a warm and happy, happy feeling it gives a girl.

Pretty much the same with COPIC's too - my Mother has just tried to suggest that perhaps I would not just like Magnolias' and COPICs for my birthday and Christmas ...............I put her straight rightaway in respect of that misapprehension - silly woman!

Row, row, row my boat...quicker down the stream

7th November - PM - 355 reps/22.01 cals/10:29 time/6045 TTR

8th November - AM - 416 reps/25.79 cals/11:45 time/6461 TTR

8th November - PM - 408 reps/25.29 cals/11:52 time/6861 TTR

and a whole 1" off my waist size in a week and a half - you can't know how much that pleased me. Already slightly tighter and firmer and more agile too boot.

I can't wait to get my shiny purple bike for my birthday too.

HELP - I'm turning into a fitness freak.

Actually, not been over to Mark Olver's site for a bit....I wonder how his walking training is going.

Toodles was on TV tonight

they featured her School on Meridian Tonight. Luckily I had been warned, so managed to record it for her other Grandparents - she was soo excited to see herself and her friends.

Teddy Xmas Tag

It's just started to dawn on me that no matter how much I deny it to myself, I really cannot stem the tide of Christmas - I don't think I could really express just how much I hate it!

So this is my first real effort towards it - a Teddy Tag.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I made my Magnolia Wishlist and a card

and it was a very, very long list. I think that's why my mojo is off recently, as I feel I have very few colouring opportunities at the mo.

It's Wednesday, which means I get off work early, and pick up Toodles from School. As she wasn't feeling too grand (and took to her bed with a hot bottle and the Witches film I recorded for her the other day), I got a bit of me time...and coloured one of my favourite Tilda's.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Row, row, row my boat

4th November - PM - 202 reps/12.52 cals/7:40 time/4514 TTR
5th November - AM - 327 reps/20.27 cals/12:20 time/4841 TTR
6th November - AM - 352 reps/21.82 cals/12:39 time/5295 TTR
6th November - PM - 253 reps/15.68 cals/7:38 time/5565 TTR - I am so bummed, I just couldn't do anymore tonight as I feel so under tired, never mind, I live to row another day.

No crafting bits or pieces at all today - might go to bed and colour some images in, but that will be it. It's been so horrendously busy at the Kingdome of Blah, it has left me worse than useless come evening time.

Plus, I'm really short on mojo at the moment - I need Stampin' Up launched so that I can purchase some more inspiration.

Right, I'm off to compile by birthday list of Magnolias that Guy has been asking me about. I've already given him a large list of COPIC Sketch colours I need, plus asked for a bike. Would you believe that I NEVER had a new bike as a kid, always had to make do with a secondhand one - so a purple bike for me please!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Toodles passed and is a Master Seal

we are so very proud of all her efforts, and her Buddy also passed. They were taken below the water on the pretext of having to do another exercise, whilst the other kids that were training with them were sent round them in a circle and let off their purge buttons to cover them in a hale of bubbles as they ascended. They then got a big cheer and more purge bubbles to celebrate - I nearly cried.

She is now having to wait until February next year before she can do her adult open water training, and hopefully we will be off to Tobego for her to dive with her instructor next year.

This is the card I mentioned earlier, which is for my Godmother's birthday. It's from the Non-Seq Japanese Garden sheet, and is coloured with COPICs'.
In-laws have just gone after a lovely supper (it's the first time that they've seen her dive), and now I'm off to row and then get Toodles ready for bed.

Good Luck to Toodles this afternoon

she's doing her dive to become a Master Seal. We've just been going through all the coursework for it.

I've actually decided to do a trial dive after Christmas, so hopefully I can keep her company for at least some of the time on her first open water trip at some point next year - we've been looking into going to Tobego with her Diving Club.

I've done well with the rowing and my recent totals are:

2nd November - day off
3rd November - AM - 410 reps/25.42 calories/12:56 time/3815 TTR
3rd November - PM - 340 reps/21.80 calories/11.18 time/4161 TTR

Once we've been diving, I need to make a birthday card, so fingers crossed I can upload it later on.

Love to your Mothers'

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sneaky Peak at the Papertake (Group 4) kit

It's my turn this month to provide the kit for Papertake (Group 4), so this is a peak of the kit that I'll be sending out on Monday.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to post my contribution made with the kit until the end of the month, until it's been uploaded on the site.

I hope the girls like it, and can't wait to see what they do with it.

Lydia had a great time at her Friend's

Halloween Tea last night, and Molly loved the Boo bag full of sweeties.
Guy picked her up covered in flour.

Whilst she went to Molly's, Mum and I tootled off to see Tosca at Tonbridge School - and had an equally great time. The music and performances were stunning all the way through, just the ending left a little to be desired - I was expecting a bit more drama and perhaps a fabulous Aria or Grand Chorus - rather it just Tosca flinging herself quietly off the castle rampart with no fuss!

You've gotta think that if you'd been arrested by the villain, forced to hear your beloved tortured. Ravaged by said villain, whom you then killed, and after that watched your one true love be shot by the firing squad, you might make a bit more fuss than that - or is it just me?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

BOO - 2-5-7-10 Bag

a day late I know, but Toodles has been invited to a Halloween Party on Friday by one of her friends. So this is a quick 2-5-7-10 bag to take some sweeties in.
  • Stitched paper (double-sided paper) by WrMemoryKeepers
  • Scrap of reverse side of matching striped paper by WRMemoryKeepers
  • White Prism cardstock
  • Button from BG Obsucre button pack
  • Bright Green & Orange DMC embroidery thread
  • Corner rounder punch (to make scallop)
  • COPIC Markers - Skin White (E00); Chinese Orange (YR09); Cadmium Yellow (Y15); Olive (G99); Honey (Y39); Amethyst (V17); Verenose Green (G09) & Africano (E27)
  • Glossy Accents (not shown on picture added after)
  • Black Perlidoodles (not shown on picture added after)
  • Stamp: Halloween Sheet (Tanda)
  • Stamp: Vintage Alphabet (Scrapgoods)
  • Versafine Black Ink
  • Hot Cocoa Vintage Ink (Ranger)
  • Hook & loop sticky pad
  • Score-it board
  • Hot Cocoa Vintage Dye Ink by Ranger

How to:

  1. With stitched paper make up a 2-5-7-10 bag using the Scor-it board.
  2. Stamp Witch image on to white cardstock with the Versafine ink, and colour in with COPIC markers. Matt onto orange side of co-ordinating WRMK paper.
  3. Using the corner rounder make a scallop edge to this matted image - I start in the middle and work out both sides. Run round all the edges with the Hot Cocoa Ink (ohhhh, and it smells so yummy as it's scented). Afix to the bag towards the bottom.
  4. Stamp out "BOO" on white cardstock with the Hot Cocoa ink and matt with blue WRMK paper, affix to the flap.
  5. Make two holes centrally on the flap and tie on the BG button with green and orange DMC thread.
  6. On the underside of the flap affix the hook & loop fastening.
  7. Fill with child friendly sweeties - and eat a few whilst you do it.

After I'd taken the photo, I added some glossy accents to the pumpkin, and also some black dots on the flap with Perlidoodles.

Row yourself to Edinburgh - totals

31st October - AM - off
31st October - PM - 350 reps/21.70 cals/10:10 time/2434 TTR

1st November - AM - 329/reps/20.39 cals/10:09/2943 TTR
1st November - PM - 328 reps/20.33 cals/10:41 time/3390 TTR

Back with a bit of craft related stuff in a mo