Thursday, July 29, 2010

Closing down the SG blog and going to my other one

Hi everyone,

It has been so very difficult to maintain several blogs, that I have decided to transfer everything onto the Toodles and Binks one.  Please check out the other blog, as I am getting to post more regularly on that one with lots more interesting content it is here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

vBlog #27 - WOYWW 58


Well, it's Wednesday again .... doesn't it just wizz around quicker and quicker each time!

Here is what I currently have on my desk

I have decided that I only have time to update one blog .... so there is more crafting time .... so the stampgalaxy.blogspot one will go dormant .... and I will use this one from now on.

Julia, no nail polish yet - I am just about to re-pain them, I am trying to get in the habit of having nice nails now I don't have to do mega typing each day. I have promised my set of acrylic nails, but not sure if I will actually like them!



Wednesday, July 07, 2010

vBlog #26 - Stop Press ... It's haul time

I got a package ..... I got a package ...... embarrassingly though I still can't open the box !!!

vBlog #25 - WOYWW 57


Yay, I finally found time to play .... but this week I have broken the habit of a lifetime and stopped pushing stash backwards and done a tidy up.

Here's my short vBlog showing you what is going on:

I will be crafting this afternoon, but this evening I will be visiting all the links at Julia's Blog to see what the other WOYWWers are up to.

Happy Crafting



Monday, July 05, 2010

First day of the rest of my life ....

I broke up from work officially last week, and had a few days mooching around (although still busy), but today is officially the first day of the rest of my life - it was a wonderful feeling last night when I did not have the Sunday Evening dread that used to spread over me!!!

I have been far from idle though ..... one conservatory washed inside and out, bedroom cleaned from head to toe and the en suite also done thoroughly ..... the packing room organisation has been started, some orders packed, even a bit more of the WOYWW project done, beds changed and lunch eaten .... now down to some actual work .... I am about to do the big accounts catch up.

IMG00106.jpg Catching up with the accounts on Twitpic

I am also eagerly awiting a delivery of some Gilding Flakes, paper stumps and Liquitex Gel Bead Medium from a new supplier.  Plus a delivery is expected for me ..... I caved and bought a Kandy Kane Rhinestone Wand and a collection of Rhinestones .... which will be used on the WOYWW project when they arrive.

Happy Crafting Chicas.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WOYWW #54 - Gas Masks and Projects mostly

Yet another Homework project is sitting on my desk - I got 2 house points for the last scroll-what-looked-like-a-rolling-pin one - and the WOYWW #52 project has progressed a bit further.

The Gas Mask seems to have lost the word "Raid" yesterday at school, but I might be able to fix that ... apparently it goes back and forth every Tuesday now for the World War II history project a la a the real war when they had to walk around with them all the time ... not that I remember I am far too young .... although disturbingly I am now apparently "vintage" and nearly not too far off "antique".

The project has now been painted in a shabby chic fashion - you see, I have to do that, 'cos I can't paint very well!  It just needs a dry brush coat of gold and tissue paper modge podged on to be finished.

Thank you so much for linking for me last week it was very much appreciated.  I managed to visit everyone, but sadly didn't get a chance to leave comments, I will try harder this week I promise.

If you would like to snoop around crafty spaces *some of the spookily tidy I have to say* pop over to the lovely Mrs Dunnit's blog and check out the WOYWWs'.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Copics have Landed

and blimey they have already started flying out ......

We have re-stocked all but 2 colours of he Ciao markers, and mega re-stock of Sketch plus lots of new Sketch colours, a re-stock of re-fills and some more popular colours added to the re-fills.

I still have to re-order more now, which will be an urgent task, but our range is growing rapidly.

Thank you all so much for your comments left for WOYWW last week, I will write a nice WOYWW post for tomorrow shortly and update you all on my project.  I think I visited everyone eventually last week, but sadly had no time to leave comments (which I hate!) so I will make a special effort this week.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WOYWW # 53 - Stash Pushing clearly must stop


I think I have surpassed even myself this week with WOYWW, with this picture - I am a Stash Pusher!

IMG00097.jpg WOYWW 53 on Twitpic

I am really pushed for time, so had to rely on taking a Blackberry photo and then Twitpic'ng it up for you. Although looking at this it looks like a rolling pin in a jar ... read on ....

At this point I am not sure if Julia will have uploaded WOYWW, so I may just have to leave a begging comment on her blog and hope somebody will be kind enough to link to me.

Well, on to business .... what is on here .... not much the main object is a piece of Toodles homework that I helped (99.9%) with (she wrote the letter on plain copier paper and I did the rest of the antiquing) to create an historical letter written by some chap at sea! Then you can also see the glue gun and heat gun .... as for the rest of it I am truly STASH PUSHING at the moment as I am really short of time before I stop work on 30th June.

I still haven't got any further with my #52 project, it is now lurking under my desk.

Hop over to Julia's blog to see what everyone else has been up to - I am sure it is more productive than me!



Monday, June 07, 2010

Been crafting, but forgot to take piccies

after snagging the Tattered Florals Die I've been making faux Primas, great fun ..... also been cutting out mega amounts of the die cuts for Fiona's package.

Back soon to show you one, but I just need to make some more as the ones I made have gone off in purchases at Stamp Galaxy.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Butter wouln't melt now .......

Schluppy Puppy peacefully sleeping, but don't be fooled for one moment, I have been dragged through bushes, up hills, after bikes and kids (not that he would ever hurt anything, but just has a great time) - all the while the "who let them dogs out" theme tune playing in my head!!!!

I do feel the need to explain to everyone who watches his antics that he was six months old on 1st of June, so is really only a baby, the problem is that the monster is HUGE .....

IMG00096.jpg Mood du Jour - cream crackered on Twitpic

In answer to a recent comment I am a "Stash Pusher" and need to get the button.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I've just burnt myself on the glue gun


I haven't used it for ages, and all was going so well, until I got distracted talking to Toodles and put my middle pinky down on the hot glue .... ouch, ouch, bloody ouch!!!

Still, flowers look good, if a little large, I might have to do a few less layers I think.  I have to admit that the first one turned out fine, and I had done as Fiona showed in her tutorial video and stiched it a couple of times, and then turned it each time.  The second one I was a bit lazier and hot glued the layers and then might have forgot to turn it properly for each layer, so it was a bit one sided until the last layer went on.

They are drying at the moment but will pop up a quick piccie of them later.



Wednesday, June 02, 2010

In the beginning there was the idea of a Packing Station

Hellosies again,

So a trip to Ikea was undertaken, and goodies bought .... Toodles and I have just moved this lot into the workshop ready to be put up by the Rubbah Elf and I have decided that I need my Crafting Trolley in the upstairs workshop.

IMG00092.jpg the packing station on Twitpic

It was fine when we had just a few orders, but now we are so busy, a dedicated packing station is required, it makes my back ache packing on the bed .... so fingers crossed that Guy can get this put together for me soon.

Damn and blast I forgot my paint, and I wish I had got myself a third one of the units.


WOYWW #52 Project - I've started doing a bit more to it more to it

Hellosies again,

IMG00090.jpg on Twitpic

thank goodness for twitpic as Toodles is hogging the PC which is the only one in the house with a card reader (ridiculous situation, I need a new lop top and it will have to have one).

I bought the small tray from my favourite shop (Kitty's, which is a shabby chic junk shop in Seal) and have so far given it a rough paint over in off white.  I now have to pop over to workshop no. 2 and get myself some Jo Sonja's Acrylic Paint, pink I think.

Next to it you can see some chipboard Thickers, which will be Cosmic Shimmered and  stuck on.

This next picutre is just to the left hand side of the desk, and is a bunch of Stamp Galaxy address labels that go on the packages, yet another re-print, I keep running out.

IMG00091.jpg on Twitpic

Soz about the quality, my Blackberry has a rubbish camera.

Don't forget to hop over to Julia's blog to find the links to all the WOYWWers workdesks.



At this very moment there is nothing much done for WOYWW #52


After weeding the stable yard (or most of it before it got too hot) we deciced to head off to Hadlow Garden Centre for a spot of lunch.

IMG00083.jpg on Twitpic

I only had my phone with me, but even so managed some not too bad piccies.  The remainder of them are over at twitpic, but the one above is a sweet piccie of Toodles enjoying the sunshine.

I have to admit that it is so very lovely not having to venture to the Kindom of Blahh, the week is going very quickly though.  Still when I go back next week, I will only have something like 20 working days until I leave.....then party on through the Summer - I have to admit that it will probably feel like playing hookey for a good long time!

Right, I need to pack this morning's orders and then do a bit towards my WOYWW project, and get a post up.



Monday, May 31, 2010

A card *come* tag for a beautiful little lady


For a change I thought I would do a card*come*tag for my God Daughter's Birthday, which was last Thursday.

I used the Sir Timmie Baroque die, and covered with some Papermania paper (I can't rememeber the name of the collection).

Then covered some Thickers Chipboard letters with Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours, and covered with Ranger's Crackle Accents, and added some pearls.

Added some white Prima eline flowers painted with Cosmic Shimmers and brown ones, and then dusted with Diamond Dust.  The Petaloo leaves were also painted with Cosmic Shimmers.

I just popped it in a clear cello bag, and wrapped in tissue paper and tied with Raffia.....she loved it, and I think is going to hang it on her door.  Next time they come down I will just pop a couple of holes each side and add either ribbon or tulle for her to hang it with.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

vBlog #24 - WOYWW 51 - What's on your Work Desk Wednesday


just a really super quick vid of what is on my desk this week for WOYWW - it hasn't changed much from last week soz about that :)

** A receipt from for a Sir Timmie Bird Cage and Hardware Findings ...a litte treatsie for moi for having to go to Bromley this week.

** More thank you packages ready to go for the orders

** A pile of stuff in the making that I am putting together for Fiona (Jennings 644) waiting for the new dies to arrive.

** The insert piece from Sizzix UK for the Sir Timmie Baroque Die to stop it getting wedged in.  (It's essentially a small piece of the same foam as the rest of the die, with a little magnetic piece on the bottom so it sticks to the metal at the bottom and stops the chipboard/paper getting completely wedged in ..... works fantastically too).

XX**XX What you do not see is a Cinch - week 3 of my pre-order and no sign as yet hooo.

This week I have a game plan to finish off my WOYWW Week 52 project ... it seemed like I had plenty of time and now .... none, zipadeedoodah time left to get it done.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments last week, and hop over to Julia's blog to check out all of this week's entrants.

Ta ta for now lovely crafty girlies.



Monday, May 24, 2010

Harry & Alfie Hudson's Song

I interrupt this crafty blog with a public service announcement .....seriously though , check 'em out and subscribe to their YouTube channel, they have a seriously awesome talent.  Toodles things they are really sweet.

I love this one, which was written by them ....

Please take the time to visit their channel and subscribe ... they had a target of 2,000 subscribers but really deserve to get many, many more.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOYWW 50 - This is what is on mine .....

I can't believe it, I completely missed last week out, I realised what day it was on Thursday .... own up, who stole my week!!!

So I am well prepared for WOYWW this week and have taken my pictures very last thing yesterday .... this is what is currently on my desk then:

A dictionary flower which I have just finished, drying off in readiness to be sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Gold.

The last in what was a BIG pile of Thank You cards for Stamp Galaxy orders - I need to print out and cut more.

An overview of the the mess left behind after creating dictionary flowers all weekend.

To the far right hand side now sits a 1lb bag of bling and large glass marbles, and a big space where Rita's stuff used to reside on the right hand side of the desk, but no piccie of that.

A picture of my top left hand draw that sits underneath the desk - this houses my Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours, Mica Powerds, Perfect Pearls and most used ink pads - the Cosmic Shimmers/Mica/PP's will so hve their own specific home on top of the desk.
I can't wait to see what you all have on your desks.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I missed WOYWW this week .....

I can't believe it, really I can't some pesky person has swipped a whole week and a bit of my life!!!! Where did they put it?

I missed WOYWW this week, have done precious little crafting and been cream crackered, due to spending vast proportions of my last weeks at the Kingdom of Blah packing crates on my lonesome.  Nobody else in the office at all, I even ended talking to myself yesterday.

The only thing I can really say I acheived this week is to get out loads of orders for Stamp Galaxy and finally finish off Rita's package.

I've just emailed Sizzix UK as I have the new Sir Tim Alterations Baroque die and after cutting some chipboard have it firmly rammed up in there .... it will take the Rubbah Elf to get it out I fear .... somebody mentioned the other day that they are aware of the problem, and can despatch a foam insert - so fingers crossed.

I managed to grab a one pound bag of Bling in Hobby Craft this morning, and also some flat backed marbles, unfortunately they didn't have the elusive WR Memory Keepers Tag Corner punch .... I just can't find it anywhere.

Happy Crafting Chicas


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Copic Order has arrived at Stamp Galaxy

Yay, got home to a lovely new Copic Order sitting in the hall .... thank goodness.

I've just finished updating the shop, with colours that were running low or out of stock, plus we have added the following new colours:

  • Sketch YG21 - Anise
  • Sketch YR18 - Sanguine
  • Sketch YR82 - Mellow Peach
  • Re-fill YR21 - Cream
Some of the other colours we ordered were not in stock, and unfortunately the Clear Spica's seem to have been missed off .... I will chase Copic tomorrow and chase it up, and also put in yet another order for some more new colours.

We've also now got some Cosmic Shimmer sets in stock, and I have been having great fun playing with them, so check out the store.



Sunday, May 09, 2010

vBlog #23 - Quick Haul and something nice for me!

Hi all,

Just a really quick Haul Video, a sneak peak at my Monthly Mini Journal (not sure about this though, it might get canned) and something nice for moi!!!

I saw the Monthly Journal on Kathryn Wheel's Blog, and as I am obviously starting this late in the year I thought that I could do it rolling from now til next May.  I am not loving my page at the moment, but it might change when I get going on it, and cover a bit of the blank space.

I would love to know what you think .... tell me honestly if it's rubbish.



Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sid Silvertail Rides again - vBlog #22 - WOYWW48

Wow, another WOYWW, don't they roll around quickly?

Like a Mother, I am not really supposed to have favourites ..... but I have to admit to having a very, very soft spot for this stamp - Sid Silvertrail - which is one of Sally-Ann Hancock's designs.

List of ingredients:

How to:-

Cut a piece of gray cardstock 3.5" x 3.5" and wipe over the with Anti-Static embossing pouch. With Versamark ink stamp out Sid Silvertrail towards the bottom centre of the image. Sprinkle on Galactic Gold Embossing Powder and heat set.

(In hindsight, which is a marvellous thing, I wish that I had cut the cardstock slightly larger than this and used a Nesties to cut out when coloured ... so you could learn from my mistake and do this).

Colour in the embossed image using the Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours.

In Bamboo Leaves Moment Ink stamp the small leaf image to each side of Sid and at the bottom to give the illusion that he is wending his way through the graden on his mail round.  Then using Christmas Red Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour painted straight onto the leaf image stamp again slightly off centre of the original stamping to create depth.  Zap lightly with the heat tool to dry.  Add small dots here and there over these stamped leaf images with the Zig 2 Way (or Quickie Glue Pen) and sprinkle on Purple Glitter.

Also outline Sid with the C1 Copic marker to add further depth.

Whilst the glitter is drying, also add Crackle Accents to the letters in Sid's Mail bag, his cap and shell and put aside for the whole thing to dry, and crack.

I also went back and added small amounts of Flower Soft here and there later on, but it wasn't strictly necessary.  Additionall, I then added to the bottom left a flower using Dictionary paper (cut with Flower Nestie) coloured with the Cosmic Shimmer paints in Winter Chestnut, Olympic Gold and Antqiue Green with green gems in the centre, and two Prima e-line flowers with green gem centres.  The Petaloo leaves were painted with Shimmerz paint (Key Lime and Chocolate) and added to the group together with a small mulberry rose.  At top right another Prima e-line with one of my favourite Glitterati green flower centre embellishments.

When dry edge with Walnut Strain Distress Ink (I use a blending tool) and matt on Brown cardstock.

Cut a piece of brown cardstock 6" x 12" and score along the long edge at 3" and 6", fold in half using the 6" score and then back on itself at the 3" score - making a Z folded card.

Add pattern paper on the 6x6" panel and on the 3" panel, and then mount the stamped piece so it overlaps both panels....make sure you only put adhesive on 1 side!!

If the power is back on later I will probably stream from my workdesk for a shortwhile, but will start a bit later on .... say 9.00 for half an hour or so.  You can get to my Ustream channel by going to then selecting "broadcasts" from the choices at the bottom of the screen.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is Ustream?

Hi all,

Just thought I would clarify what Ustream is....basically live from my work desk you just hop over there and watch what I am up to!!!

The title of this blog is a clickable link to it.

It also means that I can do vids of more than 10 minutes long.

Just about to start streaming .... grab a coffee and head on over.

Also check out a lovely fun music site, where you can generate a playlist.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

vBlog #21 - WOYWW 47 - Close up on Ribbon Cage

Wow, you lot weren't joking ..... Wednesday has flown around again, and it is What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday again.

For me, yet another vBlog .... I just find it easier - with a close up of my Ribbon Bird Cage (although not that exciting I love it) and a sneak peak of what else I have going on.

New Cosmic Shimmers that have come in - a plan I have to keep track of my colours
Some die cutting for Jennings664
Still trying to get Rita's bits and pieces ready

So I fully comply with WOYWW to the letter, I will do a live stream over on Toodles and Binks Channel at UStream at around 7.30 tomorrow (GMT) for anyone who what to wander over and see me mess around for a little bit.

Thank you for joining me, and I can't wait to have a look around the other blogs.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

vBlog #20 - New Corporate Wear

I ordered our new aprons back in the Great Snow, and they finally arrived after being out of stock for ages!

Can I just say, many apologies for just how bloody annoying I sound ..... feel sorry for my family they put up with me like that all of the time! I will work on it.

I will be back later with a Ustream video as we have some fabbie Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours and Mists that have arrived, and I want to share their lushness with you.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

ATC technique

Re the comments about the ATC in a nutshell:

Actually, it is dye ink on photo paper, with mica powders (Cosmic Shimmer) and then butterflies stamped in Staz-on and then quickie glue pen round outline and glitter, coloured in with Sakura and Diamond Glaze over the top.

You literally cannot heat emboss photo paper .... ask me how I know!

I will do a quickie vid on it this weekend hopefully .... sorry brief and to the point reply, but watching Outnumbered.



Cinch, cinch, cinch ..... cinch ........

sorry can't stop thinking about it.....I would sell a child, kidney (not my soul that has already been taken) or even swap a night of passion with the Richo to get my chubby little hands on one. I don't just want it ..... I NEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it!!!!!

I have a on off hate/love/hate relationship with my BIA and therefore the Cinch in all it's metal and pink loveliness seems to answer quite a few of my prayers .... except of course that cake and chocs are free all day and contain no calorific content.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about WOYWW, I love doing my vids and just find it easier/quicker/more fun than doing a straight post. I also Ustream at odd moments in the day/night. I had a blast hip hopping around all of your blogs too, such fabulous (and spookily tidy workdesks out there!)

I did answer some of the queries in the comments on yesterday's post, but to save you the trouble of having to look at it, see quote below (plus a bit I forgot):

"Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments....I shamed myself into a bit of a tidy up session on my desk, shame of it was that was only about a week's crafting!!

The bird cage is sweet, and I will do a WOYWW on it next week for a bit of a closer view.

The gorgeous chap on my sidebar is the wonderful Jon Richardson, comedy genius, former DJ on 6Music and one of the voices on the BBC Walk on the Wild Side show ... I adore him (but don't tell David Tennant or my DH!)."

now for the bit I forgot .... Yes, I use my Cricut but had just pushed it back further to accommodate the growing mound of cradstock and pretty paper that I hadn't put away. Lurking under the desk is my Gypsy too.

The shameful desk is actually my old craft room, then I located downstairs into the main family room .... for some unknown reason they complained that I was messy (I have no idea why darlings) and then they threw me outside in the cold snowy Kentish wastelands .... I scratched at the door with my frozen chubby hands (see above) and howled a lot til they let me back in the warm upstairs - so at the moment I have one craft studio outside nicely organised with most of my stuff and a temporary home upstairs. I can't stream outside so keep the desk up here for streaming/working from - I just need to sell a kid (or give one away) and then I can get my hands on a nice big craft room ...... any takers?

Actually, anyone who knows my kids is probably having a Tena Lady moment right about now ..... just kidding I know that I couldn't give them away even, but I love 'em anyway! I was told today that I should be certified, so that statement probably confirms it.

Right, I am off to lounge on my desk in a seductive manner in my new Toodles and Binks pink tabbard just in case there is likely to be any passing trade to net me some dosh towards the Cinch....should be good for 5p if they shut off the light and put on a blindfold.

I might do a quick stream on Wednesday next week as well as a vid, but will let you all now the details and post a link.

Laters Chicas.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

vBlog #19 - WOYWW 46

I have been blog hopping and noticed that a few of our UK STampers members are joining in with WOYWW ..... so now I have a bit of time I thought I would play too if they will have me...... but, I should feel ashamed VERY ASHAMED ... the mess has reached an all time high!!!!

It is literally impossible to see the craft for the paper, glue, glitter, ribbon, card and paper .... just how much mess is it acceptable to make?



Thursday, March 18, 2010

vBlog #17 - Haul time

my fabbie new collection of fibres (bought unusually from ebay) from Devine Decoupage .... pretty, pretty, pretty.

Also a sneak for Rita of some of the things going in her package (I am sooooo late sending it off). Sorry Rita.



Sunday, March 14, 2010

vBlog #16 - Haul time

a really quick haul video ..... it was early in the morning so I am not quite awake.....

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Unlucky 13

It really isn't called unlucky 13 for nothing you know ..... I have taken about 7 or 8 takes to get the latest vBlog #13 entry done since I got home - what with errant children and dogs, people insisting on shouting dinner right in the middle of a record, etc.

Then after dinner, more badly behaved kids, husband and dog!!!

I guess it goes with the whole tone of my day though ho hum.......

You can get the Spider's Webb from Stamp Galaxy later on today .... this particular colour is called Ivy Hatch, but we have more colours a'comin.



Monday, March 01, 2010

vBlog #12 - Finished Mini Journal

make up details are over on Toodles and Binks Blog.

Not the best quality video, but I was short of time, and needed to film it .... note to self: leave more time!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

vBlog #11 - Finishing off a page in Mini Journal

Just done a quick vblog on the last page in the Mini Journal I've been working on for a friend .... it needs to be finished off and sent off with my Boss early next week to deliver it.

Check it out on Ustream, and don't forget to leave a comment and I will pick somebody next month who does and send them some blog candy.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm back over on blogger ......

as it seems that the thing that drove me away (the lack of a decent paragraph)has now been fixed ...... plus Wordpress is now doing my head in because I can't upload youtube videos, get Mr Linky to work or customise it.

Just done a quick response to the queries I had about the Magnetic Canvass.