Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is Ustream?

Hi all,

Just thought I would clarify what Ustream is....basically live from my work desk you just hop over there and watch what I am up to!!!

The title of this blog is a clickable link to it.

It also means that I can do vids of more than 10 minutes long.

Just about to start streaming .... grab a coffee and head on over.

Also check out a lovely fun music site, where you can generate a playlist.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

vBlog #21 - WOYWW 47 - Close up on Ribbon Cage

Wow, you lot weren't joking ..... Wednesday has flown around again, and it is What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday again.

For me, yet another vBlog .... I just find it easier - with a close up of my Ribbon Bird Cage (although not that exciting I love it) and a sneak peak of what else I have going on.

New Cosmic Shimmers that have come in - a plan I have to keep track of my colours
Some die cutting for Jennings664
Still trying to get Rita's bits and pieces ready

So I fully comply with WOYWW to the letter, I will do a live stream over on Toodles and Binks Channel at UStream at around 7.30 tomorrow (GMT) for anyone who what to wander over and see me mess around for a little bit.

Thank you for joining me, and I can't wait to have a look around the other blogs.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

vBlog #20 - New Corporate Wear

I ordered our new aprons back in the Great Snow, and they finally arrived after being out of stock for ages!

Can I just say, many apologies for just how bloody annoying I sound ..... feel sorry for my family they put up with me like that all of the time! I will work on it.

I will be back later with a Ustream video as we have some fabbie Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours and Mists that have arrived, and I want to share their lushness with you.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

ATC technique

Re the comments about the ATC in a nutshell:

Actually, it is dye ink on photo paper, with mica powders (Cosmic Shimmer) and then butterflies stamped in Staz-on and then quickie glue pen round outline and glitter, coloured in with Sakura and Diamond Glaze over the top.

You literally cannot heat emboss photo paper .... ask me how I know!

I will do a quickie vid on it this weekend hopefully .... sorry brief and to the point reply, but watching Outnumbered.



Cinch, cinch, cinch ..... cinch ........

sorry can't stop thinking about it.....I would sell a child, kidney (not my soul that has already been taken) or even swap a night of passion with the Richo to get my chubby little hands on one. I don't just want it ..... I NEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it!!!!!

I have a on off hate/love/hate relationship with my BIA and therefore the Cinch in all it's metal and pink loveliness seems to answer quite a few of my prayers .... except of course that cake and chocs are free all day and contain no calorific content.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about WOYWW, I love doing my vids and just find it easier/quicker/more fun than doing a straight post. I also Ustream at odd moments in the day/night. I had a blast hip hopping around all of your blogs too, such fabulous (and spookily tidy workdesks out there!)

I did answer some of the queries in the comments on yesterday's post, but to save you the trouble of having to look at it, see quote below (plus a bit I forgot):

"Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments....I shamed myself into a bit of a tidy up session on my desk, shame of it was that was only about a week's crafting!!

The bird cage is sweet, and I will do a WOYWW on it next week for a bit of a closer view.

The gorgeous chap on my sidebar is the wonderful Jon Richardson, comedy genius, former DJ on 6Music and one of the voices on the BBC Walk on the Wild Side show ... I adore him (but don't tell David Tennant or my DH!)."

now for the bit I forgot .... Yes, I use my Cricut but had just pushed it back further to accommodate the growing mound of cradstock and pretty paper that I hadn't put away. Lurking under the desk is my Gypsy too.

The shameful desk is actually my old craft room, then I located downstairs into the main family room .... for some unknown reason they complained that I was messy (I have no idea why darlings) and then they threw me outside in the cold snowy Kentish wastelands .... I scratched at the door with my frozen chubby hands (see above) and howled a lot til they let me back in the warm upstairs - so at the moment I have one craft studio outside nicely organised with most of my stuff and a temporary home upstairs. I can't stream outside so keep the desk up here for streaming/working from - I just need to sell a kid (or give one away) and then I can get my hands on a nice big craft room ...... any takers?

Actually, anyone who knows my kids is probably having a Tena Lady moment right about now ..... just kidding I know that I couldn't give them away even, but I love 'em anyway! I was told today that I should be certified, so that statement probably confirms it.

Right, I am off to lounge on my desk in a seductive manner in my new Toodles and Binks pink tabbard just in case there is likely to be any passing trade to net me some dosh towards the Cinch....should be good for 5p if they shut off the light and put on a blindfold.

I might do a quick stream on Wednesday next week as well as a vid, but will let you all now the details and post a link.

Laters Chicas.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

vBlog #19 - WOYWW 46

I have been blog hopping and noticed that a few of our UK STampers members are joining in with WOYWW ..... so now I have a bit of time I thought I would play too if they will have me...... but, I should feel ashamed VERY ASHAMED ... the mess has reached an all time high!!!!

It is literally impossible to see the craft for the paper, glue, glitter, ribbon, card and paper .... just how much mess is it acceptable to make?