Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WOYWW #54 - Gas Masks and Projects mostly

Yet another Homework project is sitting on my desk - I got 2 house points for the last scroll-what-looked-like-a-rolling-pin one - and the WOYWW #52 project has progressed a bit further.

The Gas Mask seems to have lost the word "Raid" yesterday at school, but I might be able to fix that ... apparently it goes back and forth every Tuesday now for the World War II history project a la a the real war when they had to walk around with them all the time ... not that I remember I am far too young .... although disturbingly I am now apparently "vintage" and nearly not too far off "antique".

The project has now been painted in a shabby chic fashion - you see, I have to do that, 'cos I can't paint very well!  It just needs a dry brush coat of gold and tissue paper modge podged on to be finished.

Thank you so much for linking for me last week it was very much appreciated.  I managed to visit everyone, but sadly didn't get a chance to leave comments, I will try harder this week I promise.

If you would like to snoop around crafty spaces *some of the spookily tidy I have to say* pop over to the lovely Mrs Dunnit's blog and check out the WOYWWs'.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Copics have Landed

and blimey they have already started flying out ......

We have re-stocked all but 2 colours of he Ciao markers, and mega re-stock of Sketch plus lots of new Sketch colours, a re-stock of re-fills and some more popular colours added to the re-fills.

I still have to re-order more now, which will be an urgent task, but our range is growing rapidly.

Thank you all so much for your comments left for WOYWW last week, I will write a nice WOYWW post for tomorrow shortly and update you all on my project.  I think I visited everyone eventually last week, but sadly had no time to leave comments (which I hate!) so I will make a special effort this week.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WOYWW # 53 - Stash Pushing clearly must stop


I think I have surpassed even myself this week with WOYWW, with this picture - I am a Stash Pusher!

IMG00097.jpg WOYWW 53 on Twitpic

I am really pushed for time, so had to rely on taking a Blackberry photo and then Twitpic'ng it up for you. Although looking at this it looks like a rolling pin in a jar ... read on ....

At this point I am not sure if Julia will have uploaded WOYWW, so I may just have to leave a begging comment on her blog and hope somebody will be kind enough to link to me.

Well, on to business .... what is on here .... not much the main object is a piece of Toodles homework that I helped (99.9%) with (she wrote the letter on plain copier paper and I did the rest of the antiquing) to create an historical letter written by some chap at sea! Then you can also see the glue gun and heat gun .... as for the rest of it I am truly STASH PUSHING at the moment as I am really short of time before I stop work on 30th June.

I still haven't got any further with my #52 project, it is now lurking under my desk.

Hop over to Julia's blog to see what everyone else has been up to - I am sure it is more productive than me!



Monday, June 07, 2010

Been crafting, but forgot to take piccies

after snagging the Tattered Florals Die I've been making faux Primas, great fun ..... also been cutting out mega amounts of the die cuts for Fiona's package.

Back soon to show you one, but I just need to make some more as the ones I made have gone off in purchases at Stamp Galaxy.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Butter wouln't melt now .......

Schluppy Puppy peacefully sleeping, but don't be fooled for one moment, I have been dragged through bushes, up hills, after bikes and kids (not that he would ever hurt anything, but just has a great time) - all the while the "who let them dogs out" theme tune playing in my head!!!!

I do feel the need to explain to everyone who watches his antics that he was six months old on 1st of June, so is really only a baby, the problem is that the monster is HUGE .....

IMG00096.jpg Mood du Jour - cream crackered on Twitpic

In answer to a recent comment I am a "Stash Pusher" and need to get the button.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I've just burnt myself on the glue gun


I haven't used it for ages, and all was going so well, until I got distracted talking to Toodles and put my middle pinky down on the hot glue .... ouch, ouch, bloody ouch!!!

Still, flowers look good, if a little large, I might have to do a few less layers I think.  I have to admit that the first one turned out fine, and I had done as Fiona showed in her tutorial video and stiched it a couple of times, and then turned it each time.  The second one I was a bit lazier and hot glued the layers and then might have forgot to turn it properly for each layer, so it was a bit one sided until the last layer went on.

They are drying at the moment but will pop up a quick piccie of them later.



Wednesday, June 02, 2010

In the beginning there was the idea of a Packing Station

Hellosies again,

So a trip to Ikea was undertaken, and goodies bought .... Toodles and I have just moved this lot into the workshop ready to be put up by the Rubbah Elf and I have decided that I need my Crafting Trolley in the upstairs workshop.

IMG00092.jpg the packing station on Twitpic

It was fine when we had just a few orders, but now we are so busy, a dedicated packing station is required, it makes my back ache packing on the bed .... so fingers crossed that Guy can get this put together for me soon.

Damn and blast I forgot my paint, and I wish I had got myself a third one of the units.


WOYWW #52 Project - I've started doing a bit more to it more to it

Hellosies again,

IMG00090.jpg on Twitpic

thank goodness for twitpic as Toodles is hogging the PC which is the only one in the house with a card reader (ridiculous situation, I need a new lop top and it will have to have one).

I bought the small tray from my favourite shop (Kitty's, which is a shabby chic junk shop in Seal) and have so far given it a rough paint over in off white.  I now have to pop over to workshop no. 2 and get myself some Jo Sonja's Acrylic Paint, pink I think.

Next to it you can see some chipboard Thickers, which will be Cosmic Shimmered and  stuck on.

This next picutre is just to the left hand side of the desk, and is a bunch of Stamp Galaxy address labels that go on the packages, yet another re-print, I keep running out.

IMG00091.jpg on Twitpic

Soz about the quality, my Blackberry has a rubbish camera.

Don't forget to hop over to Julia's blog to find the links to all the WOYWWers workdesks.



At this very moment there is nothing much done for WOYWW #52


After weeding the stable yard (or most of it before it got too hot) we deciced to head off to Hadlow Garden Centre for a spot of lunch.

IMG00083.jpg on Twitpic

I only had my phone with me, but even so managed some not too bad piccies.  The remainder of them are over at twitpic, but the one above is a sweet piccie of Toodles enjoying the sunshine.

I have to admit that it is so very lovely not having to venture to the Kindom of Blahh, the week is going very quickly though.  Still when I go back next week, I will only have something like 20 working days until I leave.....then party on through the Summer - I have to admit that it will probably feel like playing hookey for a good long time!

Right, I need to pack this morning's orders and then do a bit towards my WOYWW project, and get a post up.